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I Want Candy

I Want CandyToday I’m showing off all the accessories. Because it’s possible to give your outfit a cute little Halloween flair, without going full Halloween-mode. And you don’t even have to wear them all at once but I’m me, so…yeah, I’m wearing them all at once. You know I love to pile on the freebies.

Still Hopping

I finished Shop & Hop this past weekend. After I went and laid down for a while to recover ( because SIXTEEEN sims, WHAT), I got to unpacking and I thought all of these little accessories were so fun! Here are my Shop & Hop finds in today’s post, all completely free:

  • My headband is by MadPea. Doesn’t MadPea make the best stuff? This batty fun for your head is no exception.
  • The cute little choker necklace that I’m wearing, complete with witch hat, is by Seance and comes both rigged and unrigged.
  • My cat basket of candy is for your left hand and includes the hold animation, from .Evil Baby.
  • Lastly, Hipster Style is giving out the yummy looking pumpkin lollipop, and as a happy coincidence it is for your right hand and also includes a hold pose.

Shop & Hop details? 16 sims of freebie goodness and great bargains, lasts until November 1st, and no group join is required for the free gifts. And yes, everything that I’m featuring today is a free gift. You’ll find MadPea on the Dahlia sim and the other three items I’m showing are all conveniently located on Aurelian. Better hop!

Allison is Wearing…


Top & Pants – amais Yael F Sport Set Navi
Earrings – Vibing Millie
Rings –Vibing Vida
Necklace – Seance Tattoo Choker [Witch] (Free Gift at Shop & Hop/No Group Join Required)
Headband – MadPea Lil’ Bats Headband (Free Gift at Shop & Hop/No Group Join Required)
Candy Basket – .Evil Baby. Candy Cat (Free Gift at Shop & Hop/No Group Join Required)
Lollipop – Hipster Style Pumpkin Lollipop (Free Gift at Shop & Hop/No Group Join Required)


Mesh Body – Maitreya Lara
Mesh Head – Lelutka Avalon
Skin Applier – Lara Hurley Diney
Hair – Truth Mischief

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Rhythm Is Gonna Get You

Rhythm Is Gonna Get YouSometimes you put on a few items and you think you know how a look is going to come together. You think you’re in control. But friends, I’m here to tell you that we’re all just slaves to the rhythm. Don’t fight it. Let the rhythm take control. Tonight! Too much Gloria Estefan, or just enough? You be the judge.


Swank has already gotten a decent amount of coverage here on FabFree, but you should know that it’s ending soon. This event is very large. Far be it for me to say that an event is excessively large, but wow is there a lot going on there. I’m not complaining, my visit has absolutely bloated my inventory with pretty free gifts. But yeah, it’s a lot. You better head over to Swank now so you’ve got time to see everything before it closes on September 30th. You’ll need to join the free group and click on the glowy gift at each booth to gather free gifts galore. The things I’m wearing from Swank are:

  • My free dress by [AF] comes with a HUD so you can pick the color. There are sizes for Belleza (Freya, Isis, and Curvy), Legacy, Maitreya, Signature Alice, Slink, and Slink Hourglass. It’s always great to find a sexy little mini that stands apart from the rest!
  • And then of course there’s the maracas that I’m holding, which completely changed the direction of my night, free from LeMont at Swank. So fun. There’s one for each hand and a HUD featuring seven difference dances that you can do while you shake your maracas.


amias has put out a new free group gift and I couldn’t get over there fast enough. This time it’s these leg binds. You can wear the right and left separately and they come for Legacy or Maitreya, and with a HUD of color options. The amias group is free to join and the gift is free, and don’t miss out on the other free group gifts while you’re there.


P.S. My hair is once again from the Doe street sale. Just about all the hair that I’ve worn *checks notes* since the sale started has been from Doe. Can’t stop, won’t stop. I’ll once again direct you to Adalynn’s post here and strongly urge you not to miss this sale, it’s a good one.

Allison is Wearing…


Dress – [AF] Claudia (Free Gift at Swank/Group is Free to Join)
Earrings – Andore Nicky
Garters – amias binds (Free Group Gift/Group is Free to Join)
Maracas – LeMont Maracas (Free Gift at Swank/Group is Free to Join)


Mesh Body – Maitreya Lara
Mesh Head – Lelutka Avalon
Skin Applier – Heron Luden
Tattoo – Vegas Good Feelings
Hair – Doe Gabriella (75L at the Doe street sale)

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I just don’t want to go home right now

