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Decorating for “Dummies”

Hey fabbies! I hope you’re having a wonderful easter, if you celebrate it, and if not, I hope you’re having a lovely day! I spent my day with some extended family (the close family gets together next weekend!), and the last few days preparing, and when I logged in today I noticed that Frogstar had ALL new things in their lucky chairs and a whole bunch of brand new dollarbies!


I snagged as many dollarbies and lucky chair prizes as I possibly could, and put them, along with the new dress forms (hence, dummies!) that are group gifts from Remarkable Oblivion, into my cute little “creator’s studio”


While I was out and about, I decided to check out apricot paws and Furry fashions‘ freebies, as well as stalk the luckies at Sn@tch, and boy did I make out like a bandit! I managed to put together an outfit for just $L1 (not including my collar, and such!)!


My adorable monster tee is a freebie from Apricot paws, one of many, actually! The arm warmers I have on won’t cost you a thing but time. You’ll need to camp in a chair for 45 minutes to grab these, but they are texture change and come in a TON of colours, so I think they’re really a steal!


The Bailey legwarmers I’m wearing will cost you a whopping $L1, and are a bunny hunt gift from Furry fashion. These are rigged mesh, come in multiple sizes, and include a whole ton of colours including rainbow! While you’re there, there are 29 other bunnies scattered all over the store for you to find! Each bunny costs $L1, and contains a fabulous prize! Some prizes are older items from the store, one is a set of scripts, and quite a few are brand-spanking-new releases!

Skyler is wearing…

Skin – Morphine – Manila – peach – $L0/Group gift/Buy-in group
Lippie – The sugar garden – Dolly lips – bitten – $L0/Group gift/$L350 to join
Shirt – Apricot paws – Monster tee – Rawrgh – $L0/freebie
Jeans – Sn@tch – Lyric jean shorts – Part of the rollergirl fishing outfit – $L0/Freebie/Current lucky letter prize
Arm warmers – Furry Fashion – Mesh armwarmers – $L0/Freebie/Camping chair prize
Legwarmers – Furry Fashion – Bailey legwarmers – Black twoTone – $L1/Bunny hunt prize
Earrings – Frogstar – Bibliphile earrings – $L0/Lucky chair prize

Skyler is also wearing…

Hair – LaViere – Gemma – Dried chilli
Eyes – The Sugar Garden – Awake – Ice blue
Hands & Feet by Slink
Collar – Pekka – Ring collar – Platinum
Piercing – Cute Poison – Genera piercing

Skyler is hanging out with…

Remarkable oblivion – Dress form – $L0/Group gift/$L50 to join


Mustache shadowbox – blue camo – $L0/lucky chair prize
Mustache shadowbox – Gray plaid – $L1
Ryan’s antlers shadowbox – Pink camo – $L0/lucky chair prize
Ryan’s antlers shadowbox – green and pink – $L1
Petal Pouffe – $L0/subscriber gift
Wood Print – Tea Party – $L1
Wood Print – Strawberry – $L0/Lucky chair prize
Waiting for the Coast Bench (blue and white) – $L0/Lucky Chair prize
Waiting for the Coast Bench (green and yellow) $L1
Wattle & Daub Shack – $L100 during the fantasy room event!


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Surfer Boy – part 1

It’s time to hop on your board, either on the waves or the asphalt. The Skate ‘N Surf Hunt starts at 22769 Casual Couture on this 86 store hunt. The hunt object is a small surf board. Here are a few of the many gifts you’ll find along the way.

22769 - Vintage Surfer Shorts and Tank

22769 Casual Couture – Vintage Surfer Shorts and Tank


Apricot Paws - Echo Shorts

Apricot Paws – Echo Shorts


Brat! Brown Hawaiian Board Shorts and Surf Board (2)

Brat! – Brown Hawaiian Board Shorts and Surf Board


.~subVersion~. surfsuitwetsuit - (2)

subVersion – Surfsuit/Wetsuit


Naughty Naughty - Island Wear (2)

Naughty Naughty – Island Wear


Dark Vision - Surfs Up Bar (2)

Dark Vision – Surfs Up Bar


.I.J&T Pose&Animations - Surf Pose

.I.J&T Pose&Animations - Surf Pose (2)

J&T Pose & Animations – Surf Poses

I have more beach wear to show you in my next post. And then we’ll move on to the skate park. 🙂 *shaka*

*22769 – Vintage Surfer Shorts and Tank ($0L)
Skate & Surf Hunt

*Apricot Paws – Echo Shorts ($0L)
Skate ‘N Surf Hunt

*Brat! – Brown Hawaiian Board Shorts and Surf Board ($0L)
Skate ‘N Surf Hunt

*subVersion – Surfsuit/Wetsuit ($0L)
Skate ‘N Surf Hunt

*Naughty Naughty – Island Wear ($0L)
Skate ‘N Surf Hunt

*Dark Vision – Surfs Up Bar ($0L)
Skate ‘N Surf Hunt

*J&T Pose & Animations – Surf Poses ($0L)
Skate ‘N Surf Hunt

*Poses – Glitterati
-Not Free-