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Hey FabFree! I have a quick post showing some limited-time offers available on this chilly night. Go rush to get the free gifts and store credits!

  • The hairstyle I am wearing is the latest free group gift at Ade. It includes a style hud and several colour packs. They have a new style for men available as well! Just join their free group and head upstairs to get the gift.
  • My lip stains and snowy blush are the latest freebies on the free wall available at Pout! No group is required to get these gifts, and the blush comes in BOM layers for Lelutka EvoX and the lipstains include an HD applier for Lelutka EvoX
  • Today is also the last day to spend your 500L in free store credits at Pout!, so make sure you grab the gifts and spend the credits before midnight tonight when they expire. You need to join their free group to grab the credits.

See you soon, FabFree!


Caroline is Wearing…

Clothes & Accessories

Shirt – Tastic I Do What I Want Cat Top
Leggings – MOoH! Lauri Leggings


Hair – Ade Light Up (Free Group Gift/Group is Free to Join)
Eyes – Avi-Glam Noel Eyes (Free Group Gift/Group is Temporarily Free to Join) Previously blogged here
Mesh Body – The Shops Legacy
Mesh Head – Lelutka Lake – EvoX
Head Skin – Dernier Hannah – Sienna
Body Skin – Nuve Basic Body Skin v2 – Fair
Neck Fix & Ear Skins – Velour EvoX Ear Skins and Neck Fix – Sienna (Free/No Group Join Required) Previously blogged here.
Blush – Pout! Snowflaked Blush (Free/No Group Join Required)
Lipstains – Pout! Frozen Lipstains (Free/No Group Join Required)

Photo Location – Luane’s World


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A Happy Christmas

Coming Soon

Hey FabFree! I’m popping in to share a cute Christmas outfit which only costs 1L. I also have news of free store credits. Yay!

Joyeux Noel

This really cute sweater and skirt I have on is a 1L hunt prize at Ari-Pari on the Joyeux Noel hunt. Here’s the link to see more prizes on the Joyeux Noel Hunt. They have some really cute prizes on the hunt so it’s definitely worth checking out! Everything costs only 1L on the hunt.

Sizes Included

  • Freya
  • Isis
  • Venus
  • Physique
  • Hourglass

Free Credits from EscalateD

This holiday season, EscalateD is gifting out a bunch of store credits! First off you can head over to their Shop & Hop booth and pick up 350L in store credits. These are free for everyone and no group is required. On top of this, at their main store you can grab an additional 500L in store credit if you are an EscalateD VIP member. Their group costs 99L to join, and this is an extremely generous group! The store is currently having a 70% off sale so you will surely be able to buy several hairstyles and/or accessories with your free credits. I picked up the Acacia hairstyle with my credits, and I think it matches my new Noelle outfit nicely!

Happy Christmas, FabFree!


Caroline is Wearing…

Clothes & Accessories

Sweater & Skirt – Ari-Pari Noelle Sweater & Skirt (1L on the Joyeux Noel Hunt)


Hair – EscalateD Acacia – Naturals Universal Hud ( Purchased with Free 350L store credit @ the Holiday Shop & Hop)
Mesh Body – Belleza Freya V6
Mesh Head – Lelutka Lake – EvoX
Skin – KOONZ Snow (Free Group Gift/Group is Free to Join) Previously blogged by Arielle here.
Eyes – Lelutka Lake
Nails – Belleza Freya V6
Photo Location – Ionic


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Coming soon

Hey FabFree! How’s it hanging? I’m just getting ready for my summer vacation, and I have a load of free items to show you! Let’s dig into these foxy freebies. 

The Foxy ‘kini!

First off for today is this great leopard bikni. This is a free group gift at [meowhi], and it comes in 5 colours. Simply join their free group and the gift is yours, along with many other free group gifts. 

Sizes Included

  • Kupra
  • Kupra Kups
  • Legacy 
  • Legacy Perky

Current offers @ .EscalateD.

