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Hot in the City

Hot in the City

Summer time in the city calls for cool outfits, and cool attitudes.  With summer heat warnings in effect in my part of the world, all I can do is stare gratefully at my air conditioner.  SL-me is being more adventurous and heading out into the city, ready to cause a ruckus and look cool while she’s at it!

Smug Mug

I’m sending you all over the place today to get some fun group gifts to put together a cute outfit that’s right for turning heads on the hot tarmac.  Your first stop is Mug where their latest group gift is a fun little tube top.  It comes with several different texture options that you can access from the HUD, and as with all Mug offerings the sizing options are accessed through the HUD as well.  To get this cute top (and the other group gifts) just join the Mug group for 250L.


  • Maitreya
  • V-Tech
  • Sking (Katena)
  • Freya
  • Legacy


Quinnty’s has a new group gift out too, and it’s these colourful sneakers. They  have a wide range of different texture options as well, ranging from 80’s fabulous to patriotic.  To get them, join the Quinnty’s group for 50L and then pay the vendor 1L which will then be returned to you.  There are lots of fun group gifts to be had at this stop, so make sure you pick them all up!  The shoes come sized for Belleza, eBody, Legacy, Maitreya, Signature, Slink and Tonic.

Nailed It!

This month’s group gift from Rosary is something a little different – mesh nails!  They come in three length options from short to extra-long.  I went for the middle length option, but as you can see they’re still pretty long!  They come with an HUD to change the colour and work with Belleza, Maitreya, Legacy and Slink hands!  The Rosary group is currently 350L to join, and you’ll find older group gifts available to pick up here as well.

While you’re at it, if you’re a Maitreya body user you should pick up a redelivery (you can get that through the Maitreya HUD) as the body has recently been updated to version 5.2!

Stay cool Fab Fam!


Aline is Wearing…


Top – Mug Pattern Tube Top (Free Group Gift/Group is 250L to Join)
Shoes – Quinnty’s Jade Sneakers (Free Group Gift/Group is 50L to Join)
Shorts – Uniwaii Smile


Mesh Body – Maitreya Lara
Mesh Head – Lelutka Cate
Head Applier –  Glam Affair Cate
Eyebrows– Jumo Britani
Eyes– Euphoric Dolly Babe Eyes
Tattoo – Sn@tch Filligree Sternum Tattoo
Eyeshadow Applier – Lelutka Cate
Nails – Rosary Glisten Nails (Free Group Gift/Group is 350L to Join)
Lipstick Applier – Lelutka Cate
Hair –  Magika Grace
Pose – Mouni Poses Baby it’s Cold Outside
Backdrop – Antinatural Métamorphose

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Love Story

FabFree Post: Love Story

It’s a classic Love Story

Once upon a time, a girl logs on SL and gets loads of free gifts (the end) from the SL17B Shop & Hop SLife is great today! I popped in the sim and was again in a complete loss for words at the number of shops, sales, and gifts. I laced up my walking shoes and went about collecting some of the free amazing items I will tell you all about in this post.

But first, let me tell you about the group gift Candy Kitten VIP gift out right now! The Superstar Dress made me feel like a modern-day Juliet.  With 12 color options it is easy to find one that will match your mood. Each option is a colored version of a cute floral pattern that perfectly matched the early summer feel going on. So if you aren’t a member of the group, there is a fee of L$400 but I can tell you that I have received a LOT of group gifts that have personally made up for the fee in the last 6 months alone!

Superstar Dress Fits:

  • Freya
  • Legacy
  • Maitreya

Though you can barely see my nails in this shot, I have to give a mention to alakametro<3 for their as always amazing nail appliers, which are free for you to run by and snag at the SL17B Shop & Hop Event! The gift includes a Maitreya Manicure, Maitreya Pedicure, and Omega Applier version.

Second Life birthday gift

It’s all about the Hair

All good love stories just NEED a Strong Woman with AMAZING hair! Doux delivered 110% without fail! This amazing free hair is also at the SL17B Shop & Hop and is a MUST snag while there! Coming with various sizes and color huds there is no way you cannot find one that matches your romantic mood.

Color Huds:

  • Black & Whites
  • Blondes
  • Brunettes
  • Fades
  • Naturals
  • Pastels & Ombre
  • Reds

A rose is a rose…

By any other name, would it be as sweet if it was free like the adorable Flowerpots from Astralia?! I don’t think so! I am in love with them and the moment I put them out I knew I was going to keep them up as deco (for as long as I keep THIS house up) for my romantic balcony. This free gift is again another item from the SL17B Shop & Hop (Have I convinced you to dedicate time to get in yet?) the flowers look like they were painted with watercolors to show some beautiful rainbow hues for your eyes to swoon over.  The free gift comes with two options, with and without metal – this is so you can either attach to your house or the railing.

Last by not least the final free gift I have to share with you in this blog is the confetti, it comes from Dahlia and again another amazing item from the SL17B Shop & Hop Event. (no seriously get those tp hammers going!) Inside the box, there are three color options (colorful, Halo, and Rose Gold) with two shape options, a circle and for those who want to be cooler, a square 😉 *pun intended* So why are you still reading? Get going and snag your gifts before the birthday bash ends!

Bunnie is Wearing…


Dress –*CK* Vip present – Superstar dress (Free Gift/Group Join L$400)


Mesh Body – Maitreya Lara
Mesh Head – Catwa Catya
Hair – DOUX – Candice hairstyle [GIFT] (Free gift at SL17B)
Nails – Nail Applier – alaskametro<3 SL17B nail art appliers – GIFT (Free gift at SL17B)

Pose & Props

Foxcity. Chill – 2
Astralia! SLB17 Gift (Rainbow Balcony Flowers) (Free gift at SL17B)
Dahlia – Celebrate – Confetti Assortment (Free gift at SL17B)
ionic : Mediterraneo RARE
malone. dusty rug
Soy. Corner Sofa Set
{what next} Draped Curtains (boxed)
+Half-Deer+ Great Glowing Ball of Light – Pink
[ keke ] step chair – white – small


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Fabulous Finds 06/06/20 Edition

Susan bodysuit

Free Group Gift/Group is 100L to Join @ MOoH!

