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Free Lunch

Free Lunch

I got up this morning and found that Fergus – that naughty horse – had vanished! I searched all of his favorite landmarks, and finally found him not only making himself at home at Sol Farm but also helping himself to a free lunch.

And in true Fergus form, it looks like he’s making some new friends along the way, lol! 🙂

New Gift From The Painted Pony

The Painted Pony is one of our favorite stores for appliers and accessories for the Water Horse Bento Riding Horse. Earlier this week, they sent out a gift to group members: the Island Pony “Summer Bay” Coat Applier. Fergus (above, left) managed to slip his on before he slipped out of his stable this morning.

To grab your gift, join The Painted Pony’s in-world group and download the attachment from the notices.

NOTE: Gifts for The Painted Pony group members are only sent out in notices, and will only be available for 14 days until the message falls out of notices. Group gifts are NOT available in the store, so please don’t go looking there!

(That said… there are a couple of completely free, non-group gifts available in the store, including a box of demo textures and the Crispin coat applier that we shared in THIS POST RIGHT HERE.)

Not sure how to use a coat importer? Just wear your Water Horse and it’s texture HUD, and then rez the coat importer on the ground. Click the coat importer and it will automagically install the new coat in your HUD. You can find it by opening the texture HUD, selecting the desired body part (in this case, the body), and clicking the “Imported” button. Your new texture will appear in the slider; click to select. And… voila! 😀

As a side note, be sure to check out the Water Horse Creator’s Faire going on through the end of August at the Water Horse Mall. It’s a great opportunity to see what various vendors have for sale for your horse, and a few of the vendors even have gifts and gachas available. In fact, if you like the Summer Bay coat, you can pick up additional versions of the Island Pony Coat Applier from The Painted Pony’s gacha machine at the Faire for 100L a pull.


❤ Serena


Fergus the Fashion Horse is wearing…

Water Horse English Warmblood Riding Horse
The Painted Pony Island Pony “Summer Bay” Coat Applier (group gift / 150L to join)
Pose: The Texture Barn Equine Animotions Pack
Photographed at Sol Farm

Author: Serena Snowfield

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