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The FabFree Mesh Body & Head Listing May 2022 NEW Update!


The FabFree Mesh Body & Head Listing has undergone a major update this month! We have a host of new free and cheap mesh bodies and heads to share with you all. Please go here to access the list.

Some of the major updates in this post include:

  • The free Rebirth head.
  • The free Peach Mesh Body.
  • The 1L Katherine Body & Head with a nice 1L shape to match it.
  • Free and cheap mesh heads from Boataom.
  • 12 bento mesh head updates for male and female heads from Ca’lum
  • Several other items have also been added. All other recent additions have (New!) next to them.
  • Note that some heads that were previously in the “limited” section have been added to the permanent section, as they appear to be staying for an extended period of time. These items include the free Kalhene Head, the free Fiore Head, and the TeleportHub group gift head from Altamura. Just look under “Female Mesh Heads” to find those heads in the The FabFree Mesh Body & Head Listing.
  • I have also re-ordered the female mesh bodies section to place some of the most popular free mesh bodies near the top of the page for each access. For example, readers were having trouble finding the Lucybody Atenea body on the The FabFree Mesh Body & Head Listing, so it has been moved to the top on the “Female Mesh Bodies” section.
  • The “Fantasy Mesh Heads & Avatars” section has also been updated, and there are additions added there, including a new free avatar and a free Mermaid tail.
  • Finally, landmarks have been cross-checked and bodies and heads no longer available have been removed from the page.

New Categories

Another major change to the The FabFree Mesh Body & Head Listing is that non-human mesh heads, bodies, and avatars have now been included in the listing. Here are the following sections which have been added which are totally new:

  • First off, there is a new section titled “Anime Mesh Heads & Bodies” for both male and female avatars.
  • There is now a section called “Anthro (“Furry”) Mesh Bodies & Heads”. This is where you will find “furry” mesh heads and bodies. Other furry avatar parts are added below this section. 32 free and 1L items have been added to this category, so I hope you enjoy this major update!
  • Another category added to the listing is “Animal Mesh Avatars”. For those that prefer to explore the grid as an animal, I wanted to make the information accessible to get a mesh avatar in that form. Note that some of the animals are bipedal and have human-like characteristics. I placed anything that looked like an animal into this category.
  • Finally, there is a new section called “Other Full Mesh Avatars”. Full mesh avatars that do not fit in the other categories are placed here. Right now, you will find a 1L Kermit the Frog mesh avatar there and “Sqaid Game” mesh avatars from Croquis there.

Freebie Etiquette Reminder

I wanted to send a reminder about the listing. The purpose of this listing is to provide information about free and under 75L mesh bodies that are available. I do not presently test every body and head, although I do grab them for testing later and I have tested a lot of the products in the past. I do research about what sizes the bodies fit, and I am lucky to know a number of people who test bodies regularly and provide information to me about sizing and other features these products have. Although I used to test every mesh body and head that came out, I usually do not have time to test each new one that comes out because of my commitment to blogging for FabFree.

Further, the purpose of the page is not to review the mesh bodies and heads. We do not rank or provide commentary on the quality of the bodies and heads on the page. Some of the FabFree bloggers have written blog posts about the mesh bodies and heads, and their posts are linked to individual items on the The FabFree Mesh Body & Head Listing. Please do not send me messages complaining about the products, as I have received these types of messages about the bodies and heads in the past. For more information about this, please reference our Freebie Etiquette page.

Sending Listing Updates!

Finally, if you have any additions to the page to add, please reach out! I am always happy to receive messages and collaborate with those who have new information. My username is rawumber Resident to contact me in-world. Please leave comments under this blog post if anything on the FabFree Mesh Bodies and Heads Listing needs to be updated.

Fixes to the page could include:

  • Landmarks not working
  • Items being taken down
  • Knowledge of new mesh bodies/avatars in any of our new and older categories
  • Adding other avatar body parts, AOs, alphas, neck fixes etc.
  • If you have information about what sizes the bodies fit best or if an item is BOM, Bento, or Omega, please leave a comment or a note about that as well.

Thanks so much, and enjoy the update!




7 thoughts on “The FabFree Mesh Body & Head Listing May 2022 NEW Update!

  1. Great job here, Ms Caroline! You rock, Girl!


  2. I found I can fit more clothes with the Legacy Classic free body if I wear the Vanilla Cloud Skinny Girl Deformers.


  3. Very cool! Are those deformers free?


  4. Oh wow, you did *such* a good job on this, congratulations!