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FabFree Guidelines

Do you want to be a member of the Fabulously Free in SL group?

Do a search in groups for the group called Fabulously Free in SL. (Use the phrase fabfree; you must also check the box ‘Mature Content’ and it is the only choice).  Join this group.  It is free to join.

Designers: Send a notecard and/or IM to Prudence Rexroth for a designer application if you would like a designer tag to send out gifts. (No BIAB or resellers)

Guidelines for FabFree Group Chat: (updated 3/15/14)

1. Group Chat IS allowed.  Please be considerate and respectful to the other members.  DO NOT gossip!  Discriminatory discussions involving racial, sexual, religious, political, vulgar, and argumentative views are disallowed.  Take any arguments to private IM.  The group is not meant for debates.

2. Do NOT argue or belittle each other.  Just because you are experienced in SL does not mean that all members are.  Insulting a group member will result in immediate removal from the group.

3. If someone asks for help, please help if you can.  Replies such as “Have you tried Search or Marketplace” are not helpful and unacceptable.  Many times a search for a vague item will bring up results that are not the best place to find items from legitimate creators.

4. Sometimes group discussions become overwhelming.  The small bottom x should close the group chat until you relog. Alternatively, most newer viewers give you the option of not receiving group notices and/or group chat through the viewer’s preferences.

5. Information of Lucky Chairs, Midnight Manias, and Riot Vends (etc) can be mentioned in group chat once per day, per person,  however letter/number calling (eg. Letter DSI BIWY) is considered spamming and is not allowed in Fabfree chat . Anyone unable to comply with this rule will be ejected from the group.  Designers are welcome to include mention of their Lucky Chairs, Midnight Manias, and Riot vends in their notices.  The FabLucky group is available for those who wish to participate in  letter/number calling.

6. Most designers do not want hunt locations revealed.  We ask group members to respect the designers’ wishes regarding hunts.  Find friends to help with hunts and take the tips to private IMs.

7. Do NOT complain about a gift, period!  If any member complains in group chat about the “quality” or “quantity” of a item, it will result in immediate removal from the group.

8. Do NOT distribute items!  If you want to pass an item, you must be an approved FabFree designer (then the items can be sent through the notices, only!).  Distributing items you did not personally make could contribute to content theft and you could find yourself with a DMCA charge.  Please, do not support content theft!  *The DMCA can give you more information with regard to passing copies of items without permision to do so: http://www.copyright.gov/legislation/dmca.pdf

9. FabFree Designers must use notices ONLY to send information about items in their store.  Using group chat to self-promote a business is not allowed.  Notices reach more members and give all group members opportunity to discover your store.  If you do not have a designer tag, please contact Love Trill for an application.  (No Resellers, Business in a Box stores, or Full Perm Establishments!)

10. Do NOT post any external links into group chat, whether they be other websites or marketplace links.  With the uprising of false and harmful links being posted into group chat, it is simply unsafe to click on them.  Suggesting to another member that they do a search on marketplace to assist them in finding something is ok, however please do not post the actual link.  Posting inworld slurls is ok.

**If a group member is abusing chat privileges, contact one of the Fabfree moderators.  It is up to the moderator as to how the situation will be handled.  Moderators have the option to disallow chat for an individual or the entire group.

The following are examples of what is and is not allowed in group chat.

NOT Spam:

* I found a great new freebie at FabFree HQ @ http://slurl.com/secondlife/Car%20Wash/94/228/24

* Can anyone tell me how I can get to group notices?

* I am helping a new player, where is the best place for male skins and a women’s AO?

* There’s an awesome hunt at BlahBlahBlah sim.

* Does anyone know the starting point for the OMGThisHuntWillKillMe Hunt?

* I saw this free hair the other and can’t remember the name of the store? It was a side braid that fell in front of the shoulder. Does anyone remember where?

* I missed the last notice and the group info wont come up right now.  Does anyone have the slurl to ThatFabulousStore?

* Help! I can’t seem to get my landmarks to load, if anyone has a House of Heart Landmark, could you please send it to me?

* I am at this party and they are giving out free stuff @ ShakeYoBooty (This is only allowed by group members attending the party, NOT the host)

* SuperawesomeStore has 2 midnight mania boards.  Here’s the slurl…

*  There are 6 lucky boards available at ThatFabulousStore containing women’s mesh shoes…(slurl)

IS spam:

* Next 5 people to IM me get a free gift.

* Come mobvend with me @  NeedTonsOfPeople ((Fabulously Lucky Chair group is for this type of announcement))

* 3 lucky chairs @  SomeAwesomeStore  Letters XOD  ((Fabulously Lucky Chair group is for this type of announcement))

* X @  The ChairWillNeverRez Store ((Fabulously Lucky Chair group for lucky chairs letter calls and any other chance games))

* 346 more people to win the awesome Midnight Mania gift @ SomeAwesomeStore ((Fabulously Lucky Chair group is available for this type of announcement ))

* Come on down to MY club!!!  ((There are other groups for this type of announcement))


* Come rent my mall space. It is cheap. It is FREE. It is an amazin’ price you just can’t beat. ((Do NOT advertise land at all!))

* Selling my land, come buy it from me. Only L$465,786,675,986,456,678,244,023 per sq m. IM me.  Really cheap! ((There are groups for this type of announcement))

* FREE <adult act name here>. All the time. @XRatedNastyPlace. Our girls are HOT. ((There are groups for this type of announcement))

* Does anyone have L$50 I can borrow? ((This group is about free items not money))

* Blah Blah gave an object to my friend’s boyfriend’s mistress and it stole all of her money. This is not a joke. Do not accept anything from Blah Blah. They are nothing but a thief. Pass this message on to all of your friends so they don’t get scammed. ((Please contact a moderator if you feel a scam needs to be reported to the group.  As in real life do not accept ANY items from strangers.))

You may find yourself banned from FabFree HQ because: * You were griefing on the land. * You were generating drama on the land. (We are a no drama zone.) * You had a DMCA filed against you. * Witnesses caught you selling and distributing stolen items or trying to steal items. * You were threatening members of the group in chat. * You support any illegal activities in SL

All members are subject to comply with our group rules. Continued violations will result in ejection from FabFree.

Welcome to the Fabulously Free in Second Life Group!


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