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On fabfree blogging about.. fabfree? :O

I’m sure most of you have checked out the fabfree store before (if not, you should be ashamed of yourself :P), it has a lot of items by great designers and it’s definitely expanded since the last time I popped in. There are so many outfits, skins, eyes, shoes, poses… it’d be a shame to miss out.

The outfit I picked out includes this knotted shirt with a leather vest, and latex leggings by Sassy and added a little color by including the lace trim green pumps by She’s So Unusual Shoes and I added a cream/gold pearl necklace by Eolande (although there was a white/silver version with earrings to match both sets along with a heart necklace with gold and silver options although with earrings to match those as well).

I also found this travel suitcase pose prop there by {what next} which I thought was cute and set the theme for a great travel outfit.

details to come

details to come

The fabfree station is full of great things from great designers, literally wall-to-wall. I’d definitely check it out if you haven’t or make another visit to see what’s been added recently or what you might’ve missed.

All items mentioned can be found at FabFree Station HQ for L$0:


Poppies for Prudence

I have a few dresses to show you that will get your partner’s blood pumping.  The racy black Prudence gown is a subscriber welcome gift at Nzuri.  This dress has a open front and is quite revealing.  The Cowry Shell necklace and choker are a free gift at Accessories by Eolande.

For a summery every day look, the red Poppies dress was recently sent to the JAZMYN D sub-o group.  The white Ginger gown is a gift from SLACY’S for the Hollywood Walk of Fame hunt and is perfect for date night with someone special.  The ebony Vaneza curls is a gift from BishWear, free until Hair Fair 2011 begins.



*Nzuri: Prudence Gown (SOM – L$0)

*JAZMYN D: Poppies Dress (SOM – L$0)

*SLACY’S: Ginger Gown (HWOF – L$0)

*Duh!: Classic Patent Pumps (L$25)

*Accessories by Eolande: Cowry Shell Necklace & Choker (L$0)

*BishWear: Vaneza Hair (L$0)

*Exodi: Sophie May Skin (Not Free)

*Amacci: Poses (Not Free)




I hadn’t been to Azul in a while, so I was thrilled to find a new group gift available in store.  The black dress aqua waist band and trim is perfect for any formal party.  It is free to join the Azul VIP group.  The Cowry Shell necklace and choker are a free gift at Accessories by Eolande.  I’m not sure if the necklace and choker were meant to be worn together, but I liked the way the two pieces complemented each other.  Accessories by Eolande is closing soon so please take advantage of all the amazing deals while you’re there!  The long wavy chocolate Whimsy hair was sent to the ChiChickie! sub-o members yesterday.   This gift and many others can be retrieved from the subscriber history.



*Azul: GG1106 Dress (Group – L$0)

*Accessories by Eolande: Cowry Shell Necklace & Choker (L$0)

*Felicity: Sylvie Heels (Not Free)

*ChiChickie!: Whimsy Hair (SOM – L$0)

*Exodi: Sophie May Skin (Not Free)

*EMO-tions: Dina Hair (Not Free)

*Glitterati: Poses (L$0 – L$50)



Charlie’s Angel

Felicia’s Fashions sub-o group members received the Penny ensemble and shoes as the April gift yesterday.  No she isn’t a month behind, gifts are given once a month to all the members who were in the sub-o from previous month.  The gift includes the cream top, matching shoes, and shorts in black, denim, and white.  I think I look a bit “Charlie’s Angels” in the #44 avatar glasses from December.  These glasses are in the group lucky chair with a 25 minute wait period.

SD Wears has a new gift out to celebrate all the RL and SL moms out there.  The purple Salsa Nights pantsuit is a great outfit to shop in!  I’ve been tping around in this all day long!

This funny “You, RL” t-shirt was sent to the sub-o members of the terri.tees group yesterday.  The black shorts are available at pop feel for group members.  The copper Lil hair was recently sent to the Amacci group about a week ago.

Alatiel Fashions has the Pretty in Shorts beige shorts, cami, and purple jacket as a gift in store.

The sherbet color tropical Chloe dress is in the lucky board at Cover Girl.  The beautiful silver amethyst gemstone ring was sent to the Accessories by Eolande sub-o members yesterday.