I don't want to go home right nowIt’s weird to think that FabFree and I are pretty much the same age; the blog is only like 2 months older. No wonder it feels like I’ve been reading FabFree my whole SLife. I probably have been! FabFree’s 15th birthday party rolls on, and I got all of the clothing (including shoes!) that I’m wearing today from the FabFree @ Fifteen event ! If you haven’t had a look at the tremendous list of free and discounted items here, than you are truly missing out. Luckily you’ve still got a couple of weeks to take it all in. I just loved how great these went together for a cute and casual look to wear around the grid. Here’s what I’m wearing, from top to bottom:


The top is by Glitter and it’s free. Do I need to say more? Certainly not but that typically never stops me. It comes in a HUD of “strong colors” so like your dark greens and blues and reds. Such a casual, fun, and easy to wear style. Perfect over a perfect pair of jeans. Don’t worry, we’ll get to those next! Sizes:

  • Fitmesh
  • Freya
  • Hourglass
  • Isis
  • Maitreya
  • Physique


Yes, the jeans. These are one of those great pairs to throw on when you need something to wear and you know they’ll look fabulous. They are 499L from rainnn for FabFree @ Fifteen and really just so versatile and well made. Included is a HUD full of denim colors and sizes for Legacy and Maitreya.


Yes friends, we’ve reached the feet. My flip flops are by rainnn as well. It’s the stipes pack and are rainnn‘s 15L item for the event. I don’t think there is any way I could have possibly rounded out this outfit better than with some cute flip flips. The stripes pack includes 11 stripy patterns in a HUD and these sizes:

  • Belleza Freya
  • Legacy
  • Maitreya
  • Reborn
  • Slink
  • and an unrigged version

And that’s a wrap! I do love an outfit that pretty much puts itself together.

Allison is Wearing…


Top – Glitter Luana Top (Free for FabFree at 15/FabFree Group is Free to Join)
Pants – rainnn Nora Jeans (499L for FabFree at 15)
Shoes – rainnn Jelly Flip Flop Sandals (15L for FabFree at 15)
Necklace – amias March
Earrings – Vibing Maia
Rings – Vibing Kaia


Mesh Body – Maitreya Lara
Mesh Head – Lelutka Avalon
Skin Applier – Glam Affair Cirina
Tattoo – Kaos Consequences
Hair – Exile Kate
Pose – .synt. (no longer available)

You Wanna Pizza Me?

You Wanna Pizza Me?

It’s not a secret that I love pizza.  Are there people who don’t actually like pizza though?  Are there people just like you or me roaming the earth proclaiming such nonsense as “I don’t like pizza”?  How can one not?  There are so many iterations of this lovely concoction that there must be at least one type that will be what you fancy.   Well, on that note… I’ll stop blathering about pizza and get you to the freebies!

Happy Anniversary!

Amias is celebrating 5 years on the grid with a 50% off sale and a new group gift.  The great thing about this shop is that they cater to both male and female avatars, so you’ll get a gift for both!  I couldn’t find a posing partner in time to make this post, but I’ll add the vendor photo below so you can see how cute it will be for you to pose with a partner and show the whole world just how you complete each other.  Awh.  The cuteness.  Anyway, the Amias group is free to join, and you’ll find a whole bunch of fun gifts on their group gift wall (including these gloves!).  Can’t say no to that!


  • Gianni
  • Jake
  • Legacy F
  • Legacy M
  • Maitreya
  • Maitreya Petite

Suddenly feeling like a pizza Margherita needs to happen…


Aline is Wearing…


Shirt – Amias Pizza T-Shirt (Free Group Gift/Group is Free to Join)
Gloves – Amias OCT20 (Free Group Gift/Group is Free to Join)
Earrings – Ysoral Luxe Earrings


Mesh Body – Maitreya Lara
Mesh Head – Lelutka Cate
Skin Applier –  Glam Affair Cate
Eyebrows– Jumo Britani
Eyes– Euphoric Dolly Babe Eyes
Tattoo – Sn@tch Filigree Sternum Tattoo
Eyeshadow – Lelutka Cate
Lipstick – Adored Advent
Nails – Maitreya Lara
Hair – Magika Darla
Pose – Foxcity Glitz
Backdrop – Synnergy Downtown


Bring on the WomenStuff!

Womenstuff Hunt # 1

Hey FabFree! Today’s post is all about the WomenStuff hunt, which is going on this month! The hunt is running until June 30th. Time to get your hunt on ladies, because this is one big, spectacular hunt for women!

The Low-Down on the WomenStuff Hunt!

