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I could go on and on and on… and I will!

This is my 1000th post on fabfree.  My very first post was June 10th 2008.  I was very much a noob and just over two months old.  I constantly messaged the other bloggers and I’m sure I drove them crazy with questions.  My pictures were exceptionally small and pixelated, but I loved the thrill of telling people about such wonderful creations found though out the grid.  You can see my very first post at the link below, go ahead giggle and laugh!  I dare ya!


In September 2008, there were around a thousand members and 64 designers.  It shocked me when Cherlindrea asked me if I would take over the blog and group.  Of course, I said yes, but I didn’t think I was qualified to carry out her plans and dreams for the group.  Now, there are nearly 15,000 group members in the Fabulously Free in SL group and each day the blog gets between 6-7 thousand viewers!

I am honored to have such wonderful people surrounding me!  From the fabulous writers, group moderators, designers, group members, and readers, you have all made my experience truly amazing!

I consider the writers of this blog my personal family and friends.  The contribution the writers make to FabFree is extremely appreciated!  I admire and care deeply for each of them.  As soon as I see any of the writers in-world, I am there messaging them.  Hopefully, my “Did you see this?” and “Are you going to blog that?” translates into “How are you doing?” and “I hope your day goes well!”  Farah has almost been with the blog as long as I have, we have shared soooo many laughs and even a skybox!  Farah has such style that she can put together one single outfit and her post will be the highest viewed all week long!  Whisper is an inspiration to all!  I just want to hug her.  Whisper’s posts always make me smile and I am so glad that she stays true to who she is!  At times it seems I knew Carson in another life, perhaps I did.  He is an encouragement to me in RL and SL!  Plus, he loves my shopping lists!  I am very protective of all of the writers, they are my family.

The moderators are all long term creators within Second Life.  Each of them has contributed greatly to the SL experience!  I trust and value their opinions and I am very grateful that they help moderate the Fabulously Free in SL and Fabulously Lucky Chair groups!  Some of my best friends are moderators in the groups.  They have been there for me through SL and RL issues.  For months I perched above CCTV’s shoe store while taking pictures in a make do photo studio.  Floatie gave FabFree a home and helps me stay grounded.  Teagan has been my second opinion whenever needed.  There are over 20 moderators and each one of them has made a significant impact on my slife.  The moderators are among my best friends in SL and have always been around to listen.  There have been a lot of learning, laughing, venting, bitching, moments of inspiration, with all of the moderators.  I respect each of them and appreciate the contribution they make in my life, the group, and within SL.

I believe creators are the essence of Second Life.  Without them and their wonderful ideas there would be no Second Life.  I wish I could tell you the endless amount of stores I’ve blogged from the beginning until now, but we would be here all day!

I smile when I see familiar names in group chat.  There isn’t a better bunch of people in SL.  The group members often go out of their way to help each other.  It amazes me that in a group as large as Fabulously Free in SL the members are so wonderful!

My favorite thing about Second Life is still Fabulously Free in SL.  I still get a huge thrill when I post something and it’s even better when a reader comments!  From the designers, to the fabulous writing staff, to the moderators, to the group members, and to our loyal readers, Thank you all!