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Fab Free Designer Friday 2.0 – Kara Baby

Happy Friday Fab Free’rs! I hope everyone is gearing up for a wonderful weekend. For this edition of Fab Free Designer Friday I have the pleasure of introducing or perhaps reintroducing Kara Baby. Kara Baby is a ladies clothing boutique that is ultra feminine and very flirty in style. What’s the saying? “Sugar and spice and everything nice…” that’s what Kara Baby made of! Here you’ll find lots of skirts and dresses, along with shoes, applier clothing, and a little bit of lingerie. I also spied a couple of bento nail sets, so be sure to really look around when shopping at Kara Baby.

There’s a second floor to Kara Baby where you can find some discounted items, and a room full of Slink shoes! Also, almost all the vendors are setup with easy redelivery and gifting abilities that make shopping easy. Before I forget, I want to mention that you can pick up several of the Omega Relay systems for your Omega compatible body parts at Kara Baby as well. You’ll find those on the first floor to the right.

Store Group

Kara Baby’s store group is free to join, and there are group gifts and occasional discounts. Group members are also the first to know about sales, hunts, and events Kara Baby is participating in.  At this time there are three free Kara Baby group gifts. One is a pretty purple dress with a vintage floral pattern that comes sized for Maitreya Lara, Slink Physique, Slink Hourglass, eBody Curvy, Altamura, Belleza Isis, Belleza Freya, and Belleza Venus. The second gift is to the right of the information desk up on the wall. You’ll see a cute orange vintage-looking handbag. The third Kara Baby group gift is a pair of shoes on the same wall as the handbag. The shoes are black with a skull and crossbones print and come fitted for Slink, Belleza, and Maitreya feet.

Fab Free Group Gift 

There are also two free Fabulously Free in SL group gifts available at Kara Baby. The most recent is a super cute ruffled skirt and cropped top set with a colorful print. This set is free to all Fab Free group members, and the Fab Free group is always free to join. The second gift is on the opposite wall and is a flirty fox print apron style dress. Both of these free gifts come in the following sizes: Maitreya Lara, Slink Physique, Slink Hourglass, eBody Curvy, Belleza Isis, Belleza Freya, and Belleza Venus.

Other Gifts & Discounts

Kara Baby also has set out a few of their gifts from past events including a free pair of shoes from a past Gacha Life event, a free lingerie set formerly at the The Point event, and a 10 linden devil horns headband gift that was originally at a Mad Circus event. There’s also a set of red white and blue patriotic bento nails for 10 linden that will fit Slink and Maitreya hands. Each of these freebies/cheapies are on the same wall to the right of the information desk.

If you head to the right there are also two free Stay at Home Club gifts at Kara Baby. Both gifts are a dress with quite a few size choices. Next to the Stay at Home Club gifts, there are discounted items for the free-to-join Best Stores and Designers group. Also on the same wall as the Stay at Home Club gifts is a 35L Sunday Sales special dress that is just 35 linden per color. Happy Shopping!


My Go-To

My Go-To

We always have our go-to locations in SL.  When it comes to makeup, I know that If I’m looking for something gorgeous, affordable and different, then Alaskametro is the place I need to head.  When they recently announced that they were taking over a table at The Free Dove, I got excited and headed straight over to pick up the free goodies!

Free, I Tell You!

Caroline recently mentioned that The Free Dove are reorganizing a bit – they’ve moved to grouping all designer products together.  There’s a whole table’s worth of prettiness from Alaskametro, and I couldn’t be happier.  I got this swimwear/lingerie look there (comes with appliers for Omega, Slink and Maitreya, as well as System Layers) in addition to the lipstick, eyeshadow and nail polish!  The makeup comes with appliers for Catwa, Lelutka, Omega and BOM/System Layers.   There’s also a pretty skin available as well if you’re looking for something new for your avi!  To get all this goodness, all you have to do is join the free Free Dove” group and click on all the boxes.  I’ve included a photo of the nail polish vendor (comes with an Omega applier and Maitreya as well)  just so you can see how many options there are!

alaskametro<3 "Alaska's Favs" nail art appliers for Free Dove

Strike a Pose

There are always great new additions to The Stay at Home Club, and these poses from Kokoro were perfect for showing off my manicure.  There are 4 different poses in the box!  No need to join a group, just head over to Kokoro and click on the vendor – grab them for free!

What are your go-to’s?


Aline is Wearing…


Outfit – Alaskametro Kiara (Free Gift at The Free Dove/Group is Free to Join)


Mesh Body – Maitreya Lara
Mesh Head – Lelutka Cate
Head Applier –  Glam Affair Cate
Eyebrows– Jumo Britani
Eyes– Euphoric Dolly Babe Eyes
Tattoo – Sn@tch Filligree Sternum Tattoo
Eyeshadow Applier – Alaskametro Rose Gold (Free Gift at The Free Dove/Group is Free to Join)
Nails – Alaskametro Alaska’s Favs (Free Gift at The Free Dove/Group is Free to Join)
Lipstick Applier – Alaskametro Rose Gold (Free Gift at The Free Dove/Group is Free to Join)
Hair – Bonbon Jade
Poses – Kokoro Kurenai (Free Gift/No Group Join Required)
Backdrop – BH9 Retro Lobby