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Music to my ears

Angelpocalypse Creations are giving away this stunning, playable Cello.

Music to my ears

It comes with 8 different melodies and a promise of additional tunes in the future. Don’t miss out of this extraordinarily generous offer. There’s no word on how long it will remain free.

More from me soon. Until then, keep smiling!



The Little Bat – Greyscale Pumps (20L)

*AP* Classic Cello version 3.0 (free)


Other Items

Belleza – Ava

Slink Mesh Hands Casual

Elikatira – Listen


Lushish Catz deals a blow


POW!, the latest group gift from Lushish Catz definitely packs a punch. It comes complete with earrings, a sparkling ring set, high-waisted pants and the top has appliers for all the popular brands of mesh breasts (Lolas, Puffy and BBusty. I couldn’t get the Lush HUD to work. I’ll update with any response from the owner).


If that little motif on the rear doesn’t get you a few cheeky pinches, I don’t know what will.

Also free at Lushish Catz is this Leopard Print Handbag.


I’ve teamed it up with the sexy Leopard and Black Catsuit from BlackHalls marketplace store (5L) and a pair of Greyscale Pumps from The Little Bat (20L).


Noone will believe that you could put together an outfit as smoking hot as this for 25L! (plus hair of course)

More from me soon. Until then, keep smiling!


Lushish Catz POW! – rings, earrings, pants and top (group gift – free to join)

The Little Bat – Greyscale Pumps (20L)

Lushish Catz Brown Leopard Handbag (free gift in store)

BlackHalls – Leopard Catsuit (5L MP store)

Other Items

Slink Mesh Hands Casual

Lelutka – Cheryl

Elikatira – Early

Belleza – Ava


Pick your price at J StyleZ

J StyleZ, CC Design, Adoness, Kosh 1

This gorgeous mesh strapless mini is from J StyleZ, where you get to pick your own price!

That’s right, just pay whatever you think it’s worth. It’s utterly adorable and easily dressed up or down.

KOSH have this Ribbon Necklace for free in their Markplace store.

J StyleZ, CC Design, Adoness, Kosh 2

I’ve been slow to jump on the mesh hand/feet applier / nails bandwagon, but when I discovered the 25L gacha at Adoness, I had to try my luck. These nails are beautiful, easy to fit and come in 5 different colours.

J StyleZ, CC Design, Adoness, Kosh 3

More soon. Until then, keep smiling!

JStyleZ – Molly Purple Dress (name your price)
KOSH – Ribbon Necklace – female (0L Marketplace)
CC Design – Pumps black Bow Blue (10L each / 99L for fatpack)
Adoness a. love fairy nails: emmity (25L gacha)

Other items:
Hair: Fri. Michelle
Skin: Belleza Ava

QQ Fashion “Asia”

Absolutely nothing to QQ about at QQ Fashion! There are currently two free versions of the stunning “Asia” dress in store:

An adorable little mini –
QQ Fashion - "Asia" mini

The belt is optional, but I personally love belt accessories. This mini dress is available in a tonne of other colours and patterns for 150L each.

“Asia” is also available as an evening gown for  free in fuchsia –

QQ Fashion - "Asia" evening

As you’ll come to discover, there is very little in the pink department that I can pass by. While fuchsia might be strictly a “purple” hue, why let the details get in the way of a good find? This gown also comes in a lot of other colours and designs for only 300L each.

More soon. Until then, keep smiling!


“Asia” mini almost/Free:
QQ Fashion –  Asia Minidress Mesh – Orange (Gift)
CC Design – Basic Pumps Grey #3 (10L or 249L for fatpack)
Pure Poison – Danielle Cuffs Silver (group gift – 100L to join)
Pure Poison – Leah Necklace – Silver (group gift – 100L to join)

Other Items:
Hair: Truth Misty
Skin: Belleza Ava
“Asia” evening gown almost/Free:
QQ Fashion – Asia Evening Mesh – Fuchsia (Gift)
CC Design – Basic Pumps Grey #3 (10L or 249L for fatpack)
Pure Poison – Danielle Cuffs Silver (group gift – 100L to join)

Other Items:
Hair: Truth Carrie
Skin: Belleza Ava


Plenty of options with PixyStix

Amathea De La Croix (pixy.snook) from PixyStix currently offers a fatpack of her Penelope skins as part of the Dare2Bare hunt. Although the 10 hunt objects are fairly obvious, Amathea has a list of hints available at her store.

All skins have no eyebrows but come with 5 brow shade options; Black, Blonde, Brown, Ginger and Grey.  There are separate skins with Heavy Cleavage, Light Cleavage and Regular Cleavage. Each of these options also comes with a waxed and non-waxed version. Also included with each skin are 4 eyebrow shapes, slink hand and feet appliers, tango skin and nipple appliers, prim eyelashes AND a lollipop! Can we say options galore?! I personally LOVE the addon eyebrow idea. So often I find a skin that I just adore but the brows are a turn off.

