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Walking on Air!



Hey fab fam!

I’ve been thinking (and that is always dangerous!), wouldn’t it be odd (and sometimes disconcerting…and sometimes really cool!) if we could do the things we can do in second life, in real life?  Like… change your hair, your face, your body…on a whim!  Wicked cool.  Possibly even wickeder cooler… teleporting!  With my partner and best friend on the opposite side of the rl planet, that is something we both wish for!  I know some people would like the ability to fly.  I am not one of those people.  lol  This chickie is chicken and does NOT fancy heights!

Now, on the flip side of all that comes the disconcerting….

One time when I was a noob I came home and everything was gone, my house, all my belongings, everything.  It would not be fun to lose everything you own, plus your house in real life!  You get home and OMG where’s my house???  It was here when I left!  OK, so another scenario… you get dressed, go out and you can see your clothes but no one else can.  !!!!!!  You turn into a red cloud!  You walk off a platform and fall down through the sky.  Or you live on a platform in the sky and sometimes people fly by.  Or now with mesh bodies, other people see you as a weird mix of body parts floating around and clothes floating around.  Awkward!!!  One last one…. imagine going to the store in rl and having to wait for everything to rez cause all you see is grey!  That’s one issue I’m glad not to have!  lol

In second life we can be anything we want to, go anyplace we want to (mostly!), it can be like a waking dream.  Just like real life, it can get expensive!  Thank goodness for the fab free blog where you can find amazing free and low priced goodies for your second life!  On that note… here’s the next one for you!

My outfit today is a super cute group gift from Loud Rebel Design.  Their group is free to join.  I felt so cute wearing it that it had me walking on air!  Or very nearly walking on air.  There are several trends right now I am finding super cute and jumpsuits is one of them.   So thanks to LRD for this group gift!

This jumpsuit fits:

  • Freya
  • Hourglass
  • Isis
  • Maitreya
  • Physique

Stay safe and reach for the stars fab fam!

❤ Arielle

Arielle is Stylin’ in…


Jumpsuit– Loud Rebel Design (LRD) – Kaisa Teal – (Free Group Gift/Group is free to join)
Hair – TKW– Dale– Blondes
Necklace– Divah Style– Jewelry Bella


Mesh Body – Maitreya  – Lara
Mesh Head –Lelutka – Nova
Head Applier –  Amara Beauty– Holly – (Free group gift/ Group is free to join)
Eyes– Lelutka – Sasha


Author: Arielle Jishnu

Owner and Designer for Shanti (est. 2012), real life and second life blogger, photographer, model, quirky blonde girl.

6 thoughts on “Walking on Air!

  1. What about that background? 🤨 Where’s that from? I want a pic like yours for my avi as well. A bridge in the sky and all. But there’s no info on your post about the location or the name of the items used in scene 😞


  2. I used a background at Background Central.

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  3. I just love your pics, Arielle! You’re so creative!

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  4. aww thanks so much Juli!

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  5. Thank you!