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How To: Easily find what you are looking for on FabFree


Hey there Fabulous Readers!  I have seen a couple of comments recently on the FabFree Blog expressing frustration and confusion on how to navigate our blog that inspired me to write up a quick “How To” post that  may help some of our readers find what they are looking for.  On FabFree we have thousands of views every day, and with that we realize that our readers are not all here for the same thing.  Some of our readers are here to find 100% free stuff, some of our readers don’t mind group fees or small hunt costs, and some appreciate the good deals we come across too.  Some of you are deep readers, and some picture scan and skim to the credits.  We appreciate you all, and no matter which group you fall into, and I think these navigational tips might help.

We enjoy a true fabulous freebie when we come across them and that is our focus here on the FabFree Blog, but we also know it is important to contribute financially to support the designers who are being so generous, and also Second Life for letting us all be here to enjoy such a wonderful pixel world.  As volunteer bloggers here on FabFree, we also enjoy a little freedom to blog things when they inspire us that may or may not be free.

An explanation of our crediting system

In our blog posts, you’ll find that we normally do a photo at the top, explanatory text in the middle and credits at the bottom.  We all use this same blogging style on FabFree to make it easier for you all to read.  If you are looking for fast 100% freebies, what you need to be skimming for is BOLD RED text.

  • BOLD RED – 100% FREE Item
  • BOLD BLACK – FREE, but comes with a catch, like a group fee or cost of a fishing rod to obtain
  • REGULAR TEXT – In posts with regular text in the credits only means that the post features under 75L items, but nothing free.

The magical search bar

A the top of our blog right under the header, you will find a search bar.  If you are looking for a gift by a particular designer or a particular item, you can use search terms to find the item you seek.  There is a little trick with this WordPress search bar….  First it will list all of the blog posts with the search term found in the title, and it will go all the way back to 2007 (lol), and then it will start over searching inside the blog posts.  Make sure you go all the way back to 2007 and check for blog posts with the search term too.  If there are 3 billion posts in the list, try narrowing your search down with a designer and a store name.. Eg.  “Blueberry Joggers” instead of “Blueberry” or “Joggers”.

We have categories!

So…  you are on a mission to find something in particular.  You can find the category drop down menu on the right hand side of the blog under the group gift listing button near the top.  I didn’t count our categories, but I am going to guess there are over 50 of them, and they really do help to narrow a search down.  Just as an example…  For all you guys complaining that you have to weed through all this boring lady stuff to find things for men – all you need to do is select “mens” in the drop down menu and it will list ONLY posts with men’s items in them.  To go a step further, you might even want to bookmark the link ( https://fabfree.wordpress.com/category/mens/ ), so next time you visit – you can go straight to that category.  Looking for hair under 75L? Click on the “hair” category.  We try to tag everything under 75L into a category so you can find it!

Have a favourite blogger?  Find them easily!

Now of course we recommend you reading everyone’s posts, because you never know what you might find, but maybe you have a favourite blogger…  You relate to their fashion sense or just enjoy their writing style…  Maybe you just like their butt, I don’t know, and I don’t judge ;D.  If you’d like to keep tabs on a certain blogger, all you need to do is find a recent post of theirs and click on their name under the date on the left hand side.  This will list all of their posts.  Here are some handy links:

I hope this helps you find what you are looking for a little easier – thanks so much for reading FabFree!!  If you ever have any questions, please feel free to reach out to one of us inworld or by commenting on a post.  We’re happy to help!


Author: Love Trill

Hey, :) I'm Love and have been a resident in SecondLife since March of 2010. I love to shop and explore in SL - and share my adventures with you! I am currently blogging at Fabulously Free in SL and on my personal blog - Slovesadventures

4 thoughts on “How To: Easily find what you are looking for on FabFree

  1. Hi, generally speaking, I love the posts regarding freebies, gifts, etc. and find them pretty accurate and easy to follow.
    Just sometimes no matter how hard I try I cannot find the item that you have mentioned as free. that happened last week with the Elikatira hair. I went through every hair in the shop twice and no luck. other than that thanks for the help finding goodies.


  2. Thanks for your response Netheruschild2015! I am glad that you don’t have trouble finding things on the blog. That Elikatira hair for some reason caused quite a stir lol. I received several IMs from people saying they couldn’t find it. If you go back to try again… On the White River Farms sim there are three stores. Go into the Elikatira store and look beside the desk. There you’ll see all the color demos – and if you click on them you can buy them for 0L each 😉 You’ll laugh once you find them.. he he.


  3. Thank you for taking care and helping me understand better 😊💕

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