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Blue Wishes And Animal Magnetism

Good morning Fabbies! Today I have several things to show you, and I’m super excited about them all!

Blue Wish(box)es

The first thing is this gorgeous blue dress from Wishbox. It’s right near the rez point, and is a group gift. Go ahead and join the group, it’s completely free! There are some other gifts as well, and you can scoop them all up at once.

Now, I’m also an animal lover, and I adore animal printed clothes, so long as they’re not actual fur. So, I’m going to show you some today. Hold on to your seats, we’re going on a safari!

Animal Print

This top is a dollarbie from Coca & Wolf, and you can get it in an array of other colours. All for L$1. How can you go wrong? Now, the shirt does have the tear in the top, so I just threw on a set of pasties to make sure nothing was showing. You can get a free pair on the Marketplace here. They come in black, white, and yellowish shade. The belt I have on is a colour changing one, that has black and white patterns to choose from. This is also from the Marketplace, right here. It also includes a pair of jeans and a nice black printed top. My bracelets are free as well! They’re from AdN, and I found these on the Marketplace too! You can see them here. The whole outfit includes a dress, bracelets, necklace, boots, fishnets, and more! There’s just one more thing to show you today, which are these mesh pumps! they have a colour changing HUD for both skin and shoe colour/pattern, and they’re from TCHU. These are L$1, not bad at all!

Perse Is Wearing…

Skin: PXL – JADE PA PeachyPink Lips [not free]
Ears: [MANDALA] – Steking Ears V4 (unisex) [not free]
Eyes: Poetic Colors – Moroccan Nights [old freebie]
Hair: Truth>/a> – Cheyenne [not free]

Dress: WISHBOX – Charm In Blue [free group gift]
Shoes: REDGRAVE – Deborah 12 Colours [not free]

Tank: Coca & Wolf – Torn Top ::: Black and Zebra [free- L$1]
Posture Collar: (red)Mint – Posture Collar No. 2 [not free]
Bracelets: AdN Designs – Dark Princess Set [free]
Pants: Newsprint Pants [no longer available, sorry!]
Belt: <a href=IA – Free Pack [FREE]
Pumps: TCHU – DESIGN Dress And Pumps [free]


Hunts and Hair and Flowers, Oh My!

Hello everyone! I apologize for my sudden absence- I had some RL things come up that left me unable to get on SL for some time. All is well now, though, and I hope to bring you exciting new freebies as much as possible!


The first thing today is this gorgeous skin from ~PixySticks~. Just join the group (click the image below group gifts), which has no joining fee. There’s many other free gifts as well, and I’m sure I’ll be showcasing those in other posts. This skin is a gorgeous cocoa colour, and the face is absolutely lovely. The eyes are the free monthly gift from Poetic Colors, in a lovely green and blue shade.


Don’t fret, there’s more! I’m also showing you this adorable mesh dress -you can find it in the Parkinsons’s Awareness hunt, located on the Creations Park sim. It’s an amazing place, with many hidden little areas to explore. To participate in the hunt, just follow the footprints and look for a metal watering can.

The necklace I have on is also free- you can find it on the Marketplace by clicking here. The metals are colour change and it’s resize scripted. Don’t you just love the hair, too? It’s a freebie that has been previously blogged, I believe. You can get it at (red)Mint and there’s no group joining needed. I know my shoes have been blogged as well, by the ever so lovely Care. You can see that post by clicking here! They’re located at the FabFree Headquarters and are generously donated by Baby Monkey. You can easily change the skintone to match yours, and change your toepolish colours as well!

Perse Is Wearing…

Skin: ~PixySticks~ – Gabriella:: 08 *APRIL GG* [free]
Eyes: Poetic Colors – Rain Tree [free]
Hair (picture one): (red)Mint – GG 03 13 [free]
Hair (picture two): ExXEsS“> – DAWN Mesh Hair [not free]
Nails: [MANDALA] – Takara Nails [not free]

Dress: Creations Park – BMe Spring Dress [free in hunt]
Necklace: *RE* – LUX Celeste Set [free on Marketplace]
Shoes: Baby Monkey @ FabFree Headquarters – Ultimate Lily Lilac [free] Special thanks to Cara’s post, as she originally blogged out them!