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A Shutterbug in a Winter Wonderland

Kodak moment

Hello Fabulous Readers!  Ripley and I visited The Mill for another dose of winter wonderland, and came across multiple kodak moments.  There aren’t too many things that would make me kneel in the snow (brrrr!) to snap a photo, but the gorgeous landscape, and Rip’s new pals decked in winter accessories are two of them.  Aren’t Rufus and Rex super cute?

Lilian and Naia Are Super Cute, Too!

There is something so classic in the combination of red and black, and I created this look today by combining three group gifts.  First, my off-the-shoulder, crimson sweater is a free gift from ::LiES:: Creations for members of the Maitreya Gifts, Sales & News group.  With ribbed knitting on the neck and hemline, and a realistic texture in the body of the sweater, this top is bright and cheerful.  Inside the gift package, you will find versions for classic as well as mesh avatars.  Since the MGS&N group is free to join, the Lilian pullover won’t cost you a single Linden dollar.

Sizes and Mesh Body Compatibility:

  • Mesh in XXS, XS, S, M, L
  • Alpha layer for classic avatars
  • Freya
  • Isis
  • Hourglass
  • Maitreya
  • Physique
  • TMP
  • Venus

Also a group gift, this time from Belle Epoque, my Naia pants come in black, blue, red, white and yellow, so it’s like getting four presents in one.  A free giftie for members of the Teleport Hub group, these trousers don’t come in different sizes, but they fit my Maitreya Lara body perfectly, closely hugging each and every curve.  Featuring a shimmering, satiny texture topped with well placed folds, Naia is sure to flatter your figure.  To add these slacks to your inventory, simply journey to the shop on the Wild Willows sim, activate the Teleport Hub group tag (10L join fee) and tap the vendor.  While you are there, you might want to scoop up the theatrical Venetian Mask which is a gift for Fab Free group members.

All Wrapped Up

To add a finishing touch, I applied a brilliant red manicure, which is a free gift from Hello Dave for members of Fabulously Free in SL.  You can get a better view of this fun polish in my close up below.  “Early Wrapping” features silver ribbons tied across a cherry red background, which is bound to put you in a festive mood!  This applier is compatible with Slink (v2 and above), Maitreya (just click the small nail polish bottles on the right side of the HUD), and Belleza, Vista and Empire (providing you have the appropriate Omega System Kit for the particular brand of hands).

Kodak Close Up

Well, that’s a wrap for this post (I couldn’t resist the pun).  Rip and I are off to explore some more of this wintery landscape.  Until my next post, happy shopping!

~ Kat (and Ripley)

Kat is wearing…

Mesh Body:  Maitreya Lara

Mesh Head:  Catwa Kathy (Bent0)

Head Applier:  Glam Affair Beth

Eyeliner:  SimplyScha Arabic Eyeliner (10L on the Marketplace)

Eyes:  IKON Triumph Eyes in Coffee

Lipstick Applier:  Izzie’s Catwa Lipstick Applier (Aiko)

Hair:  Truth Hair Natalie

Earrings:  Promagic Neha Earrings (old gacha prize)

Sweater:  LiES Creations Lilian Top (free gift for Maitreya Gifts, Sales & News Group – 0L/0L to join)

Pants:  Belle Epoque Naia Pants (free gift for the Teleport Hub Group – 0L/10L to join)

Boots:  KC Couture Arizona Cowgirl Ankle Boots

Manicure:  Hello Dave Early Wrapping (free gift for Fabulously Free in SL – 0L/0L to join)

Pose:  Reve Obscura Shutterbug BENTO Pose with Mesh Camera (50L on the Marketplace)

Sim:  The Mill


Can’t Stop! Too Many Sales!

Hello Fabulous Readers! I hope those of you that are celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend are having a lovely time, and I hope everyone else is at least able to enjoy the black friday/cyber monday sales!  I have been happily hopping around picking up half price hair everywhere I go today.  I am so busy shopping that I haven’t even had a chance to open them up and try them on yet!  Someone is going to have to decline my card pretty soon, because it’s clear I have no control!

