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Just Boating Around



Roleplayers are you ready for amazing props! I have to give props to the Gacha Guardians for some amazing gifts that will have your roleplay enhanced if you stop by to pick up their free gifts! Props for everyone! And free too!

By the water

I stopped by the Gacha Guardians event and joined the free Gimme Gacha group (you’ll need the tag to get the gifts) and ran all over picking up the 38 free gifts that are scattered around the event. I set out two of them (but really they equate to three) here to share with you!

Just boating around

Unkindness has out a free gift you won’t want to miss! Stop by their gacha machine with your Gimme Gacha tag on and pick up their free gift of these Forgotten Oasis Boats. These one piece, highly detailed, mesh boats are only 9 prim when rezzed out and are really beautiful and perfect for any modern, medieval, or fantasy setting. They are perfect for enhancing a roleplay setting or any landscape really. And who can pass up free!

The bears the thing.

Breaux Jr. gave out a gift and at first I thought it was the box! I rezzed their box and it was this one prim adorable little baby bear! How cute is that?! And only 1 prim! Ohmygosh! He would make a great prop for any landscape!

Then I realized he was actually the box for another free gift that is inside him! “Open” him up and you get the free torch that I have rezzed out as well. This gift is also courtesy free of the Gacha Guardians event.

Lots more to be had!

Be sure to pick up all 38 free gifts. You never know what treasures you’ll find!


The stuff…

Boats – unKindness – Forgotten Oasis Boats (Free Gimme Gacha Group Gift/Group is Free to Join) at the Gacha Gaurdians
Bear – Breaux Jr. Gift Box (not the gift item itself) (Free Gimme Gacha Group Gift/Group is Free to Join) at the Gacha Gaurdians
Torch – Breaux Jr. – Indie Summer Group Gift~ Torch (Free Gimme Gacha Group Gift/Group is Free to Join) at the Gacha Gaurdians

Sim Location – Revenland Medieval Roleplay Sim

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2 thoughts on “Just Boating Around

  1. Wound have liked to get the baot, not only counld I find it, the sim itself was very lagy for me.. hard to walk around when once you take 5 steps your puish back 4.. nice find tho


  2. Hi Robert! Thanks for commenting! I’m sure others had the same trouble so this is a great opportunity to answer your question 🙂 First, I always lower graphics settings when going to a high lag shopping area (any area where there are a lot of gifts to be had is going to be laggy). In addition, it’s a good idea to detach all attachments from your avatar and wear the invisible avatar alpha from your library folder to additionally lower your lag. You’re there to get gifts, you can look fabulous later 😉

    As for finding the gifts, if you know you are looking for something specific, use the area search option and type part of the name into the area search filter (in this case you could type in “forgotten” or “oasis”) and then search for the boats. Cam around until the gift item shows up inside the radar bar of the area search box. Then double click on the item inside the area search box to get a beacon that you can follow to the gift item!

    I hope this helps and that you are able to get the boats. Thanks so much for commenting!