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Freebie Etiquette

This is what SL has to say about etiquette while in world:


1. Do not whine to the designers about their freebies/dollarbie.

In other words, do not message them because their freebie/dollarbie is no longer available. Do not message them because they may have moved their freebie/dollarbie to a new locations. Do not message them demanding they give you a freebie/dollarbie.

2. Do not whine to the designers that the freebie/dollarbie is not your favorite color, style, etc.

This goes with #1. Do not message them that you do not like the color of the freebie/dollarbie. Don’t like the color, buy the item in the color you like. Do not message them that you do not like the bling/sounds/poofer/etc. Don’t like those items, don’t wear them.

3. If you don’t like the freebie/dollarbie, say thank you and move on with your life.

There is no need to dwell on a freebie/dollarbie that you do not like in some way. Do NOT sit there by the freebie/dollarbie inside the designer’s store and whine to everyone who comes by in the public chat that you hate the freebie/dollarbie and think it is ugly. This behavior is rude, unprofessional, and downright disgusting. If you do not like it, delete it. There is no point in complaining about something you just got for free or cheap.

4. Stop trying to ruin all the freebies/dollarbies and specials for the rest of us.

Every time you complain to the designers about their free/$1L items it makes the rest of us look bad and might prompt that designer not to give out freebies/dollarbies anymore. Do not complain about items you got for free/$1L.

5. Be grateful you got anything at all.

Designers are not obligated to give out freebies. They do so out of their own generosity so let’s be grateful to the designers. Say thank you especially if the designer is right there when you are picking up the item.

6. When complimented on your freebie/dollarbie wardrobe, thank the person and offer them the landmark or slurl for the store you got the item at.

It is always nice to share. When someone tells you that your skin, hair, dress, shoes, etc looks great, offer them a landmark to the store that you got the item from.

7. When unpacking your boxes in a build area (or the FabFree HQ), do not be a litterbug. Pick back up or delete your empty box.  Do not leave any object on land without the owner’s permission.

Each parcel can hold a certain number of prim and if you leaving you box lying around on someone’s land it is eating their prim. This is like virtually littering. Give a hoot, don’t pollute.

8. Do not resell your freebie/dollarbie.

It is unethical to resell your freebie/dollarbie. If the item is transferable and you do not want it anymore, pass it on to a friend who may need the item or simply throw it away.


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