Big Lucky Board News

I thought I better take a few minutes out of my spending spree to stop by and share some freebie news!!  I was really super excited to see a notice come through the Petite Mort inworld group announcing that there are six new lucky boards set to group instore!  This group is 100L to join if you are not already a member, but these lucky board prizes will make up for that in a flash!  I managed to get a few of them and can’t wait to show them off to you!

Warm up in this…

I am wearing the Blush Maxi Cardigan that I won in one of the boards.  This long cozy sweater comes with the shirt attached and includes a texture change hud with 8 t-shirt colour options.

Sizes Included:

  • Maitreya Lara
  • Slink Physique & Hourglass
  • Belleza Freya, Isis & Venus


Love is wearing…

Mesh Body – Maitreya Lara
Mesh Head – Catwa Catya
Head Applier –  DeetaleZ Maxille 2
Eyes – IKON Triumph Eyes Dusk
Hair –  Truth Wind (50L per play / instore gacha)
Shirt & Cardigan – Petite Mort Blush Maxi Cardigan (free group lucky board / 0L / 100L to join)
Jeans – Blueberry Melanie
Shoes – Reign Rome
Pose – LW Poses What Truly Matters (featured @ Tres Chic)
Sim – Luane’s World


She Ain’t Sorry

She Ain't Sorry

I have a weakness for Gachas.  I freely accept it, and add it to the list of other weaknesses I have (you know, giant cupcakes, shoes, pizza and um…pizza).  One of the best things though, is when Gachas are cute and have a really affordable price tag!

Strolling Down the Avenue

I was at The Avenue shopping event, looking at the items for sale, and my eyes fell upon this fashionable gacha by Sorumin.  I decided I needed to have it, so I clicked on the vendor, and much to my delight it only cost 20L!  The rare outfit that I really wanted came up fairly quickly, so with 60 Lindens, I managed to get a whole outfit, a coffee and a cute purse.  The outfit is a Maitreya Lara exclusive.

The skirt and top go on with one click, and the top has several different colours and prints to choose from.  In order to change the texture on the top, right click on the outfit, click on “Next” and then “Touch” (may vary depending on your viewer).  A blue menu will appear with the choices.

Happy Gacha-ing!

Aline is Wearing…


Dress–  Sorumin Fashionista(20 L gacha at The Avenue )
Shoes – Empire Moonflower
Rings – Kibitz Love Rings
Purse – Sorumin Fashionista (20L gacha at The Avenue)
Cup – Sorumin Fashionista (20L Gacha at The Avenue)
Stockings – Reign Kitty Stockings
Earrings– Since 1975 TMP earrings, Pr!tty Kitty Yoomi Earrings
Choker – Open Collar Turian Rainbow


Mesh Body – Maitreya Lara
Mesh Head – Lelutka Cate
Head Applier –  Glam Affair Cate
Eyebrows– Jumo Britani
Freckles – Mello Freckles
Eyes– Mesange Goldmine
Hair – Sintiklia Zoella
Nailpolish – Nylon Outfitters Celestial Nails
Lipstick – Sn@tch Slick Lips Ultra Gloss Lipstick
 –  Sn@tch Morgana Gothic Eyeshadow
Tattoo – Sn@tch Filligree Sternum Tattoo
Sim: Wyrd


FabFree Designer Friday – 11/24/17 – Gypsy Chic

Hello FabFree Readers!  It’s that time again…  FabFree Designer Friday!  Pru usually does these posts on Friday for us, however she’s away enjoying some family time to celebrate Thanksgiving so I guess you are stuck with me this week!

This week, we are featuring “Gypsy Chic“!

Gypsy Chic offers boho inspired female mesh clothing in an easy to cam around in, skybox style shop.  In the center of the build, you’ll find the main desk with events, information, and FREE GIFTS!

The Gypsy Chic inworld group is just 5L to join and after you have activated your new tag, you can pick up the handful of gifts on the group gift wall.  You can find three of those group gifts blogged on FabFree by me [HERE].  Also on the group gift wall you’ll find an ad for a free dress at The Free Dove building and a free group gift for The Fabulously Free in SL inworld group, which Kathryn Vayandar showed you [HERE] a couple of months back.

