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Let it Snow!


ice queen

Hey beauties!

Now, I’m a big kid, as you know.  I’m also a Disney girl, heck I even worked at the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World.  Thats my happy place.  Another thing, I relate to Elsa, from Frozen.  Very much so.  (But I aspire to be Rapunzel from Tangled).  So, when I saw this Ice Princess dress at Antaya, well.  It was a no-brainer, a must have!!!  Visions of cosplay in my blog post dancing though my mind gleefully!  Even better, this was one of her group gifts she has out (Group is 50L to join).  Oh happy day!!!

The dress comes in Maitreya size.

As a side note, as I sit writing this to y’all, I’m waiting for a big winter storm to hit, so by the time its done, a couple of days from now, we will have about a foot and a half of snow.  Blowing, never ending snow.  Might be an excuse to watch Frozen, Frozen 2 and the little short films (like I need an excuse!!!!  lol) and sip some hot chocolate with vodka.  I may be a Florida girl but I know how to have fun in a Nor’easter!  What are your favorite things to do during a big snow storm?

Meanwhile, dinner is just about done so let me wrap this up for now, until next time my friends!

Don’t let the frostbite bite!

❤ Arielle

Arielle is Wearing…


Dress– Antaya– Ice Princess Gown (Free Group gift/Group is 50L to Join)
Hair– Catwa – Elsa
Choker – Avec Toi – Flake Choker
Magic Snow– Celeste – Magic snowflake – held


Mesh Body – Maitreya  – Lara
Mesh Head – Catwa – Magy
Head Applier –  WOW Skins – Samara – Milk


Author: Arielle Jishnu

Owner and Designer for Shanti (est. 2012), real life and second life blogger, photographer, model, quirky blonde girl.

6 thoughts on “Let it Snow!

  1. This is an amazing picture and the dress looks amazing on you!!

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  2. Disney is one of the actual cases of cultural appropriation you can come across in America. They butcher and americanize everything they lay their greasy fingers on and think it’s their property. Please read the original tales this winter. Rapunzels original is Petrosinella btw.


  3. I am familiar that the originals are different. Thank you.


  4. Awww thanks Bunnie!!! ❤️


  5. Looks like some people can’t miss an ocassion to mess around and spreads hate. Oh well. I think myself as an American lover, I really admire and appreciate every thing about their culture. That is a splendid dress and you look totally gorgeous! Plus! No need a special reason to enjoy the awesome Magic of Disney Movies. Enjoy your both worlds and keep shining and doing this world better with your cuteness ❤

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  6. You’re awesome, Yuna ♥