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Cabinet of Curiosities

Juli recently blogged about all the gifts [QE Designs] has for us all for free at SL19B. Make sure you read her post here to see all the cute apparel items they have out at the event. Today I’m showing you the free home and decor [QE Designs] also has available for free in their massive box of gifts at SL19B. They have a nice gift for everyone there, no matter what your home and decor tastes are.

[QE Home]

Did you know that [QE Designs] has a brand under their company called [QE Home] just for home and decor products? It’s true and it’s pretty awesome. So just head over to [QE Designs] & [QE Home] @ SL19B to grab a whole truckload of free home and decor gifts. I am showing all the home and decor gifts from their gift package today.

A Cabinet of Curiosities

The first scene I created with these great freebies is a Cabinet of Curiosities, which can be seen at the top of my post. For those who haven’t heard of them before, a “Cabinet of Curiosities” or “Curio Cabinet” was a collection of strange and bizarre objects, artifacts, and furnishings that wealthy people used to collect in Europe in the 19th century. Pretty cool! This is not a true curio cabinet, but in the spirit of SL19B’s steampunk theme, I wanted to at least reference my favourite historical time period and throw in some steampunk decor and skulls into the mix. If you didn’t know already, I am obsessed with that time period and the steampunk subculture is connected to that. The free exclusive steampunk gifts [QE Home] has out at their SL19B booth are:

  • A free steampunk painting with a thick wooden frame. You can change the frame and the canvas to six different options using the artwork’s menu when you click it.
  • The steampunk rug set is also free, and you can change the textures of the rugs to several different options using the rug’s menu when you click it.

Coastal Decor

The other scene I created from these great home and decor gifts is this little coastal decor arrangement.

Coastal Decor

  • There is a free banana plant in the gift pack. You can change the colours of the pot and the plant leaves using the objects’ menu when you click it.
  • The lanterns are both free and come in a set. You can change the colour of each lantern to aqua or coral by using the objects’ menu when you click it.
  • The two little seashell paintings that hand by strings are also free.

Have fun decorating, FabFree!


Caroline is Showing…

Cabinet of Curiosities Decor Scene

Steampunk Art Work – [QE Home] Steampunk Wall Art -SL19B Exclusive- (Free @ SL19B)
Steampunk Rugs – [QE Home] Steampunk Rug Trio -SL19B Exclusive- (Free @ SL19B)
Steampunk Table – [QE Home] Steampunk Console Table (50% off @ SL19B)
Bead Wall Hanging, Skull & Vase with Spears – [QE Home] Mystic Decor Set (25% off @ Midsummer Enchantment)

Coastal Decor Scene

Potted Plant – [QE Home] Banana Plant -End of Summer – (Free @ SL19B)
Lanterns – [QE Home] Coastal Lanterns Set -End of Summer – (Free @ SL19B)
Seashell Art Works – [QE Home] Coastal Seashell Art -End of Summer – (Free @ SL19B)
Window Frames – [QE Home] Antique Window Frames (50% off @ SL19B)
Photo Location – Private Location