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54 more reasons to be happy… if you’re a guy! ;)

54 more reasons

Hey FabFam! Like I told you Monday night, I’m back with a post for the 54 Holiday Event from LeLutka but this time it’s Alistar’s turn for a makover. Ms Starla introduced you to her Vinny and I was so happy to see another guy for FabFree. Gabe gets lonely ya know. And I was shocked at how different he looks from the 2 styles I worked up for Alistar! It really goes to show how a little creativity and some excellent shapes and skins can make a whole new “person”!

So let’s jump in with Alistar. First up, I kept the right-out-of-the-box shape and brow shape for Quinn. It’s a good shape, not too big and not too small. I felt that the included skin made the model look much older than what I’m used to seeing. But even that is a good thing really. We need more diverse looks across the Grid. I decided to go with the skin from Avarosa for my version of Quinn.  

The aptly named skin “Quinn” comes in six shades both with and without brows as well as it’s own head and brow shapes. I needed the Neck Fade Fixes from Bold & Beauty I mentioned yesterday to get a great match with my current body skin. Remember, those fixees are packaged in the “Nicholas” gift’ I was a bit disappointed that no designer offered matching body skins with the gifts. Hey, I can dream! 😉 

Alistar’s snazzy hat is from Vango. “Nate” comes with the attached hair and a helpful alpha layer for the top of your head. You also get a HUD for 20 shades of hair and 6 colors for the hat. Plus it’s tintable!

Since there is a more limited number of gifts for the guys, I decided to show one more look. And believe me, there where plenty of other shapes and skins and hair to show! Look #2 is using the shape, also named “Quinn” from Stray Dog. I really liked this shape too. It’s much larger than the first and a bit more bulky. But if that’s your style, here’s your guy. Again, I felt the skin included was not quite my thing even though it’s a phenomenal design. It’s incredibly life like! So you may fall in love. 

I added the T5 skin from Bold & Beauty to my new shape and I couldn’t be happier! Bold & Beauty‘s “Nicholas” is a gorgeous skin (and a great shape too). It comes in 6 shades with 3 versions each of dark brows, light brows and no brows. Alistar is wearing the T5 shade with light brows. 

The new short hair is from Modulus so you know it’s quality! The “Lenny” hair base comes in 8 colors to choose from. If that isn’t enough, it’s tintable too.

So there you have it, a dashing guy for absolutely free! If any of the designers for the 54 Holiday Event happen to read this… THANK YOU for an awesome event! Ya’ll rawk!

We have until Dec 30th to take full advantage of this great Event so don’t miss out!

Here’s the LeLutka Page with all the TP’s to the stores.

Mesh Head – LeLutka – Quinn – FREE/0L – Free 54 Holiday Event gift

Body – Legacy – Classic – FREE/0L – Free gift for all

Look #1

Shape – LeLutka – Quinn – FREE/0L – Free 54 Holiday Event gift

Skin – Avarosa – Quinn (Peach) – FREE/0L – Free 54 Holiday Event gift

Hair/Hat – Vango – Nate – FREE/0L – Free 54 Holiday Event gift

Look #2

Shape – Stray Dog – Quinn – FREE/0L – Free 54 Holiday Event gift

Skin – Bold & Beauty – Nicholas – FREE/0L – Free 54 Holiday Event gift

Hair – Modulus – Lenny – FREE/0L – Free 54 Holiday Event gift

Clothing – 

Shirt + Tie, Pants – Gabriel Freebee ShopFREE/0L – Free for everyone


It’s a Free for All

It's a Free for All

I want to introduce Vinny, he will be helping me blog items for men.  We have some great free items to show you today!!!

Last week Lelutka announced that they are giving away a free male & female mesh head, I highly recommend you go get one even if your not planning to make a change, just in case you change your mind later.  There are several designers giving away gifts as part of a Holiday Special sponsored by Lelutka.

Vinny is wearing the free Quinn Lelutka head, free skin from Not Found, and free hairbase from Addon as part of the Holiday Special.  These are high quality designers giving away free gifts, so take advantage while they are still avaialble.

