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Cabinet of Curiosities

Juli recently blogged about all the gifts [QE Designs] has for us all for free at SL19B. Make sure you read her post here to see all the cute apparel items they have out at the event. Today I’m showing you the free home and decor [QE Designs] also has available for free in their massive box of gifts at SL19B. They have a nice gift for everyone there, no matter what your home and decor tastes are.

[QE Home]

Did you know that [QE Designs] has a brand under their company called [QE Home] just for home and decor products? It’s true and it’s pretty awesome. So just head over to [QE Designs] & [QE Home] @ SL19B to grab a whole truckload of free home and decor gifts. I am showing all the home and decor gifts from their gift package today.

A Cabinet of Curiosities

The first scene I created with these great freebies is a Cabinet of Curiosities, which can be seen at the top of my post. For those who haven’t heard of them before, a “Cabinet of Curiosities” or “Curio Cabinet” was a collection of strange and bizarre objects, artifacts, and furnishings that wealthy people used to collect in Europe in the 19th century. Pretty cool! This is not a true curio cabinet, but in the spirit of SL19B’s steampunk theme, I wanted to at least reference my favourite historical time period and throw in some steampunk decor and skulls into the mix. If you didn’t know already, I am obsessed with that time period and the steampunk subculture is connected to that. The free exclusive steampunk gifts [QE Home] has out at their SL19B booth are:

  • A free steampunk painting with a thick wooden frame. You can change the frame and the canvas to six different options using the artwork’s menu when you click it.
  • The steampunk rug set is also free, and you can change the textures of the rugs to several different options using the rug’s menu when you click it.

Coastal Decor

The other scene I created from these great home and decor gifts is this little coastal decor arrangement.

Coastal Decor

  • There is a free banana plant in the gift pack. You can change the colours of the pot and the plant leaves using the objects’ menu when you click it.
  • The lanterns are both free and come in a set. You can change the colour of each lantern to aqua or coral by using the objects’ menu when you click it.
  • The two little seashell paintings that hand by strings are also free.

Have fun decorating, FabFree!


Caroline is Showing…

Cabinet of Curiosities Decor Scene

Steampunk Art Work – [QE Home] Steampunk Wall Art -SL19B Exclusive- (Free @ SL19B)
Steampunk Rugs – [QE Home] Steampunk Rug Trio -SL19B Exclusive- (Free @ SL19B)
Steampunk Table – [QE Home] Steampunk Console Table (50% off @ SL19B)
Bead Wall Hanging, Skull & Vase with Spears – [QE Home] Mystic Decor Set (25% off @ Midsummer Enchantment)

Coastal Decor Scene

Potted Plant – [QE Home] Banana Plant -End of Summer – (Free @ SL19B)
Lanterns – [QE Home] Coastal Lanterns Set -End of Summer – (Free @ SL19B)
Seashell Art Works – [QE Home] Coastal Seashell Art -End of Summer – (Free @ SL19B)
Window Frames – [QE Home] Antique Window Frames (50% off @ SL19B)
Photo Location – Private Location



Beach Gear Here!

Coming Soon

inMOTION is running a great event this month. It’s their first hunt and it’s called the Underwater Hunt. All of the hunting takes takes place on this sim. All of the prizes on this hunt are free and no group join is required to get them! This hunt ends at the end of June (no specific date is given).

Hunting Underwater

When you arrive, make sure to check out the sign at the landing point. When you click it, you will receive a notecard with clues to help you find the prizes. Next, head down the sandy stairs to the dock. Here you will see all the prizes rezzed out so you can check out which ones you want to hunt for. After that simply dip down and start hunting! The hunt is entirely underwater; all prizes are under the sea. Note that you have to be very close to the hunt object to receive it, and if you try to teleport to locations you will be sent back to the landing point. The hunt object you are looking for are little treasure chests, and they have the name of the designer on them. From what I could see, 10 designers are participating in this hunt including Beauty Factory, The Mesh Shop, ATrium, Belzebubble, Warm Animations, N4RS, Fundati, inMOTION, Maoli, and Steelhead. A couple designers have more than 1 hunt prize out, but it’s not exactly clear how many prizes are available from those offering more than one.

I am featuring the following prizes from the hunt in my post today;

  • The Sea Boss Jet Ski by The Mesh Shop is my favourite prize from the hunt, which you can see behind me on my beach home. It’s rideable and can be rezzed on the water.
  • The Beach Blanket is the prize from Warm Animations. This item has great animations that incorporate objects like water bottle, cellphones, and sunscreen. You can change the pattern of the blanket using the menu when you sit on it.
  • The Beach Chair is the prize from ATrium which includes PG animations. You can change the pattern of the blanket using the menu when you sit on it.
  • The cute flip flops are the free prize from Belzebubble. These come in a full fatpack that allow you to change the colours of each part of the item. They are perfect for summer! These fit Maitreya, Reborn, Kupra, and Legacy.

Now it’s time for me to take a ride on my new jet ski!

