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Midnight Madness is Back!


Midnight Madness is Back!

Let the madness begin! 😛

After a hiatus of a few months, the monthly Midnight Madness event is returning at midnight, 11 March 2017.  

You can check out a preview of this month’s gifts right here.

About Midnight Madness:

  • Fifteen (15) designers take part in the event, offering some fabulous, FREE gifts. Gifts are limited to 1,500 pieces each.
  • Two (2) gifts per designer are offered. The first gift board will go live on Saturday at 12:00 a.m. SLT. The second board goes live on Saturday at noon SLT.
  • If you missed out on a gift you really wanted, be sure to be at the store by noon SLT when the “Last Chance” vendors go live. This will be your last chance to pick up the gifts, and only 250 of each item will be available. Last Chance items are NOT FREE but will be available at a discounted price.
  • IMPORTANT: Security orbs will be up at each store during the event, allowing a maximum Avatar Rendering Cost (ARC) allowance of 50,000. You can check your ARC by going to the Avatar menu > Health > Show Complexity > Render Weights on Avatar (for Firestorm users, go to Avatar > Avatar Health > Show Avatar Complexity Information).

Visit the Midnight Madness website for more information.

Mad Survival Skillz

If you join the free Monthly Midnight Madness in-world group, you will find a “MMM Survival Kit” in the notices. The kit includes a TP HUD (which helps you jump around quickly to the participating stores) and a full-body alpha.

Remember, nobody cares what you look like, so don’t be afraid to use the full-body alpha. You’ll want to get in and out of each store as quickly as possible to grab as many gifts as you can, so keeping lag down is a good thing.

Also, be kind, and don’t linger. The sims fill up fast (sometimes even before the round begins), so once you pick up your gift, TP out so someone else can come in.

Most of all, have fun… and good luck! 😎



Author: Serena Snowfield

Just a girl who loves photography, shopping, coffee, and dogs. Not always in that order.

7 thoughts on “Midnight Madness is Back!

  1. Woot!!! Have fun Ya’ll!!!


  2. Love the full body alpha they give away during this event as it can be used to ninja through other crowded places XD


  3. Great info! May want to add that the free group is now required to collect the gifts. Also, the hiatus was just January so they could get ready for the anniversary round in February.


  4. Me too, Sheidey! It’s like my childhood dream of invisibility finally came true! 😉


  5. I fell asleep and missed the midnight round, but the noon round really wasn’t too bad. I managed to pick up all the gifts except one, but only because the board was laggy, and I just didn’t feel like waiting around. Hope you were able to grab some of the great gifts, Ruby! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Really? I thought the December and February rounds were also canceled but I must have just missed them. The group tag was required at most of the shops, but not all. I actually forgot to put mine on, but still managed to pick up a few gifts without it. Thanks for the update, Clover! 🙂


  7. This was my second Midnight Madness! Its soooo much fun and its so great of the designers to share their art with us!!! I’m 2 hours ahead of SLT, so yeah its a late night. But I get so excited I can’t sleep!! xx

    Liked by 1 person

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