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Two Cats in the Moonlight


Two Cats in the Moonlight

The moon was full and the branches of the trees creaked in the night wind.  Two little cats meandered their way out into the cool autumn night, ready to hold their tryst under the big tree in the garden… They padded their way through the flowerbeds, sniffing and peering around the bushes until they had finally found their meeting place.  Staring up at the moon, they smiled and began their mysterious midnight dance…

Cats Love to Fish!

Pru and I got together last night and held court under a tree, just so we could show off our super cute kitty costumes!  We got it all over at Sn@tch with the most recent fishing outfit!  It comes with all sorts of goodies – outfits enough to make 3 different cat looks (white, black and red!)  There are leggings (omega appliers and tattoo layers too!), plenty of tops, ears, whiskers, tails and even hair! All you need is a fishing rod (which you can purchase outside of Sn@tch with a one-time fee of 100L, no bait needed!) and a little bit of patience.  Dress up with your besties and cavort in the moonlight to your heart’s content!


  • Freya
  • Isis
  • Venus
  • Maitreya
  • Hourglass
  • Physique
  • Tonic Curvy
  • Tonic Fine
  • XS – XL with an Alpha Layer

From Pru and I, meow!

Aline and Pru

Aline and Pru are Wearing…


Top – Sn@tch  Alley Cat Top (7 Seas Fishing Prize)
Leggings – Sn@tch Alley Cat Leggings (7 Seas Fishing Prize)

Ears – Sn@tch Alley Cat Ears Headband (7 Seas Fishing Prize)
Tails – Sn@tch Alley Cat Tail (7 Seas Fishing Prize)
Whiskers – Sn@tch Alley Cat Whiskers (7 Seas Fishing Prize)
Hair –  Sn@tch Alley Cat Hair (7 Seas Fishing Prize)

Pose – K & S Look At Up
Sim – Private

Alinepassifloratag Prusigtagcoorganizer

Author: Aline Passiflora

Aline loves to go shopping in Second Life, and buy all sorts of clothes. She also has a special place in her heart for cute freebies. Oh, and anything with a cat on it. xox http://www.alinepassiflora.wordpress.com http://www.fabfree.wordpress.com

2 thoughts on “Two Cats in the Moonlight

  1. Too Adorable! Thank you Aline! I loved being a cat with you! ❤


  2. AHH cuteness overload!


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