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Blogging the Leaves Away!

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Hey FabFree! I’m back with more prizes on the FabFree Fallen Leaves & Frost Hunt! I have been blogging the fall leaves out of this hunt and loving every minute of it! I hope you enjoy seeing the amazing prizes.

The Prizes from Koukla

Koukla has some really cute and functional decor prizes on the FabFree Fallen Leaves & Frost Hunt! From them we have:

  • Cute pillows! They have many pillows included in the hunt with cats, acorns, and abstract design patterns on them. They are adorbs! The pillows come in 2 packs at 5L each. I mixed and matched the pillows so make sure you check the hunt key here to see what’s included in each pack.
  • A small and very aesthetically pleasing humidifier, also at the low price of 5L. It even emits steam!
  • A little sound machine on the floor looks really chic and new! It also plays some relaxing sounds. This prize costs 5L.
  • The FabFree versions of the “Challenge Accepted” game. Honestly, I have no clue what this game is but it looks fun! Plus it’s a FabFree version! We’re famous! We even have our own game name after us now! All jokes aside, this item also costs 5L on the hunt.


My shoes are another hunt prize on the FabFree Fallen Leaves & Frost Hunt at Mosquito’s Way. Aline previously blogged their “Darcy Boots” hunt prize here. I wanted to sneak in a pair of shoes from the hunt this month if I could! These are the Deloris heels an they are fab. They come in a nice beige colour. These are free on the hunt!

Sizes Included

  • Maitreya
  • Belleza
  • Slink

Enjoy, FabFree!


Caroline is Wearing…

Clothes & Accessories

Top, Pants & Undies –  Beyond Serene (Available @ Vanity Event)
Shoes –  Mosquito’s Way Deloris (Free on the FabFree Fallen Leaves & Frost Hunt)


Hair – Alli&Ali Designs Ava Hair – All Colors
Mesh Body – Belleza Freya V6
Mesh Head – Lelutka Lilly 3.1 – EvoX
Skin – 7 Deadly S[K]ins Blaze (Group Gift/ Group is Temporarily Free to Join) Previously blogged here.
Eyes – Lelutka Lilly 3.1

Nails – Belleza Freya V6

Furniture & Decor

Game – Koukla Challenge Accepted Mini Game (5L on the FabFree Fallen Leaves & Frost Hunt)
Sound Machine – Koukla Sound Machine Lite (5L on the FabFree Fallen Leaves & Frost Hunt)
Pillow Pack 1 – Koukla Pillows- Cozy, Cones, & Peachy Grid (5L on the FabFree Fallen Leaves & Frost Hunt)
Pillow Pack 2 – Koukla Pillows- Meow Meow, Bear Bears, & Peets (5L on the FabFree Fallen Leaves & Frost Hunt)
Humidifier –
Koukla Humidifier (5L on the FabFree Fallen Leaves & Frost Hunt)
Clock –  Korpokkur House Wall Clock (Fish) (Available @ Salvage Station)
Chair & Blanket – Apple Fall Fall Fulwood Chair with Blanket
Bench – Apple Fall Frederick Tufted Bench – Cream
Lamp – Apple Fall Kingsbury Pendant Lamp
Photo Location – Private Location



Unwrapping the Idea

Unwrapping the Idea

Do you hear the distant jingling of bells?  Yes, it’s still kinda distant – but for those of us who want to start prepping for the season of Advent and jollity, then there are some places that are set up and ready for all your hall-decking needs.  My whole thought process today is the idea of starting to get the decor out, the opening of the yearly boxes, getting ready to…get ready!  You can’t blame me for wanting a bit of celebratory spirit!


All these lovely decor items are free gifts that I picked up at Snowdrops.  It’s a really lovely winter sim, all decked out as a small town that’s ready for holiday shopping.  Most of the stores in the main square have a free gift for everyone – no need to join a group.  I picked up the goodies from Pitaya, Kraftwork, Atelier Burgundy and Zerkalo, and now my Christmas decorating plans are all starting to take shape.  I’m not sure how long these gifts will be around, so you’ll forgive me for being *just a little* early with my bell tinkling – I want to make sure you get your mitts on the gifts!

Holly Jolly!