PixyStix Skin Hunt

Picture 1:
Penelope Bare 00 (Whipped Tone) RCL (Regular Cleavage) No Brow

Picture 2:
Penelope Bare 01 (Cream Tone) RCL (Regular Cleavage) No Brow
PixyStix Black Brow
PixyStix Lashes

Picture 3:
Penelope Bare 02 (Vanilla Custard) RCL (Regular Cleavage) No Brow
PixyStix Blonde Brow
PixyStix Lashes

Picture 4:
Penelope Bare 03 (Cupcake) RCL (Regular Cleavage) No Brow
PixyStix Brown Brow
PixyStix Lashes

Picture 5:
Penelope Bare 04 (Butterscotch) RCL (Regular Cleavage) No Brow
PixyStix Ginger Brow
PixyStix Lashes

Picture 6:
Penelope Bare 05 (Cookie Dough) RCL (Regular Cleavage) No Brow
PixyStix Grey Brow
PixyStix Lashes

Picture 7:
Penelope Bare 06 (Cinnamon) RCL (Regular Cleavage) No Brow
PixyStix Brown Brow
PixyStix Lashes

Picture 8:
Penelope Bare 07 (Puddin’) RCL (Regular Cleavage) No Brow
PixyStix Black Brow
PixyStix Lashes

Picture 9:
Penelope Bare 08 (Chocolate Cake) RCL (Regular Cleavage) No Brow
PixyStix Black Brow
PixyStix Lashes

There are a couple of VERY cute Gacha’s, as well as Midnight Mania boards, at the store with makeups, skins and mesh dresses. I won this adorable strapless mesh dress for just 25L!

PixyStix Skin Hunt & Gacha Dress

You can also join the PixyStix group for free and collect past group gifts. There is just SO much for so little at PixyStix.

Final Picture:
PixyStix Bare 02 (Vanilla Custard) RCL (Regular Cleavage) No Brow (hunt)
PixyStix Brown Brow (hunt)
PixyStix EyeBrow Shape 3 Arch (hunt)
PixyStix Lashes (hunt)

PixyStix Summer Lovin Fruit Punch Mesh Dress (Gacha 25L)
Bracelet: k2k colour beads (free from FabFree HQ)

Other items:
Hands: Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual M with PixyStix Applier
Hair: Wasabi Pills Claire Mesh Hair

Cays Creations

Cay Crystal Designs is literally a rose amongst thorns. Within the creeping rose vines is a bargain hunters delight. Everything in this store is 10L and even the most discerning of tastes will find it hard to leave without purchasing something.

This strapless mesh dress instantly drew my attention.

Cay Crystal Designs 2

The prints are light and fresh and it was very difficult to choose just a few to show you.

Cay Crystal Designs 1

Aren’t they adorable?? But that’s not all!

Cay’s template free swimsuits are scrumptious!

Cay Crystal Designs 3

The flip flops are also from Cay’s store and come in a range of colours. I’m wearing them here with my GOS Boutique flat bare feet and had very little trouble fitting them.

I mentioned Cay Crystal Designs‘ Pumps Bow Black in an earlier post. She also sells plain pumps in such a variety of colours that the mind boggles – 29 to be exact. Phew! If you can’t find a shade to match your outfit in this fatpack, it’s time to wear something else. Each pair is 10L or you can buy all 29 pairs for 249L

And if pumps aren’t your style, you’ll find some really funky hightop sneakers on the shelves. Again I had a lot of trouble narrowing my favourites down to just a few pairs to show you.

Cay Crystal Designs 6

Cay Crystal Designs 5

Check out the cute carrot decals on this green pair!

Cay Crystal Designs 4

As if Cay’s generosity within her store isn’t enough, she has also offered a pair of the sneakers FOR FREE at FabFree HQ.

Cay Crystal Designs 7

Check out both Cay Crystal Designs AND the FabFree HQ for some real bargains.

More from me soon. Until then, keep smiling!


Dresses: CCD MESH Dress – Summer Feeling Turquoise, Zebra, Elephant, Summer Feeling Grey, Summer Feeling Orange (all 10L each)

Swimsuits: CCD Bikini Dots Pink (10L), CC Design – Swimsuit #4 Black (1L)

Flip Flops: CCD – Basic FlipFlops Fatpack (10L each / 99L fatpack 10 pairs)

Sneakers: CC Design – Sneakers Confetti (10L), CC Design Carrot (10L), CCD Sneakers Funny Flowers Blue (free at FabFree HQ)

Necklace: [Mistwood Jewels] Female Necklace – Silver & Diamonds (1L from Marketplace)

Other Items:

Hair: Elikatira About

Skin: Belleza Ava

Glasses: Tabloid – BAIA sunglasses

Feet: GOS Boutique – Barefeet – Flat


Ruffles and Bows

Hi there Fabulous Fashionistas! I’m Audrey, one of the new recruits here at FabFree. I’m brand new to blogging, so I’m feeling pretty nervous. However, I’m super excited to be part of the FabFree family!

Chrysalis has offered various versions of this stunningly sexy-yet-classy dress “Sharona” over time, but being a certifiable  pink-aholic, this one hits the perfect note with me.

Ruffles & Bows 3

Ruffles & Bows 2

I discovered that it looks just as stunning with or without the neck ruffle! It is available free to group members (no joining fee!) for the next two days. Ruffles & Bows 1

I found these ultra cute Pumps Black Bow from Cay Crystal Designs. At 10L a pair, or 99L for the fatpack (12 pairs!), you can’t go wrong! There are far too many items in this store to cover here, but please keep an eye out for my next post featuring more from Cay Crystal Designs.

Ruffles & Bows 4

More from me soon. Until then, stay smiling!


Dress – Chrysalis “Sharona” Fuscia

Pumps – Cay Crystal Design Pumps Black Bow (black)

Lashes – Maitreya Mesh Eyelashes (group gift)

Other Items:

Hair – Elikatira “Charmed”

Necklace – EarthStones Perfect Fit Necklace – Hers/Silver

Ring – Cae Elegance Ring

Skin – Belleza Ava (Medium)