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Fabulous Finds 05.21.23 Edition


Free Group Gift/Group is 99L to Join @ Traditional Face

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Boho Office

Boho Office

Hey FabFree! I have a quick post with more great decor to show off from Farmer’s Market. Aline blogged all about this event here. I decided to check out the event and create another scene with some more of the great free gifts from Farmer’s Market.

The free gifts I am showing in my cute boho office space are…

  • A pretty painting from pecheresse
  • A cute wall shelf with photo frame (you can add your own custom photo in it) with lights by Duvet Day
  • A key holder from Apple Fall
  • A coffee mug from THOR
  • Brown basket bowls from MADRAS
  • A vintage green wall clock by chronokit
  • A small peach & honey candle from spruce
  • A cloth wall hanger with a cow design from Broken Arrows
  • A large white candle with purple crystal decorations from Oh Deer!

All of this decor is free, so there are lots of goodies to grab at Farmer’s Market, which is only running until March 18th. Go quickly to get the gifts!


Caroline is Showing…

Furniture & Decor

Chair – Noveny Living Room Chair
Potted Plant – Noveny Monstera in Pot
Wall Sign – [QE Home] Wall Decor -Kiss Me-
Rug, Basket, Pillows & Vintage Hatbox – [QE Home] Spring Decor Set
Wall Shelf with Photo Frame & Lights – Duvet Day Shelf Gift (Free Gift @ Farmer’s Market/Group is Free to Join)
Basket Bowls – MADRAS Old Basket Tray (Free Gift @ Farmer’s Market/Group is Free to Join)
Clock –  chronokit Wall Clock Vintage Green (Free Gift @ Farmer’s Market/Group is Free to Join)
Painting –  pecheresse floral palette (Free Gift @ Farmer’s Market/Group is Free to Join)
Mug – THOR Farmer Mug (Free Gift @ Farmer’s Market/Group is Free to Join)

Small Candle – spruce peach & honey candle (Free Gift @ Farmer’s Market/Group is Free to Join)
Candle with Crystals – Oh Deer! Crystal Cleart Candle (Free Gift @ Farmer’s Market/Group is Free to Join)
Key Holder – Apple Fall Sequoia Key Holder (Free Gift @ Farmer’s Market/Group is Free to Join)
Cloth Wall Hanger  – Broken Arrows Cow Holder (Free Gift @ Farmer’s Market/Group is Free to Join)
Photo Location – Private Location


Monday Mornings

Monday Mornings

Oh… Good morning!  You seem to have caught me just as I wake up.  And why yes… yes I do wake up this way.

Causing Havoc

There’s a new lovely group gift over at Havoc:  this delicate (and yet a tad subversive) lingerie set.  It comes in a full fatpack of colours, and also a few different (and much more uncovered) options.  You can also have the lace removed, in case that’s your jam.  The Havoc group is free to join, and you’ll find this set right at the landing point.  Happy Monday, indeed!


  • Hourglass
  • Kupra
  • Legacy
  • Maitreya
  • Reborn
  • Freya Perky
  • Impressions

Have a great week, fabs!


Aline is Wearing…


Lingerie – Havoc Rope Lingerie (Free Group Gift/Group is Free to Join)
Earrings – Ysoral Luxe Earrings


Mesh Body – Maitreya Lara
Mesh Head – Lelutka Cate
Skin Applier –  Glam Affair Cate
Eyebrows– Jumo Britani
Eyes– Euphoric Dolly Babe Eyes
Tattoo – Sn@tch Filigree Sternum Tattoo
Eyeshadow – Alaskametro Spring Beauty Book
Lipstick – Lelutka Cate
Nails –Maitreya Lara
Hair – Magika Good Vibes
Pose – Foxcity Self-Care
Bed – Apple Fall Annan Bed with Curtains

Spring Dream

Spring Dream

Winter is here and I am dreaming of Spring already.  This cute dress from Meander Me has the warm vibes with the sweater top but also has a floral skirt that makes me wish for Spring again.  It was only 3L at FabFree Fallen Leaves & Frost Hunt and you can get the matching handbag for only 1L.

FabFree Fallen Leaves & Frost Hunt is going on right now and is full of great inexpensive hunt items so I am sure you will find something that you just can’t pass up.