Things are hopping over at .EscalateD. right now. They are having a big summer sale and a new group gift, which is a 500L store credit that won’t expire and can be used at all inworld locations. All hairs, universal hair colour huds, gachas and accessories are currently 50% off at the store until July 29th and you can even use your store credit on some discounted items. I am currently wearing Nisha which can be purchased with credit. Nisha includes 2 naturals and unnaturals universal colour huds,  options to wear the hair with busty and non-busty chests, a duo option (the hair is split into two part where you colour both sides different colours), a streaks option to change the colour of highlights and main hair colour, or wear 1 colour on the whole hair, and a styling hud which allows you to style the hair in different ways and change the colours of the hair ties at the back.

The .EscalateD. group costs 99L to join, and you need to be a member to get in on this store credit offer. In addition to the store credit gift, .EscalateD. has several perks for group members including awesome lucky board, MM and mini mania prizes, past group gifts and a 15% discount throughout the year. 

.EscalateD. Nisha

LBs @ Tentacio

The awesome gold and black deer drink I am carrying and the matching bag is from the free lucky boards at Tentacio. No group is required for these, just wait for your letter. Make sure you also check out Aline’s post here which shows more free lucky board prizes still available at Tentacio

Enjoy, FabFree!


Caroline is Wearing…

Clothes & Accessories

Bikini – [meowhi] wildcat kini (Free Group Gift/ Group is Free to Join)
Bag – Tentacio Love deer bag (Free Lucky Board Prize)
Drink – Tentacio Love deer drink (Free Lucky Board Prize)


Hair – .EscalateD. Nisha (Can be purchased with 500L store credit Group Gift/ Groups costs 99L to Join)
Hair Colour Hud – .EscalateD. Naturals Universal Color Hud

Mesh Body – The Shops Legacy 
Mesh Head – Lelutka Lilly Evo X 3.1
Hairbase – Lelutka .EvoX. Hairbase.026 
Skin – 7 Deadly S[K]ins Fusion Evo X- Pineapple
Leg Tattoo 1 – HORL Faith Tattoo – Fresh (Available @ Summer Carnival)
Leg Tattoo 2 – HORL If makes you feel, makes sense- Fresh (Available @ Summer Carnival)
Neck Fix – 7 Deadly S[K]ins NECK fade LEL. evo X -> 7DS skins PINEAPPLE
Eyes–  Lelutka Lilly Evo X 3.1
Eyeshadow – amara beauty Callie lipstick Evo X – Red
Lipstick – amara beauty Callie eyeshadow Evo X – Smokey

Nails – The Shops Legacy 
Backdrop – Anxiety 24/7




Nope! The Christmas Tree Ain’t Going Down Yet!

Nope! The Christmas Tree Ain't Going Down Yet!I am one of those people who keeps their Christmas decorations out at least another month after Christmas has passed. Yes, one of those people. I just can’t accept that the holiday fun is over! Well, let’s pretend it’s not over yet, as I have several free and 1 L wonderful presents to share with you today! Let’s open up those gifts!

Be Unique

EscalateD is known for their unique hairstyles! They are so creative and offer us so many wonderful gifts. EscalateD currently has a 500L store credit gift available at their store. The free store credit is available for everyone until January 24th, and this a gift that was left-over from the Christmas season. You just need to click the free store credit board in front of the group lounge in the middle of the store. I am fashioning one of EscalateD‘s beautiful hairstyles, Genova, which you could purchase with your free credit (or any other hairstyle of your choice in the store). I paired this hairstyle with one of their latest VIP group gifts, which is a Xmas hair colour hud. EscalateD VIP is 99L to join and it gives you access to many group gifts and lucky and mini-mania boards.

