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Beautiful Morning



Hey fab fam!

You know that feeling when the air is a bit cool, but warmer days are coming so the sun feels toasty warm?  Don’t you just lurrrrrve that feeling?  And when the sun is coming in and the floor gets warm and you are barefoot and it feel soooo soothing on your feet and toesy-woesies?  ahhhhhhh.  I wish I was feeling that right now!  As life would have it at the moment I am chilled and trying to get warm!  I literally put on a big fluffy sweater, the fingerless gloves that I absolutely love, and my unicorn hat.  Yes, I have a unicorn hat, so I am a unicorn writing a blog right now.  Who says we don’t exist (INFP= sparkly unicorns!)??

Aline and I sometimes wonder if anyone actually *reads* these posts… we are not sure anyone does.  Yet we babble away into the unknown, just in case someone *does* actually read it (if you do, please let us know in the comments!  We would love to know someone reads our silly drivel!), but we have our doubts that many do.  Y’all are just sneaking in to see pics, grab links and RUN arencha????  sneaky little shoppers  😉

While we are on that subject, let me tell you about this sexy little number I’m wearing today… I found this in the Kings & Queens Hunt for just 1L, and the hunt runs til the end of the month!  It is from PinkFunk and is totally cute.  It is also what I call a “boob-dangle” meaning your boob is dangling out in the open (since this blog is PG-13 I have strategically tucked my dangling boob under my hair) (and how many times do you think I can use the word boob and dangle together in one blog post?????  See, if you aren’t reading these posts through, you miss all the fun!).   Just one of the many styles that are popular in second life, that if you walked around like that in real life you would get arrested, or worse!  Like, “Oops!  Oh I’ll just leave it hanging out!”

So, this cute little number, with air conditioning for the girls on one side only fits Maitreya.  But for one linden, you can’t beat that with a stick!

More soon chickadees and …. Roosteradees?

❤ Arielle

Arielle is stylin’ in…


Dress – PinkFunk Scarlet Babydoll Violet (1L on the Kings & Queens Hunt)


Mesh Body – Maitreya  Lara
Mesh Head –Lelutka Nova
Head Applier –  Velour Annya Pearl
Eyes– LAQ  Bento Eyes Green
Hair – Stealthic Intrepid


Backdrop – Amitie Lisbon #2



Author: Arielle Jishnu

Owner and Designer for Shanti (est. 2012), Blogger for Fab Free, blogger, photographer, model, quirky girl.

8 thoughts on “Beautiful Morning

  1. I read this blog, every entry, every day. It’s one of my go-to, can’t miss blogs. Thank you, each one, for all of your hard work!

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  2. I read all the way through. 🙂

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  3. Yes, I do read what you all take your time to write. Not having the gift myself, I admire anyone who has it. Why I only post pic’s on Flickr and not use my blog page. Keep going with it, we all need a good laugh, and a smile to lighten the day. Thank you for doing that for us readers. asugarplum (aka) Jacxie Broome

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  4. Yes, Aline & Arielle, I do read the posts. I just don’t comment much. I love the posts and appreciate the hard work that goes into them (I was A FF Blogger for a few months). And you two ladies usually manage to make me laugh or at least put a smile on my face. Mostly I LOVE all of the great finds featured because I always need more STUFF!

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  5. i read it and its so informational

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  6. Thanks everyone for commenting! It warms my heart to hear everyone reads our ramblings in our little corner of the internet. Big hugs!

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  7. I second Aline’s Comment! Its nice to know we are not writing into the void! 😀