*Felicia’s Fashions: Penny Outfit (SOM – L$0)
Pioneer ( 161/196/27 )

*SD Wears: Salsa Nights (L$0)
Dubya City ( 21/154/25 )

*terri.tees: You, RL t-shirt (SOM – L$0)
twilight ( 125/122/25 )

*Pop Feel: Shorts (Group – L$0)
Lazy Bloom ( 91/101/22 )

*Alatiel Fashions: Pretty in Shorts (L$0)
Alatiel Fashions Boudoir ( 151/90/27 )

*Cover Girl: Chloe Dress (Lucky – L$0)
japan canvas ( 168/200/47 )

*December: No.43 Glasses (Group/Lucky Board – L$0)
Undulosa ( 231/89/797 )

*Accessories by Eolande: Silver/Amethyst Gemstone Ring (SOM – L$0)
Larimar ( 191/67/21 )

*Amacci: Lil Hair (SOM – L$0)
Amacci ( 203/96/22 )

*Blowpop: Elizabeth Skin (Not Free)
Boudoir Isle ( 45/104/23 )

*Long Awkward Pose: poses (Not Free)
Festivale ( 89/85/29 )



New Midnight Mania @ Tea Lane

Gilda Skin (Tealane)

Tea Lane has a new midnight mania gift.  This pretty honey Gilda skin can be yours at midnight if enough people click the board.  The white Virgin Heart cocktail dress is a gift from Champagne!sparkling fashion at the FabFree Headquarters.  The Zebra print Natasha Demi d’Orsay wedges are a dollarbie at SKGShoes.  The Basic Essentials pearl earrings and necklace are from the Accessories by Eolande gift at the FabFree Headquarters.  The Adena hair comes in a fatpack of colors and is free at Amacci.  The gray mini dress is from RC Ramona Collections at the FabFree Headquarters.  This gift includes the gray scarf and boots (not shown).

RC Ramona Collections


*CHAMPAGNE!sparkling fashion: Virgin Heart Dress (FabFree – L$0)
Car Wash ( 92/225/24 )

*RC Ramona Collections: Gray Mini Dress (FabFree – L$0)
Car Wash ( 92/225/24 )

*SKGShoes: Shoes (L$1)
Aloha Business Park ( 243/247/22 )

*Accessories by Eolande: Jewelry (FabFree – L$0)
Car Wash ( 92/225/24 )

*Tea Lane: Gilda Skin (MM – L$0)
Granymyr ( 202/189/42 )

*Amacci: Adena Hair (L$0)
Amacci ( 208/93/22 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (Group – L$0)
MAI ( 125/103/22 )

*Striking Poses: poses (L$0 – L$50)
Harlow ( 79/205/34 )



More @ The FabFree Headquarters!

The FabFree Headquarters has gifts from fabulous designers!  Over the last few days many more designers have added gifts!  I’m gonna do a quick run through of a few gifts you might not have seen yet (and possibly some that we’ve shown already)!  Everything is found at the FabFree Headquarters, the landmarks lead to the designers’ main store.  Check out the main stores too, there are great deals to find in all of them!  Many of the gifts include information about specials, the store group or sub-o, and additional gifts!

The sensual Lacey Chocolate gown is from Papillon’s.  The long natural color changing Lafate hair is from DeadKitties.

Lacey Chocolate from Papillon's

Have a Bleeding Heart?  Heal that heartache with this Bleeding Heart ensemble from Swears.  The gift from WoE is Oxide green tinted capri jeans and the Leah stripe tank.  (Psst, no it’s not cold!  The green just makes me extra perky!)

[Swears] Bleeding Heart OutfitWoe Leah Stripe Tank & Capris

The lavender BEA dress is from Donna Flora.

(Donna Flora) BEA gift

The purple shimmery glitter “Clasy” frilly shorts and top are in the fidt from ENCEMBLE.  The purple and blue strapless dress is from SD Wears.  The Basic Essentials silver petite heart earrings and necklace are from the HUGE gift from Accessories by Eolande.  This set also comes in gold.  Eolande’s gift also has delicate pearl earrings and necklace in both gold and silver, several sets of jeweled hair sticks, a Jack Sparrow Piece of 8 coin necklace for the men, and a Shark’s tooth necklace for the men.

(ENCEMBLE) Clasy Set - PurplePurple&Blue - Strapless Dress (SD Wears)

The gift from OuT.Rage! includes charcoal Princeton Plaid pants, two charcoal Princeton Plaid School Skirts, a Teal Big in Japan Graphic shirt, red Lennox tank, and Hot Spot bangles!  All the poses shown are from Striking Poses.  BTW, Zelly also has a gift at the FabFree Headquarters.

OuT.Rage! - Free Gifts!OuT.Rage! - Free Gifts! 2

The black Bellas are from the freebie ring at Shoe Fly Shoes.  Touch the freebie ring each day to get a random pair of shoes.  BTW, I’ve talked the Shoe Fly Shoes designer into a special Fabulously Free in SL gift when the group reaches 5000.  So be on the look out for that, soon!