  • eBody
  • Freya
  • Physique
  • Venus
  • Hourglass
  • Isis
  • Standard
  • Maitreya

Starla is Wearing…


Dress – Meander/Me Chilly Day (3L on the FabFree Fallen Leaves & Frost Hunt)
Boots – Mosquito’s Way Lisa (Free Group Gift/Group is 50L to Join) Previously posted by Aline HERE
Earrings – Vibing Arial Earrings
Rings – Kunst April Rings
Handbag – Meander/Me Chilly Day (1L on the FabFree Fallen Leaves & Frost Hunt)


Mesh Body – Maitreya Lara
Mesh Head  – Lelutka Zora
Skin – The Skinnery Antonia
Hair – Doux Alexa
Bottle – Roslyn Maia Water Flask (Free Group Gift/Group is free to join)
Freckles – Maktub Store – Body Freckles Body Complete
Bench – Apple Fall Rustic Storage Bench 

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I Can Feel the Magic Floating in the Air

I can feel the magic floating in the airHello FabFree! I’m checking out the FLF Birthday Bash today. Can I just say that I love this event? Because I do. I love this event. It’s honestly the perfect mix of freebies and bargains. This time I want to show you the fantastic things at the KraftWork booth. I’m obsessed with this cozy, classy little corner that I put together solely with FLF Birthday Bash items from KraftWork. Some free, some paid, here’s what I’m showing:

Gifts Galore!

The free gift from KraftWork is actually two items, the pretty white circle rug I’m showing and a really nice buffet type side table that I’m not showing. To get them you just need to join the FLF group for free and click on the cactus that KraftWork has out at the FLF Birthday Bash.

What a Bargain

I also couldn’t resist most (all?) of the 50L items. I am showing three of them here.

  • The chair comes with a HUD of nice greyscale color options, and you get to pick if you’d like a PG or Adult version, for 50L each.
  • The coffee table is also 50L
  • The last 50L item I’m showing is all the stuff on the coffee table – it is 3 separate pieces: the wooden tray (in light or dark, this is light), and then the candles/clutter on top of it is broken into two items as well. All three pieces (4 if you count the two tray versions in different colors) for 50L total.

You’ve got until September 2nd to check it out.

In This Picture…

Chair –KraftWork Classic Wing Chair (50L at the FLF Birthday Bash)
Table – KraftWork French Round Coffee Table (50L at the FLF Birthday Bash)
Table Clutter –KraftWork Pastel Candles (50L at the FLF Birthday Bash)
Rug –KraftWork Round Rugs White (Free Gift at the FLF Birthday Bash/Group is Free to Join)
Skybox – Apple Fall New York Studio Apartment


How to Unwind

How to Unwind

The weekend may be coming to a close (though it’s a long weekend in my neck of the woods…sorry not sorry), and that calls for a bit of a decompress.  Some lucky board stalking plus some fun decorating always makes me chill out a bit and get me ready for whatever lies ahead!

First Some Candy

Candy Kitten is all about the sexy outfits, and they’ve recently updated their lucky boards with a pile of new goodies.  I picked up this top and skirt (in a very appealing holographic type of shade) by joining the group and waiting for my letter to come up.  The Candy Kitten group is a bit pricy at 400L to join, however they currently have 300L in store credit up on the wall, several gifts, and the new lucky boards.  It’s a good group to get in and stay in.


  • Ebody
  • Kupra
  • Legacy
  • Maitreya
  • Perky
  • Petite

Decoration Now, Come on!

FabFree at Fifteen is slowly winding towards it’s conclusion, sadly.  We’ve got still about a week left before everything goes poof, so make sure you make the rounds and pick up the deals and free gifts.  Today I put together a little space for myself using the gift and 15L item from Satus Inc.  The neon cat lamp is just 15L and can brighten up your space in a hurry.  When you click on the base, you’ll have plenty of colour choices so it can change depending on your mood!  Then, the cork board for photos is just a fun addition to any room.  You can place your own photos in the frames, which is always something that makes me happy.  It’s completely free when you activate your FabFree inworld group tag.  Sweet!  You’ve got until August 6th to make your rounds – don’t let them get away!

How do you unwind?