The shop itself has rooms  that branch off the center, filled with affordably priced items, most between 50L and 150L!  You’ll also find gacha machines playing for 25 – 50L a pull!

ps.  If you are feeling particularly “hunty”, I found that there is a hidden red T-Shirt Icon for the Womenstuff Hunt back in April that is still out and you can grab it for 1L!

Enjoy your visit!


Super Nova


I love checking out the view at Inspire Space Park. And I found the perfect outfit for visiting. I picked it up free as part of the Hunt for Your Inner Slut Hunt by stopping by OMG! Inc. and hunting down that iconic … ahem… symbol. (Let’s keep things PG 13, why don’t we?) My Supernova outfit includes the shiny black leather pants and the purple top (the pieces are separate so you can mix and match if you want) with the plunging neckline and the splash of stars that sheen over the material. It comes in all your favorite sizes.

Outfit sizes available:

  • Standard sizes XS – XL
  • eBody
  • TMP
  • Ocacin
  • Tonic – Fine & Curvy
  • Maitreya – Lara
  • Slink – Hourglass & Physique
  • Belleza – Freya, Isis, & Venus


Raise a brow

I like little details and since I was feeling out of this world, I decided to add some glittery eyebrows to my features. I found these purple ones by alaskametro on the Marketplace for just 75L. These are Catwa head appliers and you’ll get 6 colors.

Glitter Eyebrow Colors Included:

  • Silver
  • Red
  • Purple
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Pink

Something Solar

I also stopped by The Forge, because I like their in-store gachas, and gave the Aura necklace gacha a spin. I got lucky and landed the Ultra Rare on the first spin! I was super happy to show off the gold and and white necklace with my outfit. For just 50L a spin though, all the necklaces are beautiful! And they are modifiable to fit any neck size 🙂


Astrid (Portia Swords) is wearing…

Body – Maitreya – Lara V4.1
Head – Catwa Head – Tumble
Head Applier – Glam Affair – Alba Applier
Eyes – IKON Hope Eyes – Wight
Hair – Doe – Leslie
Eyebrows – alaskametro – “Glitter” eyebrows Catwa applier 6 colors (75L on the Marketplace)
Necklace – The Forge – Aura Necklace Gold Ultra Rare (50L in-store Gacha)
Outfit – OMG! Inc. – Supernova Top and Pant Outfit (0L for the Hunt for Your Inner Slut Outfit)
Shoes – Bax – Poppy Booties

Sim Location – Inspire Space Park

Astrids Signature

Skating through Black Friday



Nope! Not gonna do it…

While she’s out finding the deals of the day, I’m totally avoiding the hustle and bustle (and cart banging, the fights over the last of an item, the long checkout lines, the hassle of parking…) I decided I’d take the board out before the snow is a permanent fixture on the sidewalks. Let her look at sidewalk sales while I sail the sidewalks…

I got my deals early…

I have lots of freebies and dollarbies to talk about today. My new hairstyle is a 1L marketplace find from Speakeasy. The Clay Fatpack Hair collection comes in a multitude of colors and also includes two hairbases (black and white). I found the Steve Shirt as a FREE gift to members at Justice. The Justice group does have a 10L join fee. I’m still in my Room Pants I showed in my last post by Happy Dispatch. also previously shown are the V-3 Trainers, a FREE group gift from Vale Koer.

Play all day…

There is no work for me today, so I’m going to play the day away with my new pose from Play Poses. Skateboarder is a FREE gift to group members and comes in both male and female poses. The Play Poses group is FREE to join. Enjoy your day, even if you are out in the maddening crowds of Black Friday.



Carson is wearing…

Mesh Body: ADAM -Mesh Body v2
Mesh Head: Catwa – Daniel v3.0
Head Applier: Labyrinth – Tylar
Beard Applier: Nivaro – Jawline
Eyes: IKON Triumph Eyes – Evening
Hair: Speakeasy Clay Fatpack (on Marketplace $1L)
Shirt: Justice -Steve Shirt (Group Gift – FREE / 0L / 10L to join)
Pants: Happy Dispatch – Room Pants (Subscriber Gift FREE / 0L / 0L to join)
Shoes: Vale Koer – V-3 Trainers (Group Gift / 0L / 0L to join)

Pose: Play Poses – Skateboarder (Group Gift / 0L / 0L to join)

Sim: Fies ist Geil