His outfit is from Decision which has several free group gifts out for men.

  • Geralt
  • Gianni
  • Jake
  • Legacy

Vinny is Wearing…


Shirt – Decision Edward Shirt (Free Group Gift/Free to join group)
Pants – Decision The Joseph Pants (Free Group Gift/Free to join group)


Mesh Body – Belleza Jake
Mesh Head  – Lelutka Quinn (Free Group Gift/Free to join group) previously blogged by Aline here
Skin – Not Found Jack Christmas (Free Group Gift/Free to join group)
Hairbase – Addon Quinn Hairbase (Free Holiday Special 54 gift/Free to join group)


54 Reasons to be happy

54 reasons to be happy

Hello hello, Fab Fam! I hope ya’ll had a wonderful holiday with family and friends and fun festivities. We had a quiet little Christmas here at home but it was still a lovely time.

Now I know that the big day of gifting is over but we have SO many things still going on in SL. Like the 54 event headed up by LeLutka. See what I did there? 😛  As Ms Aline showed us, Lelutka is giving away two gorgeous full version mesh Heads: Raven and Quinn. And I got all inspired to make a totally FREE avatar with only things off the 54 list.

Remember our kids, Kerydwyn and Alistar from the “Makeover Mondays” posts? I rounded them up again to make fresh new avis! Let’s start with Kerydwyn since the list is mostly female oriented. As per last time, Kerydwyn is wearing the free version of the Legacy Classic mesh body and it’s the only thing I didn’t get off of the 54 Event list. I will be doing a guys only post tomorrow with Alistar using the 54 List.

Lots of designers are offering their take on the Raven head, in fact most of the skin gifts included their own face shape and brow shape. I picked the “Nicole” shape and skin from Clef De Peau. And believe me, it was hard to pick just one shape from all the gorgeous one on the list. The Nicole shape will shape your entire body not just the head for a nice cohesive look.

I also ended up wearing the Nicole “RoseKiss” skin from Clef De Peau made to match the Velour skin tones. It’s such a nice fresh faced skin with subtle details and a sweet glow to it. I did however love many of the other skins. There’s a skin for just about everyone here. From super vampire pale to deep exotic darks. In fact, Moccino’s gift is all shades of delicious browns and ambers and Nuve has ten fantasy colored skins too!

The body skin is from Velour and as always it’s a stunning creation. Velour is giving out full body skins for Legacy and Reborn. This is the “Venus Athletic” design body skin, “RoseKiss”. I love when designers collaborate and make for the shades offered by other designers. But, if you need a neck blender, I HIGHLY recommend the free fixes from Bold & Beauty which is another free gift on the 54 List.

EDITED to add -> I do apologize, the neck fixes are contained in the gift for “Nicholas”. While that gift is free, the fixes are designed for male skins/anatomy. So your mileage may vary

Now on to eyes. This is the “Mistletoe Collection” from Gloom. It’s a nice little fatpack of eye colors ranging from blue to brown and a neat half and half colored one. The gift includes BOM versions and appliers for LeLutka and Omega.

There are several designers offering hair bases for the List but my favorite is this sleek style from Not Found. This designer is offering a collaboration with Doux for this event. The hair bases lines up with a super long pony tail which you pick up at the Doux shop. As you can see, I skipped the pony tail and went with a sweet bow and bun. “The Gift Hair” from Studio Exposure comes with a HUD for 8 colors of ribbon and 33 hair colors for the bun. Plus you get the cute little flexi bangs too.

Last but certainly not least are the beautiful earrings from Andore. These are the “Igdry” set. In the gift you’ll find  pairs for both LeLutka Evo X human ears and the Elf ears and a HUD to change both the gem colors and the metals. Not little HUDs either… HUDS with 7 metals and 10 colors of gems. There are also a pair of free Christmas earrings at Andore too!

