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One of the Hunt Coordinators, Monrocie Pontecorve, gave me this information, enjoy!

Katlene Niven Agency brings to you the GREATEST LOVE GRID TO GRID HUNT February 7th-28th. We chose the name GREATEST LOVE in honor of the purest emotion that we can show to others because it moves the world. For more information:

We are happy that you can be part of this great project that promotes LOVE to all in this month where we all come together.

There are several Starting Locations to choose from. The Hunt starts at 12:01 AM SLT on February 7.

1) KatKreation By Katlene Niven http://slurl.com/secondlife/Putiki%20Fold/240/152/2

2) Pema In Pieces http://slurl.com/secondlife/Kissena%20Park/118/185/22

3) #51 Annuarisu Fashon Confectionery http://slurl.com/secondlife/Kissena%20Park/160/218/22

4) Couture Chapeau http://slurl.com/secondlife/Maldives/30/84/2

5) Prism http://slurl.com/secondlife/Tampa%20Bay/107/36/23

6) Callie Cline http://slurl.com/secondlife/caLLiefornia/200/133/25

7) Sugar Mill http://slurl.com/secondlife/Sugar%20Mill%20Grove/59/145/23

8) Sweet Sensations Home Furnishings http://slurl.com/secondlife/Lil/90/137/21


Lecosse Designs Grand Opening Party

My buddy, LassDream McMahon, gave me this information to share with the Fabfree Faithful. Cheers!

LassDream McMahon & Flynn Karu hereby invite you to the Grand Opening of Lecosse Designs.

What is Lecosse Designs?

Lecosse Designs has one of the largest selections of SL Picture Frames.  And these are not the usual frames you see everywhere.  Every frame is made with love and is very unique in its design.
After 9 months of selling our frames on XStreetSL I am pleased to announce the opening of our own store.

When?   January, Saturday the 31st

Time?     3 PM SLT to 5 PM SLT

Why Come?
* DJ Flynn Karu will be playing some HOT ROCK to party/dance to
* We will be having a trivia question every 15 minutes with the winner getting a frame of their choice
* Limited Time Dollarbie Frame (available until February 15th)
* The Lucky chair’s timer will be changed to 5 minutes
* For the 31st only there will be one frame in each Frame Vendor on sale for half price (you’ll have to figure out which one it is :))

Cupcakes Main Store Opening Hunt

Hi FabFree Faithful! I had to tell you about the Cupcakes Main Store Opening Hunt. Rosemary Galbraith and Mimi Coral have relocated to Le Zoo and have a beautiful store with presents scattered throughout. You can find the presents in white boxes with red bows and you can buy for $0L. Included are the Tangerine Skins (plain and freckled) and new Cupcakes designs. There is also a wall of classic designs at the left entrance, all for $0L. It’s a newbie jackpot. The hunt is on until next weekend. Enjoy!


Cupcakes: Tangerine Skins [Brandy, Iroko, Janna, Shell, Terra], Holly Dress, Stripey Dress, Lacy Tank Top ($0L each)
[Le Zoo (74,163,22)]

ETD: Melinda in Mahogany ($1L fatpack)
[ETD Isle (194,192,31)]

Total Cost – $1L




Just a thought…

I was talking to a few bloggers and the term “Freebie” seems to be used a little loosely in-game. So I proposed a glossary of terms to be used to cut down on confusion. These are just suggestions but I hope they are helpful.

$0L- Freebie

$1-5L- Dollarbie

$6-10L- Cheapie

Anything about $10L – Discounted or Deeply Discounted (depending on the original value of the item)

I do this because many people write designers with complaints of false advertising. We appreciate the designers for offering their products and our group members for reading our blog and participating in Fabulously Free In SL. *HUGS*

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Seldom Blue in Zebra

IndigoBlue Dagostino has a gorgeous dollarbie at Eternity Brides and Seldom Blue. It’s labeled Zebra Print Lingerie but it’s so much more. There’s also a swimsuit and a camisk included and very well done. I paired it with the free Balmoral Pumps from Truth. Eight (8) pairs in autumnal colors. Let’s not forget the ETD Hair Sale. I’m wearing the Long Wavy- AVEDA Noir from the All Colors Pack. The sale continues until December 26. Enjoy. *hugs*


Eternity Brides and Seldom Blue: Zebra Print Lingerie Freebie ($1L)
(Angelheart 7,59,29)

*TRUTH*: Mocha Balmoral Pumps ($0L)
(Truth Island 152,145,25)

ETD: AI- Long Way- AVEDA Noir (Not Free)
(ETD Isle 213,216,26)

~*~*Naeko*~*~:NG [Naeko] Neko Brown Set (Not free)
(Dugmore 33,20,30)


Seldom Blue in Petra Red

I have to show this gown from Seldom Blue called Petra. It’s more than a gown. There are at least 3 different outfits you can make from the options given, including lingerie. I paired the outfits with jewelry from Eternity Jewells. It’s Seldom Blue’s sister store that’s having a 50% sale in the same location, so Petra should be available through the weekend to coincide with the sale.

Petra Gown (Seldom Blue)- $1L
Palace Fountain in Red Gold (Eternity Jewells)- $325 for the set
(Angelheart 7,59,29)

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Skins and Silks abound in SL®

Hi FabFree Faithful! Who would think that computers can be like children, tempermental and expensive. But I got mine back up and running and I have a lot to show you. So let’s get to it, shall we?

