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Celebrating April!


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Hey Gang!

Its a new month and you know what that means!  It’s time to see what we celebrate in April (aside from Easter, of course) Let’s have a look-see….

Today, of course is April Fools’ Day, so watch out for those pranksters!  I used to be one of those pranksters but everyone knows me too well and they know I will be up to no good! So, no fun for me cause everyone is all waiting for me to pull a prank.  Alas.  Now, of course it’s not *only* April Fools Day (and they put April at the beginning of it, like every month has it’s own fools day and we need to distinguish.  the heck??), but also National Burrito Day and National One Cent Day.   I think Taco Bell should jump on this one and sell one cent burritos all day today.

Now for the rest of the month….

2. Good Friday, nice normal Holiday, also World Autism Day.

3. National Find a Rainbow Day (that’s a nice one!) and World Party Day.  Especially for those who went in search of said rainbow and actually found one!  When I was a kid, I always wanted to be able to stand in the rainbow colors so I would get on my bike and chase after the rainbow, trying to find the part where it met the earth (I didn’t care about the pot of gold.  Silly little me!), I wanted to bask in those colors up close!  I don’t need to tell you this story does not end in World Party Day for yours truly!

4. Happy Hoppy Easter!  And apparently, for the Easter Bunnies to celebrate, it is also National Carrot Day (who did that???).  I kid you not.  That’s not all.  It is also National Hug a News Person Day and National Tell a Lie Day.  Do we really need that last one?  And no, it is not an excuse to get together with family (wear a mask and stay safe folks!) and tell them all sorts of lies about your life.   Not a good holiday custom for anyone.

5. Now being the Trekkie I am, I know this is First Contact Day.  I was disappointed that it was not listed.  I guess that’s the Universe paying me back for how long it took me to understand why May 4th was Star Wars day.   Today is also, strangely enough…. National Flash Drive Day.  Why little bitty flash drives would get their own day is beyond me.  Maybe it doesn’t mean them at all, maybe it means we need to drive around in our cars and flash people!  Woohoo!  Happy National Flash Drive day!  *giggle*

6. Happy New Beer’s Eve!  Who knew that was a thing!  *Why* is it a thing?  Go on and read the 7th.

7. Happy National Beer Day (this is why).  Today is also No Housework Day (well if you are drinking beer all day to celebrate, I suppose that is understandable.).  It is also World Health Day, which I don’t think ties in with the beer thing very well.  You certainly can’t celebrate both.

9. National Name Yourself Day (that’s fun!), and also National Unicorn Day!  I need to start celebrating both of these! (I luurrrrveee Unicorns!)

10. National Hug Your Dog Day.  Hopefully people don’t need a holiday to give their dog hugs.  Mine always get a bazillion hugs every single day.  So much so that they get sick of me I think.

13.  National Be Kind to Lawyers Day.  Um, ok.

15. National High Five Day!  High five everyone you know!  and people you don’t!  Oh wait, the pandemic.  Substitute high fives for fist or elbow bumps and then get away from each other, pronto and wash.  That takes the fun out of that.  Thanks pandemic!  Sigh.

17. International Bat Appreciation Day.  I think this means the animals and not the baseball kind.    ‘Tis also International Haiku Poetry Day and National Cheese Ball Day!  So show your favorite bat some appreciation, while reading him/her a Haiku you wrote for them and sharing in a delicious snack of cheese balls.

Oh little Bat
Munching on a Cheese Ball
How I do adore Thee

24. National Pigs in a Blanket Day (Yum!  No I am not going to make a joke about little piggies all snuggled on a chilly spring night under a blanket together and how cute they must be!) and National Skipping Day!  While eating your little piggie in a blanket, I am guessing.  That combination sounds like a happy hobby.  Could be fattening too eating all those piggies in blankets, but do you suppose the skipping burns the calories off?

30. National Bubble Tea Day (I had to google this, it sounded so good and I guess I am behind the times cause everyone but me knows about this.  I plan to try some in rl soonly!) and we end the month with bubble tea aaaaaand…. National Hairball Day!  I wonder how people celebrate that last one?  With lots of catnip?

This all makes me realize one thing, humans are CRAZYYYY!

Oh and I did come in here to tell you about a freebie.  This comes from Shanti, via Ajuda Brazil.  It fits BOM and classic avatars (I’m getting away with it using BOM on my Maitreya Body).  There is a whole wall of Shanti freebies there, some more for classic bodies and some for mesh bodies too!  There are several floors of freebies there, so you definitely want to check it out!

This is enough blather from me for one post.  I’m off to the beach next time!

Peace & Pot Pies,

❤ Arielle

Arielle is stylin’ in…


Outfit– Shanti– Boho Brown Gypsy Outfit (Free via Ajuda Brazil)
Hair – Exile – Blink – Blondes


Mesh Body – Maitreya  – Lara
Mesh Head –Catwa – HDPRO Queen
Head Applier –  Velour – Irina (Pearl)
Eyes– Lelutka – Sasha


Author: Arielle Jishnu

Owner and Designer for Shanti (est. 2012), real life and second life blogger, photographer, model, quirky blonde girl.

3 thoughts on “Celebrating April!

  1. Hello Arielle, do you have a LM to the location where you made this picture please?


  2. Thank you Arielle, for this post, your blogs and all.
    I also love laughing at “Holidays Today” (type that in your search).
    Thank you for sending me to Ajuda Brazil, what a treat. Think it might have been my 3rd day in SL being sent there. Now going back and noting all the now recognised vendor’s names and what they have donated.

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  3. Thank you so much DeeDee! I appreciate that!