Another Winter Sweater…Dress

This lovely sweater dress is perfect for wearing indoors (which I have a feeling you are doing a lot of this winter), or you could wear some leggings under it if you dare to venture outside. This lovely dress comes in several colours which you can change via a hud and it only costs 1 Linden. This is a hunt prize at Ari Pari for the Let It Snow Hunt. The hint is, “How much is that snowman in the window?!”. The hunt ends on January 31st.

Free Group Join at LuluB!

I am wearing the Rainbow Bae lipgloss, which is a free group gift at LuluB. The group is currently free to join. Just check the group notices to grab these cute lip glosses in a few different shades. The LuluB group is currently free to join, and they also have a 500L store credit gift to grab while you are there.

Free poses at An Lar

An Làr has a tonne of poses out for free at their Marketplace store! Use this link to find all their free poses and this link to find the specific pose I am showing off today. There are both singles and couples poses available. These poses are really awesome to use to take photos! Thank you to Fab Free reader and my friend Orion Swansong for giving me the tip about these great poses!

Enjoy, Fab Free!



Caroline is Wearing…

Clothes & Accessories

Dress – Ari-Pari Winter Knit V-Neck Dress (Free LISH4 Hunt Prize)
Boots – Blueberry FLF 1/17 Boots Pack

Pose – An Làr Being Miss Red  (Free on the Marketplace)


Hair – EscalateD Genova (350 L- Can be Purchased with free 500L Store Credit)
Hair Color Hud – EscalateD Xmas 2020 (Group Gift/ Group is 99L to Join)
Mesh Body –  Belleza Freya
Mesh Head – Genus Project Genus Babyface
Skin – Pout! Emily
Eyes– Euphoric Jesse Eyes Applier
Eyeshadow- Pout! Graceful Eyeshadow
Lipstick– LuluB Rainbow Bae Lipgloss- Princess (Free Group Gift/ Group is Free to Join)

Nails – Belleza Freya

Furniture & Decor

Christmas Tree- Lelutka Tree 2020
Photo Location – Private Location



Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Merry Yule, and all those Holiday happy things to each and every one of you! Thank you as always for being here. I hope your day is bright. Maybe it can be a little bit brighter with a few group gifts to splurge upon here in Second Life. Yesterday TRUTH sent out a new group gift hairstyle to their VIP group! Also, Beautiful Dirty Rich has out a free 500 linden gift card for their group members now through December 26th. I’ll let you know all about each of these fantastic fabulous gifts below. Enjoy!


This pretty up-do is a free group gift given to the TRUTH VIP group. It has a style hud that allows you to style the hair with or without the tendrils in the front, with or without the hairbase, and a slightly more kempt or more wispy bun. The little fairy lights are also optional. This group gift from TRUTH is of course a fatpack as well, so you’ll get all the hair colors. There is a join fee of 350 linden to join the TRUTH VIP group. You’ll find this gift waiting in the notices.

Beautiful Dirty Rich

Beautiful Dirty Rich put out a generous 500 linden store gift card just in time for the Holidays. This free group gift can be picked up and used from now through December 26th. The B.D.R. group is required, you’ll need to wear the group tag when you click the gift vendor. The group is free to join, so all you need to take advantage of this sweet offer is open up a group slot. I managed to pick up 3 different items with my gift card, so if you are careful with your spending, 500 linden will go far!

Merry Christmas!!


Office Space

Office Space

Hello again Fab Free! Thank you for being here. So recently a friend of mine told me about an almost too good to be true sounding store credit gift at Moss&Mink. Needless to say, I had to check it out for myself. She was right, Moss&Mink has a 500 linden store credit offer out that is free for everyone. There’s no need to join a group for this awesome gift, however if you’re so inclined you can join the Moss&Mink group and get a second 500L store credit for a total of 1000 linden in store credit at Moss&Mink.