Aline is Wearing…


Top and Skirt – Candy Kitten Bella (Free Lucky Board Prize/Group is 400L to Join)
Earrings – Ysoral Luxe Earrings


Mesh Body – Maitreya Lara
Mesh Head – Lelutka Cate
Skin Applier –  Glam Affair Cate
Eyebrows– Jumo Britani
Eyes– Euphoric Dolly Babe Eyes
Tattoo – Sn@tch Filigree Sternum Tattoo
Eyeshadow – Pout! Day & Night Liner
Lipstick – Lelutka Cate
Nails – Maitreya Lara
Hair – Magika Celeste
Pose – Foxcity Oki Doki
Sim – Private


Table – Refuge Buffet Table
Flowers – Aphrodite Lavenders Pitcher
Tea – Apple Fall Tea Tins & Tea Books
Bag – Tentacio Mi Cesta
Cookies – Dust Bunny BunBuns Sandwich Cookies
Macarons – Noir & Midna Sweet Heart Gacha Macarons
Computer – Tentacio Sirena Laptop
Cork Board – Satus Inc. Polaroid Photo Pin Board (Free Gift for Members of Fabulously Free in SL/Group is Free to Join)
Cat Neon – Satus Inc. Neon Table Cat Lamp (15L for FabFree at Fifteen)


Win Big at Apple Fall!

Apple Fall Decor

Mondays are wonderful in Second Life!  In addition to a full day to unpack all those sales boxes from the weekend, Apple Fall does something unique called the Monday Perk.  If you are a member of their 10L group, you simply go stand at the inworld store for like 5 minutes and you get registered into their weekly drawing! Winners can win either a L$2,500 cash prize or a L$2,500 Store Credit just for showing up.  While you are there, take a peak at all their cool decor items and free group gifts!!!

Update: Looks like Apple Fall *just* announced that they are discontinuing this program, right after this post was published.  Alas!

So, where are these hot free gifts?  In the photo below, check out three of the gifts on the bench.  They are the Kiwi & Blueberry Cheesecake (YUM), the Coral Specimen, and the Americana Bunting.

Apple Fall Group Gifts

Many thanks to my DJ friend, Heath Firanelli, for joining me to showcase this amazing decor from Apple Fall.

Desi’s Outfit


Bikini  – Tabou Julietta Bikini


Mesh Body – Maitreya Lara
Mesh Head – Lelutka Kaya
Head Applier – Session Skins Candy 
Eyebrows – Finer Threads – Louise
Eyes– Tville – Moonlight Eyes 

Make Up
Eyeshadow – Tutti Belli – Stupid Love
Lipstick – Tutti Belli – Stupid Love
Nails – Maitreya Lara

Hair – Truth Eternity

Heath Firanelli has a Gianni body and is wearing the hair “Tom” by edeLsToRe.

The Scene 

Apple Fall Love Spa, Aged Oak
Apple Fall Patchwork Rug
Apple Fall Sisal Rug – Cream
Apple Fall Blanket Curio
Apple Fall Rosehip Branch in Milk Glass Vase
Apple Fall Ulysses Butterfly
Apple Fall Book Shelf
Apple Fall Neva’s Sideboard
Apple Fall Love Cruffins
Apple Fall Hanging Sweater – Cream w/ Heart
Apple Fall Winnie’s Rose Tea w/ Macarons
Apple Fall Cuddle Fleece Bear – Rosie
Apple Fall Kiwi & Blueberry Cheesecake (Free Group Gift/Group is 10L to Join)
Apple Fall Coral Specimen (Free Group Gift/Group is 10L to Join)
West Village Americana Bunting (Free Group Gift/Group is 10L to Join)


MakeOver Monday

Hey there my darling No0bs and all Fabulous Folks. Class is in session once again and we have a TON of things to cover tonight. So let’s jump on in.

First, I want to answer a question I received because I think it’s something we all struggle with: Makin’ those Lindens. I have been checking out one of the easiest ways and that is the Fish Hunt Game. You catch fish and then pop to the game’s HQ and turn them in. The biggest thing is it takes forever to make any significate money. But it’s all free and if you have the patience for it then as you fish you get better at it and over time you start to catch more fish and less trash. If you use the Fishing Game to make money, let me hear from you! 