So there she is! A full avatar for free! Now is a great time to get a top of the line mesh head and skins, shapes and makeup and hair from some of SL best designers. Lookin’ like champagne on a beer budget!  The 54 Event requires you to join each designers Group to grab the gifts but all the groups are set to free. This is a great time to get in those groups that may be too expensive at other times of the year. And be sure to look around each shop. Many have loads of free group gifts out as well as the 54 List ones. I was able to pick up a ton of free eyeshadows and lipsticks as well as other skins.

And one last note. I did not edit the shape you see at all. I simply wore what the designers gave us. That said, the shapes are modifiable! So find one you like and use it as a base or a starting point to design your own look if you don’t like the “right out of the box” look.

The 54 Event only runs until Dec. 30th! That’s just a few more days to get your hands on all the wonderful gifts! Here is a quick link to the page from Lelutka that lists all the stores and has direct Teleports.

Head – LeLutka – Raven – FREE/0L – Free 54 Event Gift

Body – Legacy – Classic – FREE/0L – Gift for all

Skin – Clef De Peau – Nicole – FREE/0L Free 54 Event Gift

Eyes – Gloom – Missletoe Collection – FREE/0L – Free 54 Event Gift

Hair Base – Not Found – Christmas Hair Base – FREE/0L – Free 54 Event Gift

Hair Bow and Bun – Studio Exposure – The Gift Hair – FREE/0L – Free 54 Event Gift

Earrings – Andore – Igdry –FREE/0L – Free 54 Event Gift

Dress (Warning! This gift was set to expire on Dec 24 but as of this printing, it is still available)- 1 Hundred – Warmth Mini – FREE/0L – Gift for the Maitreya Gifts, Sales and News Group – Group is free to join.   

Then I Saw Her Face

Then I Saw Her FaceOh FabFree! The Christmas giving just keeps on going. Today Akeruka announced their Christmas gift to the group members and it is, wait for it…two gorgeous new ADVX heads with all new features! These are fantastic heads with tons of options and motion captured animations. There is one for the girls and one for the guys. I’m wearing the girls one right out of the box and with the included shape. Here’s the picture the creator put out so you can see the guy one too:

Akeruka Christmas GIFT

He’s a cutie, right!?

The AK group is 150L to join and the heads are out for 1L each until December 31st. After that they will be full price. Merry Christmas to us!

Allison is Wearing…


Dress – Belle Epoque Dinora
Earrings –Vibing Maia



Mesh Body – Maitreya Lara
Mesh Head – AK Emma (1L Christmas Gift/Group is 150L to Join)
Skin Applier – Glam Affair Margaret
Tattoo – Vegas Mystic Girl
Hair – Stealthic Metropolis


The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Ok Fabs!  Hunker down because I’m about to tell you a thing.  I hate changing my head/body/skin/etc.  I know, I know.  That’s part of the beauty of SL, you can look however you like.  However, I really love the way I usually look.  My old head may be *quite* old now, but she just makes me happy, ya know?  Also, I just have a deep distrust of changing the way I look… don’t get me started on BOM.  I am a bit old school, it is true.  So, when I set out to show off the new free LeLutka heads (!) it was with a bit of apprehension.  So, the moral of what I’m trying to blather on about is… If I can do it, so can you.

Yes, TWO!

If you haven’t heard by now, LeLutka are doing it up in grand style this year with yet another TWO free mesh heads with ALL the bells and whistles.  They kept this amazing gift on the downlow for so long, we had all but thought it wasn’t happening for the third year running.  BUT, here we are, and I am exuding gratitude for yet another HUGE and AWESOME gift.  I love that the gentlemen haven’t been forgotten either, because we know they so often are.  I grabbed my partner Oov, and we tinkered for just a little bit.  There was a bit of grumbling at which Alpha I was supposed to wear, but in under 10 mins we were looking pretty spiff.  SO… again, it may be scary, but it is doable.  Just save your previous self, so you can jump right back into it after if you’re overwhelmed.  Anywhos, the free Lelutka heads… there are three locations to grab these gifts.  Just join the free Lelutka group, activate the tag and jump on over.  Click away, and they’re yours.  You may have heard in my post yesterday that 53 OTHER designers are also giving away all sorts of free gifts to go with.  You can find all the details about who else is participating HERE.




