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Fab Free Designer Friday – 07/20/2018 – ALB


ALB Exterior
If you’ve never been to ALB (AnaLee Balut) you should go, even if only to see the store. It’s a unique Arabian themed desert oasis. Walking through the store in places is reminiscent of a street bazaar. The main part of the store is several stories, so there’s plenty to explore. At ALB you’ll find mostly ladies clothing, though there is a random mens item here and there. The style at ALB is a little harder to pinpoint! Eclectic is a good word to start with. There is everything from shoes and accessories, to lingerie and ballgowns. You’ll also find fantasy inspired clothing, fashion inspired by history, and even some of what I would call Gorean clothing. As I mentioned, there’s a lot to be had!
ALB Fab Gift
Probably one of the most notable things about the ALB main store is the large camel statue in the center of the main floor. In this same area you’ll quickly be able to spot the ALB gift for Fabulously Free in SL group members. This gift is free and exclusive to Fabulously Free in SL group members, so don’t forget to wear your group tag! There are two additional group gifts on the same column as the Fab Free gift. Each requires a separate group tag.ALB Gifts & Wearable Demos

As you browse through the vastness at ALB you’ll note that some items have floating text that may say “group gift” or simply “enjoy” among other things. These items are usually group gifts you can purchase for free while wearing your store group tag. The store group is LAMU and it has a one time join fee of 250 linden. Another unique aspect to shopping at ALB are their “wearable demos.” These items often have floating text as well that will say “demo” or something similar. These wearable demos are often free but sometimes cost between 0 and 10 linden. I spotted both group gifts and wearable demos throughout all the floors of the ALB store. The above photos are of a few but I am certain not all of these gift types just to give you an idea of the genuinely wide range of items. Happy shopping Fab Free, and have a wonderful weekend.

4 thoughts on “Fab Free Designer Friday – 07/20/2018 – ALB

  1. Thank you for this post Pru ! It’s true that the store is amazing and you won’t waste your time going there even if it’s only to visit ^^
    I sadly couldn’t find the 2 items on the right of this picture : https://www.flickr.com/photos/prudence_rexroth/43492977132/in/dateposted-public/ (the jewel lingerie set and what seems to be legs/feet accessory)
    Do you remember where you found them by any chance ?
    Thank you again Pru !
    Can’t wait to read from you again ^^


  2. Hi Erin!The jeweled lingerie set I believe is on the first floor, but I can’t recall specifically where. The shoes are on what I think was the roof, or the 3rd floor, there were lots of other shoes in the same area. I am glad you liked the post! I hope that helps a little. I’m sorry I don’t recall more specific locations.


  3. Thank you so much for your answer Pru ! ^^


  4. You are very welcome! 😀 Thanks for reading!