Until next time,

Caroline is Wearing…

Clothes & Accessories

Bikini – [QE Designs] Fringe Bikini -Rando
Flip Flops – Belzebubble Platform Flip Flops (Free on the Underwater Hunt)


Hair – Sintiklia Freeze (Free Group Gift/Group Free) Previously blogged here.
Mesh Body – Maitreya Lara
Mesh Head – Lelutka Lake – EvoX
Head Skin & Ear Skins – Dernier Hannah – Sienna
Body Skin – MILA Older Body Skins – Honey Chubby (Free on the Marketplace) Previously blogged here.
Neck Fix – Velour EvoX Ear Skins and Neck Fix – Sienna (Free/No Group Join Required) Previously blogged here.
Nails – Maitreya Lara

Furniture, Decor & Vehicles

Jet Ski – The Mesh Shop Sea Boss – (Free on the Underwater Hunt)
Beach Chair – ATrium Twilight Beach Chair (Free on the Underwater Hunt)
Beach Blanket – Warm Animations Warm – Canga Beach Towel PG (Free on the Underwater Hunt)
Photo Location – Private Location



Frilly & Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink

Hey FabFree! Sometimes a girl just wants to feel frilly and pretty in pink, even if it’s not my typical style. I set up a cute bedroom scene to match my mood and the cute new finds I have to show you today.

Cute Finds for 25L Tuesday

25L Tuesday is on today! Paper.Sparrow set their sale items out early, and they usually keep it out for the week. Double win! I love this because I am horrible at following daily sales. I just forget about them and miss them most times, but not at Paper.Sparrow. They have this adorable night shirt and bag for only 25L each! The 25L version of the shirt comes in black and white, and the bag comes in white, grey, and black. See below for a closeup of these cute sale items! Go soon to get them, as this is a limited-time sale.

Sizes Included (night shirt):

  • Kupra
  • Legacy
  • Maitreya Lara
  • Physique
  • Hourglass

Coming Soon

I also have a few pretty goodies from SL19B that you can see in my close-up. These are all totally free gifts.

  • The lovely lipstick is an applier gift from Ives Beauty @ SL19B. It includes 8 lip tones for Lelutka Evo, Lelutka EvoX, and Genus heads.
  • My pretty earrings are the free gift from Poeme @ SL19B. These come in several lovely colours.
  • My face skin is the gift from Purple @ SL19B, and it comes in a full fatpack of tones. This is made for Lelutka EvoX, and it includes ear skins and neck fixes.

Pretty Poo

Now head back over to Paper.Sparrow, where you will find the funny “Pretty Poo” decor air freshener bottles that cost 75L per colour. You can see how I used these to decorate my room in my scene below. These are the “Vanilla” and “Strawberry” versions. These will help you smell so nice in SL!

Coming Soon

Have a wonderful day, FabFree!


Caroline is Wearing…

Clothes & Accessories

Night Shirt – Paper.Sparrow Nighty Night Shirt – White (25L for 25L Tuesday)
Bag – Paper.Sparrow Penta Bag – White (25L for 25L Tuesday)
Earrings – Poeme Summer Island Ear Drops (Free @ SL19B)


Hair – Stealthic Fixated (99L for Pride @ Home)
Mesh Body – Maitreya Lara
Mesh Head – Lelutka Lake – EvoX
Head Skin & Ear Skins – Purple Ashley Skin- Fatpack (Free @ SL19B)
Body Skin – MILA Older Body Skins (Free on the Marketplace) Previously blogged here.
Neck Fix – Velour EvoX Ear Skins and Neck Fix (Free/No Group Join Required) Previously blogged here.
Lipstick – Ives Beauty Cavalgada Gloss (Free @ SL19B)

Furniture & Decor

Air Freshener Bottles – Paper.Sparrow Pretty Poo- Vanilla & Strawberry (75L per colour)
Books – [QE Home] Fairytale Book Bundle- 50% off @ SL19B
Birdcage – [QE Home] Fairytale Birdcage – 50% off @ SL19B
Table – [QE Home] Fairytale Console Table- 50% off @ SL19B
Bed, Carpet & Art – Louchara Gracie Full Set (Available @ Spring Fling at Malus Park)
Photo Location – Private Location


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Fabulous Finds 06.21.22 Edition

Soul2Soul. Wobbly Cactus Set GIFT at Holiday Shop & Hop 2022

Free Gift @ SL19B/No Group Join Required by Soul2Soul

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Send More Prims Please!!


SL19 Hop & Shp

I was hopping and shopping at The Second Life Birthday Shop & Hop and found the perfect combination of free gift items the for a hallway in my Victorian Home in Bellisseria.  I do have more space to fill but alas I have run out of prims.  What are the chances that if Linden Labs knew that I still have decorating to do they would send me some more?

My fellow bloggers have already been shopping, see what they found by clicking the links below.

Carline Walker
Aline Passiflora
Creola Deledda

I am going to rest up as there is more shopping to do and perhaps I will find someone to let me use their prims.

Starla is Showing

Furniture & Decor

Sconce – Bloom! Antler Scone (Free Gift @ SL19B/No Group Join Required)
Tulips – Chez Moi Spring Decor Gift Tulips (Free Gift @ SL19B/No Group Join Required)
Drawers – Broken Arrows Mint Cabinet (Free Gift @ SL19B/No Group Join Required)
Urn – Nutmeg Pottle Flower Gift 1 (Free Gift @ SL19B/No Group Join Required)