If you’re having trouble using these links, right click, “copy link address” then paste into the address bar of your viewer of choice.  Barring that, open up group notices in the Lelutka group, click on the notecard in the notice called “part 2”.

Lelutka group key (copy and paste into local chat to join) : secondlife:///app/group/b4820d07-1543-6d56-e6bd-ab848903ee9b/about

Enjoy, Fabs!  It’s the most wonderful time of the  year!


Aline is Wearing…


Dress – Seniha Kandy


Mesh Body – Maitreya Lara
Mesh Head – Lelutka Raven (Free Group Gift/Group is Free to Join)
Body Skin –  Glam Affair Maitreya Body Skin Beige
Head Skin – Lelutka Raven

Eyeshadow – Lelutka Raven
Lipstick – Lelutka Raven
Nails –  Maitreya Lara
Hair – Magika December
Pose – XTC Someone Like You

Sim – Private

Oov is Wearing


Jacket – Deadwool Sean
Suit – Deadwool Peak


Mesh Body – Signature Gianni
Mesh Head – Lelutka Quinn (Free Group Gift/Group is Free to Join)
Skin – Lelutka Quinn
Hair – Doux Gentleman Hairstyle


The News You’ve Been Waiting for From LeLutka!

Here’s your announcement, FabFree!

LeLutka have decreed there are two free heads – one male, one female free for members of their free to join group.  There are also 54 designers taking part in this awesomeness.  Here are the Slurls to three sims where you can get the gifts:




Check out their announcement below:

Hello LeLU’s,

“Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love.” – Hamilton Wright Mabie ❤

Last year we started our Christmas project with a tiny but exceptional group of creators to join in on giving back to you, our vibrant second life community. This year we asked a more extensive group of very skillful individuals to participate. The response was no surprise; they were happy to share the love and spread kindness with all of you!

For this year’s Gift, we have made our usual one male and one female head (Quinn and Raven). These heads will be free for ALL of our group members from December 20th – December 30th (once this period is done, we will set them to our regular price). We are also offering a FatPack of our new leLAPEAU Skin – Elsa free of charge. While this will not make world events better, please allow us the opportunity to make this period a brighter one by spreading love and gratitude for you all.

LELUTKA GIFTS WILL NOT BE ON OUR MAIN SIM, as we want everyone to be able to shop for their favorite heads. But we have, however, reserved an event sim that will hold up to 150 avatars, so PLEASE don’t get impatient EVERYONE will get their chance to get gifts in the next ten days.

Take the taxi to our Christmas special sim and grab RAVEN AND QUINN: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LeLUTKA%20Xtra2/128/128/24

Please help us show our appreciation to our fellow creators, who have also worked hard to give you gifts. We also wanted to thank SeraphimSL for helping us share this far and beyond. To the SeraphimSL team, we LOVE YOU!


– Do NOT use hammers, as this will impact the sim’s performance

– Take your HUDs off and anything that will create lag.

– Stay time has been limited to 10 minutes; those who remain will be sent home.

**Please note: Most (or ALL) developers have set gifts to THEIR IN-WORLD GROUP ONLY, but worry not; group fees are being waived by those participating.

We wish you the merriest of Christmas, and we hope you enjoy not just ours but every single Gift you receive. Thank you for another year, for your love, support, and loyalty, and above all, thank you for riding this wave with us. You continue to push us to keep going, no matter our daily struggles.

With love and gratitude,

LeLUTKA Team and Company


List of stores participating:









Amara Beauty










Bold & Beauty






Clef de Peau












Glam Affair






Holloway Beauty




Jack Spoon




KOONZ Beauty
























Not Found












Stray Dog


Studio Exposure






très beau













Enjoy Fabbies!

We’re sure to have more coverage, but this is your quick update.


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