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News from Second Life – Good News, Bad News


Second Life has some big news posted to their blog regarding land price reductions, price changes and perks for members / downgrades for non members.  Make sure you give this a good read so you are aware of what’s to come effective on June 24th!

That membership is looking particularly enticing with the group slots being reduced, but damn… a price increase on the fee to join!  I’ll have to see how I can manage with less groups and decide from there what I need to do.


ETA a very nice update (Thanks for the heads up Chericollette) – https://community.secondlife.com/blogs/entry/2559-group-limits-update-no-changes-for-basic-members/


Author: Love Trill

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6 thoughts on “News from Second Life – Good News, Bad News

  1. I read that. I have to juggle also, which is sad…a lot of my groups I am in were pay to join ones :/

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  2. I think its going to make it ‘hell’ for business owners with people joining groups for the group gifts or to get into an event or to take advantage of rez rights, then dropping out again, just to keep their group numbers under the new limit.

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  3. Usually, a business justifies a raise in prices as due to rising costs. In some cases, they say that the price increase will provide greater service (even though you don’t use those services.) The only thing on the whole list of interest is the number of groups. I fail to see how the number of groups costs them anything – up to some reasonable limit of course. Possibly a huge number of groups would require database changes but that is not what we are talking about.

    Possibly more people are calling on support, which does require people. They don’t suggest that is an issue, however.


  4. I am premium… x2 accounts. I think the price rise for 10 groups and then turning around and gut punching non premium members is horrible. I think LL forgets how much money non premium members pay for linden dollar purchases. It’s horrible!

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  5. Thank you for the update Chericolette! That is INDEED good news 🙂

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