The Womenstuff Hunt taking place this month is truly stellar! There are over 150 designers participating in the hunt and the prizes are gorgeous. To do this hunt, you need to be in the Womenstuff group to get the hunt hud. The Womenstuff group costs 50L to join. This group is worth the join fee because the hunt is filled with valuable prizes, and you can also grab additional free gifts at Womenstuff’s participating designers’ mainstores across the grid. You get in all of these gifts and perks for free in exchange for the low price of 50L for the group, so it’s a great deal! I have one final note about being in the Womenstuff group. Make sure to read the group rules when you join! Be aware that no spamming is allowed in the Womenstuff group chat, so don’t post LMS to stores, deals, or events in their chat box as this can lead to being ejected. You may ask questions about the Womenstuff hunt in the group, but do not provide hunt locations. All the hints are given in the hunt hud, so respect the setup of the hunt as best as you can.

Once you have joined the group, activate the group tag and pick up the hunt hud at the Womenstuff hunt starting location HERE. Once you have the hud, it will send the LMs of the locations on the hunt in nearby chat. Then if you need the LM again, just click the little map under the logo at the store. The hunt hud also provides hunters with hints as they arrive at each location. To go to the next location, simply click the ➡️ arrow and the LM will send in local chat. Once you get to the hunt locations themselves, the prizes are free. I am featuring nine wonderful prizes on the hunt in this post. You are looking for the Womenstuff red t-shirt at each store to find the hunt gifts.

High End

My fancy outfit shown today is made of three free prizes from the Womenstuff hunt:

  • The little black dress is the prize from Luxe Paris. It has some lovely detailing on the blouse. The dress fits Maitreya, Freya, Isis, Venus, Physique, Hourglass, and Legacy mesh bodies.
  • The lovely heels are the hunt prize at Lexu, and I thought it matched the dress perfectly! These shoes fit Alice, Altamura, Maitreya, Legacy, Freya/Isis/Venus, eBODY Classic/Curvy, Hourglass, Physique, Star Mesh Body and Tonic Fine/Curvy/Minimizer.
  • Finally, the pretty floral detailing on my leg is the free hunt prize at [If design]. It’s called a “leg jewel” and it’s super pretty. It fits Reborn, Maitreya, Petite, Legacy, Perky, Kupra, Freya, eBODY Curvy, and Hourglass.

Let’s Take a Closer Look

Womenstuff Hunt # 1
In addition to clothing and sho, there’s also a variety of other products available for women on the hunt, including cosmetics, jewellery, hair, eyes, and eyebrows. Basically, anything a woman needs to make her avatar look stunning is covered by this hunt! I posted a closeup above so you could see some of these products up close.

  • lovelysweet has a gorgeous set of eyes set out for free on the hunt. The eyes come in an applier of 8 eye colour options. These eyes come in a Lelutka applier and they also work with Omega and BOM eyes.
  • CH Skins has a set of gorgeous free eyebrows out on the hunt. Regular and light shades of Black, Brown, Blonde and Red brows are included. These eyebrows are designed for Lelutka EvoX heads in BOM.
  • Joy has a set of beautiful lipsticks out as their free hunt prize. 6 HD lip colours are included in this set. It’s an HD lipstick applier for Lelutka EvoX heads only.
  • Elemiah has a set of free BOM green eyeshadow for Lelutka EvoX out on the hunt. The little green seedlings that sit on your face are included in the gift too!
  • Heartsdale Jewellery has a lovely set of earrings and septum nose ring out for free on the hunt. The set includes a hud that allows you to change
  • amias has this pretty necklace out on the hunt as well for free. It is rigged for Maitreya and Legacy, and it also comes in an unrigged version as well which I used to fit my body.
  • Alli&Ali Designs has the lovely hairstyle out for free for the hunt, and it includes a hud of pink colours and ombre tones. The hud also includes options to style the hair in 6 different ways with and without bangs, and with or without the pretty white flowers. You can also resize the hair using the hud.

Well, that was a long-winded explanation! I hope that’s all the information you need to do the Womenstuff hunt this month! ❤

Enjoy, FabFree!


Caroline is Wearing…

Clothes & Accessories

Dress – Luxe Paris Balkin (Free Hunt Prize on the Womenstuff Hunt/ Hunt Hud Required for Womenstuff Group Members @ Womenstuff Hunt Starting Location/Group Costs 50L to Join)
Shoes – Lexu Avalon Heels (Free Hunt Prize on the Womenstuff Hunt/ Hunt Hud Required for Womenstuff Group Members @ Womenstuff Hunt Starting Location/Group Costs 50L to Join)
Leg Jewel – [If design] Leg Jewel (Free Hunt Prize on the Womenstuff Hunt/ Hunt Hud Required for Womenstuff Group Members @ Womenstuff Hunt Starting Location/Group Costs 50L to Join)
Septum Ring & Earrings – Heartsdale Jewellery Kinza Collection (Free Hunt Prize on the Womenstuff Hunt/ Hunt Hud Required for Womenstuff Group Members @ Womenstuff Hunt Starting Location/Group Costs 50L to Join)
Necklace – amias Tilly (Free Hunt Prize on the Womenstuff Hunt/ Hunt Hud Required for Womenstuff Group Members @ Womenstuff Hunt Starting Location/Group Costs 50L to Join)


