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Ser Carson and the Dragon

Ser Carson and the Dragon

The brave knight stands at the ready to slay the beast that has been ravaging his beloved homeland….

Find the Eragor Outfit at PeKaS as part of the Beauty and the Beast Hunt. The Soldiers Sword is still available at 1st Act. This is my favorite sword I pull out from time to time and comes with an AO to make you dragonslaying ready.

PeKaS  - Eragor  Beauty and the Beast Hunt

* PeKaS – Eragor Outfit  ($0L)
Beauty and the Beast Hunt

* 1st Act – Soldier Sword ($0L)



A Blue Bare Rose

Bare Rose - Blue Armor of Ordeal, 1st Act - Soldier Sword

One of our readers suggested that I return to the Bare Rose Treasure Hunt and complete the second half of the hunt. If you find what the dragon dropped (not dragon droppings, btw) you can get the Armor Of Ordeal Blue Shirt, Cloak and Belt to go with the armor that can be found on the first part of the hunt. The hunt ends September 17th, so don’t wait to do this hunt.

I pulled out my trusty Soldier Sword from 1st Act that is still free. The sword has a HUD that does a cool draw and sheath action.

* Bare Rose – Blue Armor of Ordeal ($0L)
Bare Rose Treasure Hunt

*1st Act – Soldier Sword ($0L)

Fab Carson


Hunting Shards

Hunt for the shards at 1st Act and you can come away with some very cool, fully clothed avatars. For each avatar, you need to click the cutout and receive a hunt HUD and instructions. Make sure you read the instructions, because I wandered around like a fool until I did. This will help you as you wander the sim looking for the shards. Find the 7 shards return to the cutout and click it to get your avatar. Here are the four different avatars you can get.

[1A] Big Boss MGS3 v1.1

Big Boss


[1A] Solid Snake MGS1 v1.1

Solid Snake


[1A] Lightning v1.1



[1A] Squall Leonhart v3.0

Squall Leonhart


[1A] SOLDIER Sword v1.1

But that isn’t all I found. There is also a free Soldier Sword in the store. It comes with a HUD for some very cool animations.

*1st Act – Big Boss Avatar ($0L)
*1st Act – Solid Snake Avatar ($0L)
*1st Act – Lightning Avatar ($0L)
*1st Act – Squall Leonhart Avatar ($0L)
Instore Hunt
*1st Act – Soldier Sword ($0L)

*Poses – Embody Shapes & Poses
Not Free