That said, I opted to forgo the additional 500 linden for Moss&Mink group members and just take advantage of the no-group-needed store credit offer. All you have to do to get yours is head over to Moss&Mink and click the gift credit vendor.  If you’re not familiar with Moss&Mink, they are a furniture and décor shop with lots of detailed items for just about every room in the house, and outdoor items too. The style is modern with some bohemian flair and a touch of kawaii. After wandering through the landscaped outdoor shop, I settled on a classic desk and bookshelf set and a matching desk accessories. I was able to get both the furniture and the desk décor for less than my 500 linden in store credit, making my purchases completely free.

***To use the store credit you must click the vendor and use the pie menu to bring up the “Menu” and choose “Buy” then choose the “Store Credit” option.***


  • FurnitureMoss&Mink – Bella Bookcase & Desk – Free if Purchased with Store Credit Gift
    • Desk
    • Bookcase
  • Desk DecorMoss&Mink – Desk Clutter Pack (Dark) – Free if Purchased with Store Credit Gift
    • Desk Caddy
    • Files
    • Flamingo Tape
    • Notebook and Pens
    • Highlighters and sticky notes
    • Planner
    • Stapler
  • PosterThe Vordun – Pictures of the Floating World Poster
  • ButterfliesStockholm&Lima – Little Butterfly Boxes
  • Laptoptaikou – torabook laptop (sticker version)
  • Typewriter PlanterDust Bunny – Wanderlust – Upcycled Typewriter
  • Globe & BooksApple Fall – Globe with Books – Black
  • Photo FrameFancy Decor – Tortoise Shell Frame (Silver)
  • Book Stack 1Peaches – Vintage Desk – Book Stack
  • Book Stack 2Oubliette – Boudoir Books
  • Suitcase Stack & BooksPetite Mort – Wanderlust – Suitcases and Travel Books
  • PlantKazza – WinterGarden palmpot

Photo taken at a private location.

Fabulous Finds 10.17.20 Edition

Gravity Poses - Oct Group Gift

Free Group Gift/Group is 50L to Join @ Gravity Poses

Continue reading

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Free 500L credit for all from Addams at SL17B!

Coming Soon to Fab Free
Hey Fab Free! I have some great news! At 9 am SLT today, SLB17 opened! That’s right, perhaps the biggest event on the grid! Today I will be showing you the amazing gift from Addams available exclusively at this event.

Addams- 500 L for all!

Addams is giving away free 500 L credit to all for SLB17- and no group membership to the Addams group is needed. To access the event, you need to go to the Addams location on the Aurelian sim. I am pleased to also report that Addams is selling no less than four exclusive megapacks for the low price of 199 L at the event- so you will certainly be able to buy at least 2 Addams megapacks at the event and still have enough leftover to head over to the Addams mainstore and grab this lovely pride outfit I have on right now.


This is the serendipity top and skirt- in an exclusive pride-themed megapack- and it only will only cost you 99 Linden of your credit. You can wear the shirt as long or short, and it has the cutest pride-themed patterns and messages on it! The adorable skirt comes in many colours. The pack is available to purchase with your credits at Addams.

Sizes included:

  • Belleza (Freya & Isis)
  • Maitreya
  • Slink (Physique & Hourglass)
  • Legacy

Thanks for reading Fab Free, and Happy Birthday Second Life!



Caroline is Wearing…

Clothes & Accessories

Top–Addams Serendipity Top & Skirt-Pride Exclusive megapack (Purchased with Free 500 L Store Credit/SLB17 Gift at Aurelian)
Shoes- Stephane L Gift Mara Love Pride Shoes (Free Group Gift/Group is Free to Join) Blogged by BunnieFrancis here


Hair –  EscalateD Yayla-Unnatural Universal HUD (50% off at We Love Roleplay)
Mesh Body – Belleza Freya
Mesh Head – Genus Project Genus Babyface
Skin – Revoul Mette, Tone 6 (69 Linden)
Eyes– Euphoric Hope Eyes Applier (Free Group Gift/Group is Free to Join)
Nails – Belleza Freya
Photo Location– Star Sugar