*FabFree Headquarters: All Clothing, Jewelry, & Accessories (FabFree – L$0)
Car Wash ( 92/225/24 )

*Blowpop: Elizabeth Skin (Not Free)
Fuzzy ( 230/179/34 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (Group – L$0)
MAI ( 125/103/22 )

*Striking Poses: poses (L$0 – L$50)
Harlow ( 79/205/34 )



Thanks to all the designers who have gifts @ the FabFree Headquarters!

A Piece of Candy – candy Enoch
A-BOMB – Lavea Alter
AddiCt – Kianna Noel
Alchemi – Kin Alchemi
Allusions – Sabryne Rhode
A:S:S – Photos Nikolaidis
.:Astaroth:. Hair – Arcana Ceawlin
[AV] VLODOVIC  – Adreahna Vlodovic
Baby Monkey Shoes – Pixieplumb Flanagan
*BabyDoll* – BabyDoll LaFontaine
Beauty Avatar Couture – aida Ewing
Blunt Fhang – Blunt Fhang
Boom – Aranel Ah
BooPerFunK – Booperkit Moseley
Bryce Designs – Bryce Tully
Cat Creations – Catsifthe Cuttita
CCD – Caithlin Carter Designs – Sheyla Mills
Cheap Love Song – Spudgy Dean
Cher’s – Cherlindrea Lamont
[chuculet] – Farah Palmer
Cilian’gel Fashion – Cilia Shepherd
{CIPRIA COUTURE} – Myla Vuckovic
Cloverleaf Fantasy Clothing Shop – Alice Biondi
Couture Chapeau – Chigadee London
**cute bytes** – Bit McMillan
DeadKitties – Arcana Ceawlin
Diesel Works – Rogan Diesel
Donna Flora – Squinternet Larnia:
Dopplegänger Inc. – Syler Morgwain
Dragon’s Chyld Studio – Gentle Beaumont
Eclectic Apparel – Eclectic Wingtips
[E3D] Enchant3D Emporium – Fianna Idora
Eolande’s Jewelry Essentials – Eolande Elvehjem
ETERNITY JEWELLS – Singsong Writer
*Etoile* – Lorrelle GossipGirl
Exile – Kavar Cleanslate
Extreme Reality Skins – Mystical Demina
*Fairy Pearls* design – Napolde Vella
Fishy Strawberry – Fae Eriksen
FLO Kids – Floridas Evans
*Fukmi* – Fukmi Sideways
Fusion Furniture – Grace Staryk
[glow] Studio – Anemysk Karu
Hell Bop – Floatie Hock
Honey-Honey – Honey Szpeizer
House of Heart – Sheltered Heart
I ❤ Rien – Lya Seerose
Lemania Indigo Designs – Lemania Indigo
Loco Pocos – Damien Fate
Loser Designs – Zolin Dae
MADesigns – Maddox DuPont
Malt – Khea Karas
(Mirada) Hair – Washu Zebrastripe
::: Mix and Match :::  – Manis Lane
Modd.G – moddishh GossipGirl
Mudhoney – Rayvn Hynes
Naith Smit Design – naith Smit
O-Magine HomeWorks – Omaire Abattoir
OuT.Rage! – Delaynie Barbosa
Papillon’s – Katie Friedmann
Philotic Energy – Aemilia Case
Pididdle – Brutus Martinek
Pretzel*Poses – Candle Swords
Prim & Pixel Paradise – Mairead Fitzgerald
PXL Creations – Hart Larsson
Ramona Collection – Sheyla Mills
-RC- Cluster – Redd Columbia
SD Wears – Desdemona Young
.Shapes by *Minettes. – Isabel Susanti
!She’s So Unusual Shoes – Rowan Carroll
Sirens Song – Kaffe McMahon
Shoe Fly Shoes – CCTV Giant
Seldom Blue – IndigoBlue Dagostino
Silk & Satyr – ThomasD Felisimo
Sin & Secrets – Huxly Hudson & Leila Dix
*Sinuous Shapes* – Arielle Boccaccio
SKGShoes – Saki Galiazzo
s’LADE MEN – Harsh Slade
Slash Me Poses – Claire Dallin
Striking Poses – Zelly Mornington
Sugar Mill Poses – Anicia Medici
Sugar Mama’s Fashion Bakery – Lunna Wilder
Swears – Druzy Jewell
Sweeter Than Candy – Candace Morgwain
TeaLane – Laynie Link & Teagan Blackthorne
The Arcanum – Zachh Barkley
The Stringer Mausoleum – Helena Stringer
The U-Neek – Treebee Withnail
Trixxy’s Shop – Trixxy Oh
U&R DOGS – Uta Karas
Urban Dysfunction – Kenzie Corleone
V & V Fine Designs – Vanny Wilder
vMotional Animations – Sin Toshi
Wetherby’s – Alejandra Jumanya
WoE – Dick Wiesel
[XOXO] Shoes – Necia Harchester