Much like the Fishing, patience is needed for the next “free” money maker: The Money Chairs. I found this one at the Kingbal store. ( Which also has loads of freebies everywhere.)  You only make 1L at a time and only if your letter or a ? comes up. So…. not fun but still totally free. I couldn’t find a list of such chairs or even the “Money Trees” new residents can harvest for their first 30 days. 

I’m going to come out and say… the best way to have L$ is simple to buy it with real currency. The exchange rate is good. One Linden is literally one cent. The minimum purchase order is $2.50 which buys you 600L ( at the current rate) You can set up a payment method as you choose including PayPal. Of course , this is JUST my own personal opinion so take it with a huge grain of salt. 

I want to clear something else up in response to a nasty comment/NC I received in world. The Bloggers here on FabFree are NOT paid. We don’t even get “free stuff” from most designers and creators. We set piggybanks up at our HQ because some folks like to help out their favorite bloggers with our expenses or to say a little “thank you”. We aren’t ‘begging on top of getting all that free stuff’. We do this because we love it.

So let’s jump to the next thing from last week: Housing.  Now Ms Aline had a post a few weeks ago about a community that was offering free housing in exchange for resident who would be VERY active in the community.   I don’t know if that’s still available but it could be a place to start.

What I can recommend for all us penny-pinchers is a SandBox. These are places you are allowed to rezz objects and build free of charge. There are “premium Sandboxes” out there that are pay or only for folks who have a premium account. But many are simply free open places.  You can find empty ones by typing in “Sandbox” to your search.

Pick one, I picked this one at random. Please respect the rules of each sandbox, there will usually be a sign or an automatic NC delivery with rules.

Then, open your World Map. (ctrl + M). In the left lower side you’ll see your “Location”  Use the arrow or manually enter a height. I picked 1500- ish and that seems to be high enough. Get your avatar in ‘fly’ then teleport up.  Take a look around if the sky is empty as far as you can see, you’re in the right place. 

Now, if you’re using FireStorm Viewer simply type ” REZPLAT ” and get a platform. Now you can land and rezz boxes or whatever you need. 

You can even rezz a skybox.  There are a TON of free skyboxes on the MarketPlace for you or go grab this gorgeous “New York Apt Skybox” from AppleFall for free. 

The outside of the skybox sitting on the platform I rezzed

The beautiful inside. You’d never know you were hovering in space.

Each Sandbox has a different time of “return” when it automatically returns everything in the sandbox to it’s owners. So do check to see when the next clean takes place before you rezz out. And , just as a curtesy, when you log out take/delete your items. Leaving trash in the sandbox (or anywhere you may be able to rezz that isn’t yours) is just rude. 

One thing to remember – You can’t set your “Home” to one of these sandboxes. To get around this, make sure you leave Second Life from your platform each time. Then when you come back to log in, log in to “Last Location” and you will pop in at the sandbox. 

Okay, my darlings, that’s it for tonight. I promise next week is “Inventory Control”  It’s a huge subject so I want to spend some time on it.  Have a great week and I’ll see ya on the blog!

One PS….  The Legacy FREE gift Body is still available. I picked up both Alistar and Kery a copy and I love it. It’s BOM ready and has a ton of bells and whistles. I highly recommend it. 

Cheers FabFree!

Today’s Links

KingbalStore – 2 Money Chairs paying 1L

Fish Hunt Website – They also have several other games to earn Lindens

Legacy Free Gift Classic Body – Requires you to join the “Shops” group which is free

Apple Fall – Free Skybox plus dozens of free items through out the store

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Time to Celebrate

Time to Celebrate

I’m suddenly in the mood to celebrate!  Could it be all this awesome free decor I got?  Or perhaps it’s the mythical call of the cake….hmmm….

With Panache!

Right so this might be something you have to do in fast forward if you would like the pretty cake from Dahlia I am about to eat…. Anyway, let me get you the info.  If you join the free Panache Events group, then look in group notices, you’ll find this lovely cake from Dahlia, as well as the amazing streamers, balloons and posing frame from Elm.  The HUD to change the colour of the streamers and the words at the bottom of the posing frame are INSANELY amazing.  So many choices.  Gifts are slated to drop every two weeks in this group, and the Dahlia cake is sure to disappear very soon.  Join the group ASAP and get your mitts on these amazing free gifts!