First, the Fabulously Free In SL® group has been receiving questions about darker, ethnic skins. I found 2 sets of free skins with varied tones and are also pretty. One set is called Splendor by Sezmra Szarog, formerly of Nora Skins. The skin tones are Vanilla, Caramel and Cocoa with 11 makeup options. The other set is the latest from Eloh Elot called Pleiades. The skin tones are Pale, Fair, Tan and Dark. There are 7 makeups options, plain or freckled, with 3 eyebrow colors.

I know Halloween is like SL® Christmas but I wanted to show some gorgeous silks being given away through the Metaverse. The outfit I modeled the skins in is from *Beautiful Sin*. It’s called *BS* Crystal Black Silks. You need to bring some friends and try to grab it from the Fortune Teller Machine in the corner. There is also Apple Bobbing, a favorite from last Halloween, for *BS* silks, apparel and accessories. My cousin, Duranee Dufaux, tipped me off to Collar Me Sexy! free silks called Boo, Eeek and Patches. Each set has a Halloween theme, including ghosts, bats and pumpkins. Finally, *Analise* sent a note through her subscribe-o-matic that her Lucky Chair will have costume-styled silks. *TinkerFairy* is an adorable, modest silk set with wings. The chair does have a lot of ?’s, so go it. Have fun and please let us know on the Hotline of any goodies you come upon. >:D<.

Pleiades (Eloh Elot Skins)- $0L per set
(Lippert 74,190,169)
(Powder Mill 121,142,34)

Splendor (Nora Skins)- $0L per set
(TwentyOne 192,79,38)

*BS* Crystal BLACK Silks (*Beautiiful Sin*)- $0L (Fortune Teller Chair)
(Parallax 129,110,38)

Boo, Eeek and Patches Silks (Silks @ Collar Me Sexy by Hunter)- $0L each
(Wales Harbour 106,132,36)

*tal* TinkerFairy Silks (*Analise*)- $0L ( Lucky Chair)
(Talana 150,163,56)

Eyes Amber and Natural Prim Lashes (La Sylphide) – $0L each
(Imogen 28,177,23)

Jasmine Hair (Frangipani Designs)- $0L for Color Pack
(Frangipani 71,108,37)

Total Cost= $0L


Candace Hudson of Hudson’s Clothing Co. has 2 group gifts displayed in the store. Adorable vintage outfits from the 1920’s and 30’s with coordinating fabric that are too cute to pass up. One is a flapper-influenced dress and the other is a burlesque-styled costume with feathers. These items are in the rear of the shop and you must wear a group tag to receive them. Just search Hudson’s Clothing Co. under Group in-world.

Hudson’s Clothing Co.: Midnight Blue Bedded Babydoll, Bedded Showgirl Feathers ($0L-Group Gift)
Paektu (43,167,94)

ZHAO: SADIE ‘shoobies’ in Black ($0L- part of display giveaway)
Second Style (128,36,22)

Mise-en-scene: AP_M_FreebieHair Aquaessence_Cream_LichBlack ($0L- Camping for 10 mins at AmorePacific 4)
AMOREPACIFIC 1 (242,236,25)

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Son Of A Beach!

Hi FabFree Faithful! I’m back and no, I’m not swearing! That is the theme of the Ohana Isle Treasure Hunt, which runs from July 25 – August 3. It’s an ode to Summer and THE Baywatch Hottie, David Hasselhoff. There are 43 items plus 5 bonus “Uber” items, each costing $0L. All are original creations designed by the merchants including Accessories by Eolande, Punk Shack, Halloween 365, and Tea Monster. The framed pictures were taken with the Burt Laundry Polaroid HUD, which is currently not available in-world but hopefully will be again soon because it’s a great freebie for any occasion. The beach balls in the pictures are from *::::Ray Skin::::*. Each ball has a pose inside. There’s a beach party kick-off at 6 PM SLT on the 25th. So go get your Hoff on! 😉

Ohana Isle Treasure Hunt: Hasselhoff Beach Goodies ($0L each)
Ohana Isle (172,119,45)

=TEKUTEKU=: freebiehair2 ($0L)
Shinjuku (91,157,22)

*::::Ray Skin::::*: [Ai & Wanryoku] Beach Balls with Poses ($1L)
Goronbum (49,211,26)

Mise-en-scene: AP_M_FreebieHair Aquaessence_Cream_LichBlack ($0L- Camping for 10 mins at AmorePacific 4)
AMOREPACIFIC 1 (242,236,25)

Tea Monster Has A Birthday

Tea Monster has a present in the middle of the shop for her RL birthday. Two Ripped Tees, in Vibrant Purple Skulls and Purple Dots, kicks off a weekend purple sale (excluding RFL, obviously). The tees are $1L and will be available until the end of the Ohana Treasure Hunt on Sunday.

I also have 2 of the shirts (also Purple) from the Fish Hunt. They can be found and bought for $0L.
The hair is from TRUTH. Kensei is in Male and Female version available until Saturday afternoon.

Tea Monster: Ripped Tees ($1L)
Ohana Isle Fish Hunt: Punk Fish Tank, Be Careful What You Fish For ($0L each)
Ohana Isle(143,15,22)

TRUTH: Kensei Fatpack- Male or Female ($1L each)

Yak & Yeti: jeans Basic Black girls($0L)

Sin Skins-Ton Visage: Freckled Aisha Daywear Dawn ($199L/set of 4), Intense II Med Brown Eyes [med] ($150L/color), ETD Chromabrows [Mahogany] ($1L)
Port Seraphine (243,202,56)
Sin Skins Island (130,130,55)