Hair – Alli&Ali Designs Thisbe Hair – Pink Colors (Free Hunt Prize on the Womenstuff Hunt/ Hunt Hud Required for Womenstuff Group Members @ Womenstuff Hunt Starting Location/Group Costs 50L to Join)
Mesh Body –
Belleza Freya V6
Mesh Head – Lelutka Lake – EvoX
Head Skin & Ear Skins – Dernier Hannah -Rose No Brows 
Body Skin – MILA Older Body Skins (Free on the Marketplace) Previously blogged here.
Neck Fix – Velour EvoX Ear Skins and Neck Fix (Free/No Group Join Required) Previously blogged here.
Eyes – lovelysweet Sand & Sea Eyes (Free Hunt Prize on the Womenstuff Hunt/ Hunt Hud Required for Womenstuff Group Members @ Womenstuff Hunt Starting Location/Group Costs 50L to Join)
Eyeshadow With Clovers – Elemiah Seed (Free Hunt Prize on the Womenstuff Hunt/ Hunt Hud Required for Womenstuff Group Members @ Womenstuff Hunt Starting Location/Group Costs 50L to Join)
Eyebrows – CH Skins Eyebrows #2 (Free Hunt Prize on the Womenstuff Hunt/ Hunt Hud Required for Womenstuff Group Members @ Womenstuff Hunt Starting Location/Group Costs 50L to Join)

Lipstick – Joy Kinda HD Lipstick (Free Hunt Prize on the Womenstuff Hunt/ Hunt Hud Required for Womenstuff Group Members @ Womenstuff Hunt Starting Location/Group Costs 50L to Join)
Nails – Belleza Freya
Photo Location – Luane’s World


Fabulous Finds 04.09.22 Edition

Free Group Gift/Group is Free to Join @ SEmotion

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We Don’t Talk About Bruno

We Don't Talk About Bruno What? I’ve got elementary school aged kids, and the name of these lovely eyes is “Encanto.” I really had no choice when it came to a title for this post. I guess that’s something you should know about me; my titles will always be song lyrics and they probably won’t make any sense 50% of the time. Sorry in advance. Another thing that you should know about – I will stalk a lucky board with no mercy.

Seriously Lucky

I was over at Pink Cream Pie the other day and I didn’t even need to stalk. I just kept winning and winning on the lucky boards! It was fantastic. The free lucky boards there are really great, there are like 20 of them so it seems like they’re always changing AND the prize in each one changes with each new letter too! I managed to luck into this Kimmy crop top and shorts, both in this pretty “pompom” color. The lacing on both items is seriously cute. Both come with sizes for:

  • Freya
  • Legacy
  • Maitreya

You’ll need to join the Pink Cream Pie group for 314L (the group cost makes me giggle each time I see it, tell me I’m not the only one?) and wait patiently for some lucky board prizes. Hopefully, like me, you won’t have to wait too long.

Pretty Eyes

My so very pretty eyes and glossy gorgeous lips are the free group gifts at lovelysweet. There was a time when part of my mission in SL was to seek out nice, realistic eyes but it is so much easier to find great quality eyes now. Aren’t these so bright and beautiful? Included is 8 colors and appliers for:

  • Catwa
  • Lelutka
  • Omega

Besides the free eyes, I also got free glossy perfect lipstick! It comes as an evo x BOM layer and includes 5 bright, vibrant, shiny shades! Both free gifts can be yours simply by making a trip to lovelysweet, joining the free group, and clicking the pictures on the wall. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

Allison is Wearing…


Top – Pink Cream Pie Kimmy Tube Top [Pompom] (Free Lucky Board Prize/Group is 314L to Join)
Shorts – Pink Cream Pie Kimmy Shorts [Pompom] (Free Lucky Board Prize/Group is 314L to Join)
Necklace – amias March


Mesh Body – Maitreya Lara
Mesh Head – Lelutka Avalon
Skin Applier –  Glam Affair Anny
Eyes – lovelysweet Encanto Eyes (Free Group Gift/Group is Free to Join)

Tattoo – Kaos Extremity
Lipstick –  lovelysweet Rain or Shine (Free Group Gift/Group is Free to Join)
Hair – Wasabi Mayra
Pose – Overlow

Fabulous Finds 12.22.21 Edition

Free Group Gift/Group is Free to Join @ Amias

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