Copy and paste this key into chat to join the group: secondlife:///app/group/36a7347f-5761-879c-dffc-ae4905fd09ec/about

Let’s party!


Aline’s Decor

Streamers, Balloons and Frame – Elm Tasha Photo Backdrop (Free Gift for Members of Panache Events Group/Group is Free to Join)
Cake & Clutter – Dahlia Panache Cake (Free Gift for Members of Panache Events Group/Group is Free to Join)
Bench – Apple Fall Cottage Dining Stool

New Year Brunch

New Year Brunch
Hiya, New Year’s Day is a time of traditions and resolutions. LOL, like most folks who make those New Year’s resolutions mine are pretty much done for by March. However, the traditions seem to stay year after year.

Sneaking A Taste

Until my 2 of my 3 sons had married, and the last one left home, we had a tradition, my middle son is a New Year’s baby, so every year at midnight we would ring in the new year with birthday cake, and a very tiny glass of champagne. New Years Day I would be up with the sun spending my day in the kitchen cooking a brunch feast for those always hungry boys, while they spent the day in front of the tv watching football games. Jacx seemed to think it was a pretty fair idea to recreate a new year feast while modeling Meander/Me Bonfire Top. This wonderfully detailed cropped sweater is a free group gift. Lemania Indigo owner and creator of Meander/Me is known for using beautiful textures on all her creations. And body sizes oh my goodness there are a lot. The hud for the Bonfire top is a generous 13 color hud in rich fall colors. I would like to thank our sweet Miss Caroline for letting us know that the Meander/Me group is now free to join, and she showed some really fun items from the shop here. There are 41 group gifts available, so joining Meander/Me‘s free group is like getting a whole new wardrobe. 🙂


  • Ebody, Ebody Curvy
  • Freya
  • Hourglass
  • Isis
  • Legacy, Legacy Perky
  • Maitreya Maitreya Petite
  • Minimizer
  • Physique
  • Tonic, Tonic Fine

That’s a wrap for today. See you all soon 🙂


Jacx Is Modeling


Top – Meander/Me Bonfire Top (Free/Group Required/Group Free Join)
Jeans  Salt & Pepper Maggie Pant Fatpack
Scarf  Addams Addison Scarf
Shoes – Essenz Armenia


Mesh Body – Maitreya Lara
Mesh Head – LeLukta Avalon Evo X Head
Head Skin – Not Found Toffee BOM
Body Skin – Not Found Toffee BOM
Hair – Doe Queen Flux 50L. FLF
Tattoo – Carol G  Smile Tattoo, Heart Backside. Flowers Leg Tattoo, Bridah Foot Tattoo,
Tattoo – HORL Faith Tattoo, Arm Orn Tattoo, Do It With Love Tattoo, Triangle Flower Tattoo, Underline Boob Tattoo
Tattoo – Letis Tattoo Salabhas Lower Back
Modesty Cover – iPeench Lace Modesty Cover Set, Marketplace
Ears – Swallow Charm Ears 
Eyeshadow – Alaskametro Dara BOM EVO X #04 Shown By Aline Here.
Lipstick – Alaskametro Earthtones Lip Applier Evo X
Rings – Ysoral Luxe Wedding Ring Sabine 
Rings2 – Vibing Corina Rings, Destiny Rings
Nails – Alme Mesh Stiletto Nails Love Addams Glossy


LAQ Decor – Kitchen Set
Dust Bunny – Kitchen Clutter
Apple Fall – Chester Outdoor Dining Table
Junk Food – Christmas Pizza
ChiMia – Toffee Apples
ChicChica – Eclair Dispenser
Junk Food – Punch Bowl & Cups 75L. Saturday Sale
Fancy Decor – Stacked Plates (part of a set)
Nutmeg –  Kate’s Kitchen Clutter Bowls (part of a set)
Erratic – AEA Basket Of Scones
Erratic – AEA High Tea Etagere Rare
What Next – Harvest Soup Tureen
What Next – Biscotti
Merak – Espresso Machine Silver

Pose – Heart Poses Cozy Cocoa Marketplace
Sim – Private