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Taking a couple steps… of the Long Walk.


Hello there you amazing Fabulousians….

I’ve been spending some time hanging out at the SL10B celebration sims and thought I’d share some of the goodies I found along the way…. I started doing some of “The Long Walk” hunt and picked up a couple of those boxes (Because I am apparently NOT as good at hunting as I thought I was 😉 )

You can find out all about “The Long Walk” Hunt @ http://slcommunitycelebration.com/the-long-walk/.   This only lasts till the 26th so hurry hurry hurry… Lots to see and find!!!  Plus a lot of the places are giving away gifties as you do the hunt and explore.. so LOOK in all the exhibits 😀


leather jacket: [: B!ASTA :] :MOTOERBIKE: SL10B Mesh leather biker jacket (FREE/Group gift/L$50 to join group) (This can be found at their new location: [: B!ASTA :] Fashion SL – Mainstore, Alanya Bay (167, 107, 2000) )

headband – Sparkle Bear’s Cake Party – SL10B headband (FREE) (Touch all the boxes for gifties… Can be found @ SL10B Stupendous/36/143/22 )

eyes: Poetic Colors – Pearl – clear pond (mesh) (FREE) (This is the subscriber giftie and can be found at their main store location @  Poetic Colors, Strata (78, 235, 903))


outfit: Ynys Seamaide Gifts (includes male gifts w/ sword and bow)  (I am wearing: Seamaide Boots, Seamaide shirt/pants, Copper Perwins Pouch, Friendship Torque, Seamaide Belt ladies and the seamaide skirt (Mesh).) (FREE) (This is found on the parcel @ SL10B Electrify/38/236/22)

skin: Essences – Whisper *Brown Sugar* (L$ 70) (This can be found @ The Dressing Room FUSION @ Imogen/208/149/27, They have three different skin colors for sale at that price 🙂 )

hair: [LeLutka]-ADILE hair – Fades Natural -(L$ 315) (You can find the DEMO on the marketplace @ https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/LeLutka-ADILE-hair-DEMO/4844232)

outfit:  Berthold Crate Steam Gift – Steampunk Female -(FREE) (This can be found at Berthold’s Steampunk Museum @ SL10B Stupendous/213/25/22


outfit:  Antiquity – Fleur di lis Red Jacket Gown for SL10B (This is a MESH gown) (FREE) (This can be found at Antiquity’s parcel @ SL10B Electrify/25/179/23 on the shelf with four boxes on it, made by Twelfth Night Designs, Period Fashions)

badge: Antiquity – Antiquity SL10B Commemorative Order (FREE) (Same place as above… but on the table)


wall world map – Antiquity –  Map of the World. H. Moll, 1718. (FREE) (This can be found at Antiquity’s parcel @ SL10B Electrify/25/179/23 on the shelf with four boxes on it.  Inside this gift is 8 different Art pieces)

statue – The Eternal Present – Paleolithic Goddess Statue (FREE) (You can get this statue and a Tshirt @ The Eternal Present parcel @ SL10B Electrify (182, 184, 25)

house: VD Creations – VD Creations Cottage V0 (FREE) (I needed someplace to put all  my goodies… so I found this lil place on the Marketplace @ https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/VD-Creations-Cottage-V0-FREE-Boxed/4894619)

BlogPost_43ETo add stuff to my newly acquired house, I found the box made by Kaerri Rae of Kaerri furniture designs for the Long Walk Hunt – Episode 6…

This set includes:  SL10B Chair, an Asian Vase, bookcase, Clock, Desk, Desk Chair, Desk Flowers, Duck Decor, Egyption Vases, Film Board, Globe Light, Gold vase, Lamp, Laptop, Lion, Mask, Matau Sculpture, Moose Head, Picture, Retro projector, Robin Figurine, Rug, Side Tables, and a telescope.  It is hidden WELL.. but well worth the effort 😀


house itemsKaerri – SL10B Long Walk Hunt Gift (FREE) (You can find details on this hunt @ http://slcommunitycelebration.com/the-long-walk/, This ends on the 26th)

bread/wine/cheese –  Arcachon Atlantique – Items come in *Learn French In Arcachon Atlantique BAG, along with quite a number of other items… (FREE)

cheetah chair: Culture & Fun – J’s mesh armchair (FREE) (right click -> pay on this chair @ the Culture & Fun exhibit @ SL10B Stupendous/198/78/22


swing: Ynys Seamaide – “The Long Walk Hunt” for SL10B item – Swinging Roses (FREE) (This is in a box that has an X on it, you find the box and get the giftie <3)   (You can find out more about the Ynys Seamaide roleplaying @ http://ynysseamaiderp.blogspot.com/)

More itemsKaerri – More of Kierra Rae’s Long Walk Hunt Gift items (FREE) (The screen allows you to change the pictures in it to ones you want, right now it has a number of “places” in it, showing India in picture)


avatarDelicatessen – The Brooder exhibit  (FREE) (This is a shape (I’m wearing my own, but they give you one, skin, and tree pieces, along with a tree hair with birdies in it… You get by clicking on the exhibit itself @ SL10B Electrify/224/112/22 – Definitely check this out.. probably one of the coolest spots at the sL10B sims 🙂  at least to me.. but I’m weird :D)

necklace/gloves:  Cellar Door – the seer outfit (L$ 100) (I used parts of this outfit as well in the first picture of this post :))

Arundel of_ Valentine

Arundel has a beautiful jewelry set available in her shop for a limited time. I don’t remembr if  it was ad dollarbie or freebie (I picked them up a few days ago), but they are very much worth it either way. Close up showing earrings and necklace is below.


Arundel’s:   http://slurl.com/secondlife/Antiquity%20Township/206/92/2

~ Shang