Aline’s Decor

Bags – Pitaya Santa Express (Free Gift at Snowdrops/No Group Join Required)
Dog – Kraftwork Krafty the Trumpet Dog (Free Gift at Snowdrops/No Group Join Required)
Framed Artwork – Atelier Burgundy Christmas Duo Frames (Free Gift at Snowdrops/No Group Join Required)
Blankets – Zerkalo Winter Plaids (Free Gift at Snowdrops/No Group Join Required)


Close to Home

angel outfit_011

Hey gang!

We have a lot of fun here on the Fab Free Blog, but today I would like to get serious for a moment.

We know cancer is evil (I refuse to capitalize it), and that anyone can get it, even our beloved fur legged babies.  But did you know cancer is the leading cause of death in dogs?   It is estimated that 1 in 3 domestic dogs will develop cancer, which is the same incidence of cancer among humans.

So when I popped over to Foxwood for something totally unrelated, I saw the story of Ellie, who belongs to the girl who runs Foxwood.  Ellie is her Golden Retriever and Ellie has cancer.  I have lost two out of three of my Goldens to cancer, as well as my beloved Shih Tzu, Tara.  So I know the story all too well, and it is an issue that is very close to home for me.  I never had the chance to help my babies, but Ellie has a chance to fight and we can help her.

The three goldens in my photo, are a set that you can get at Foxwoods for only 75L (they are adorable too!!!  I love the one I can carry around and I’ve had three people say they wanted one too when they saw me carrying her!) and all proceeds go to help Ellie.  We all love the sales and we love the cute sl pets, this is a chance to enjoy both while helping a real pet have a chance at fighting the evil known as cancer.  (I have lost both my parents to it as well).

I’m not sure how long the sale is up for, I reached out but haven’t heard back.  I checked a little while ago and it is still up.

I hope each and every one of you will stop by Foxwood for this cause.  Cancer *can* be beaten, for both humans and our furbabies!

In just ten days Tara will be gone five years and my heart still breaks every single day (and someday Jian will make us a cute set of Shih Tzus so that I can have her with me at least in second life) (I keep requesting it!).  Her and Sumner (my Golden boy I lost to cancer) are pictured below.  I never got to have human kids, and honestly I raised these two from babies and I couldnt have loved them more if they had been human.  They were my kids.

These are the faces of canine cancer, the ones we must fight for.

Sumner (above) lost to Hemangiosarcoma at the age of 9 on 8.29.2004

Tara aka Tee (below) lost to Lymphoma of the intestines at the age of 12 on 11.25.2016

Arielle is looking fabulous in…


Dress – Shanti Angel Outfit (mesh and flexi)


Mesh Body – Maitreya  Lara
Mesh Head –Lelutka Nova EvoX
Skin – Enfer Sombre Madison Cream EvoX
Eyes – Lotus Generation Eyes
Hair – Doux Rehab


Pups – Foxwood Sweet Goldie (75L for extended Saturday Sale, all proceed go to Ellie’s GoFundMe)

Just My Style!


Hey Gang,

So I have discovered an amazing new shop called Zahra.  Well, new to *me* I should say!

I have been super duper busy this week but I wanted to share a couple of her free group gifts with you cause I absolutely *lurve* them!

The group is free to join and you can get this adorbs jacket and also the top for *free*!  They both come with HUDs so you can choose the colors and go to town on them!

Jacket Fluffy as it’s called comes in size 1 and size 2.  😉  Juli blogged it in white, which you can see here.

The cute top fits:

  • Legacy
  • Maitreya
  • Perky
  • Petite

Its gotcher girls covered.

Arielle is looking fabulous in…


Dress – Zahra Jacket Fluffy & Maisy Top (free group gifts, group is free to join)
Pants- Blueberry Aicia Flare Pants Boho Pack
Necklace – Cray


Mesh Body – Maitreya  Lara
Mesh Head –Lelutka Nova EvoX
Skin – Enfer Sombre Madison Cream EvoX
Eyes – Lotus Generation Eyes
Hair – Wasabi Lilou


Fabulous Finds 11.16.21 Edition

GIFT for Abstrakt Event

Free Group Gift @ Abstrakt/Group is Free to Join by Mysteria

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