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Not Goodbye, but Thank You



Not Goodbye, but Thank You…

I looked long and hard for the right quote to begin this post and the only one I could find that was fitting was this:

“This is not goodbye, my darling, this is a thank you.”

To all of you Fabulous readers, to my FabFree team… to those who gave me hunt tips… and to my hunting partner-in-crime Damian, “Thank you” for what would have been three glorious years of blogging coming up this next month.

I Do have to say Farewell for now, however, and so this will be a parting post. If only for a while. Real life has intruded in the form of some health issues and I have to take some time to focus on myself. I will still take some pictures and keep up my Flickr as time allows with my partner-in-crime and hunting buddy that you all have read about now and then and who I am finally giving a name to… my beloved Damian.

And now… the gifts:

This beautiful green dress is one of many free gifts at the anniversary round of We  ❤ RP right now. Don’t worry if you can’t get in right away, as it’s going on all month. You’ll find this dress at the Entice booth. “Be My Wench” comes in sizes to fit TMP, Maitreya, Hourglass, Physique, Venus, and a Fitmesh.  There is also an alpha included.

Zoom in…

If you zoom in on my hands in the picture you’ll notice my nails… errr claws. I couldn’t resist these Maitreya exclusive claws in black for Maitreya Bento Hands. They are by Meva and move with your Bento animations. They are gorgeous! These are also free at We ❤ RP. Pick them up while you have the chance!

Jewelry anyone?

I am a lover of pretty baubles and my jewelry is free this month too. Just slap the subscriber at Graffitiwear and you’ll get this Sunstone set which includes the necklace, earrings and a ring. The entire set matches perfectly and goes well with the Be My Wench Dress.

And Fameshed!

Love showed you some great gifts from Fameshed in her post [here]. I had gone and checked out the booths and just like We ❤ RP, it is their anniversary round and there are glorious free gifts to be had. If you stop by the Elikatira booth, clicking the gift box with your free Fameshed group active will give you a gift box with three hairs inside! Each is a fatpack of essential colors. I’m showing off Maren in the picture above.

Last but not least…

… my swarm of butterflies (and the tiny little butterfly hair piece which is separate from the swarm) are also a free gift at Fameshed. Just pick them up from the Wasabi Pills vendor, unpack and wear! The hairpiece is perfect for a pretty addition to any hair and the swarm is perfect for photographs.

At last…

One last word… thank you to all of you for everything. I’ve enjoyed every picture, every kind word, every blog post, every reader tip and comment. You are all wonderful. Thank you for being part of my adventure with FabFree. I hope to see you all again when my real life allows!  ❤ Astrid ~


Astrid (Portia Swords) is wearing…

Body – Maitreya – Lara V4.1
Head – Catwa Head – Tumble
Head Applier – Glam Affair – Marta Applier in Exotic
Eyes – Lotus – Gaze Eyes 09
Hair – Elikatira – Maren (Free Fameshed Group Gift @ Fameshed/Group is Free to Join)
Butterflies – Wasabi Pills – Butterflies headpiece and swarm (Free Fameshed Group Gift @ Fameshed/Group is Free to Join)
Jewelry – Graffitiwear – Sunstone Necklace & Earrings (Free Subscriber Gift for May)
Claws – Meva – Mira Claws Black (Free We ❤ RP Group Gift @ We ❤ RP/Group is Free to Join)
Dress – Entice – Be My Wench Forest (Free We ❤ RP Group Gift @ We ❤ RP/Group is Free to Join)

Sim Location – Cherry Blossom

Astrids Signature

Author: Astrid de Manyet

I write and stuff!

19 thoughts on “Not Goodbye, but Thank You

  1. I have enjoyed everyone of your posts and sharings. I am sorry to see you go but I am hoping you will be back. Take care of yourself dear, I also have health issues that intrude on SL sometimes. You ever need an ear or a shoulder you can always find me on SL!!! Be well dear, stay strong and know we will all miss you!!!!

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  2. Thank you so much, Azure. I appreciate it! I will miss all of you too but as I said, this is not goodbye, just “thank you”. ❤

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  4. Thankyou Astrid and butterfly kisses towards your future.

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  5. I wish you only the best, and send healing thoughts your way. I will miss reading your posts, and look forward to keeping up with you on Flickr. Hugs!

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  6. Thank you Chericolette. Butterfly kisses back.


  7. Thank you Kathryn. Only the best to you as well. Big hugs!


  8. Best wishes Astrid. Sending healing vibes your way! xox

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  9. Thank you, Aline! xoxo


  10. Praying for healing for you! 💕 We’ll be here when ya get back!

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  11. Thank you Yasmin! ❤


  12. Hugs Astrid, be well!

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  13. Take care of yourself, Astrid. {{{Hugs}}}

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  14. Much love to you, Sweetie!

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  15. Thank you so much for the hugs, Jadziyah! Be well! ❤


  16. Much love to you too Julianna ❤ 🙂


  17. Wish you the best and hope that your health improves soon! I have a disabling chronic illness, so if you ever need to chat with someone that understands the struggles,, please don’t hesitate to drop me an email via my site on WP or in world as Breana McDonnell. Sincerely. Thank you for all of the great posts, finds, and work for all of this time.


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