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Sticker fun


Sticker fun

All about those stickers

When I was a kid, stickers were ‘serious business.’ Every other kid I knew was collecting them (the puffy ones are the best, don’t let anyone tell you different) or trading them or just plain showing them off in their fancy sticker books (-ahem-). Fast forward years ahead and stickers are still part of my every day. They’re used as rewards now but sometimes they get caught on clothes or in my hair or maybe even on my face.  The new Fabulously Free in SL group gift by Pink Passion reminded me of such days and since I’m always one to collect unique and cute accessories, there was no way I’d let this free gift slip me by. Put away your makeup layers or your tattoos or scars, stickers are the way to go! I adore how cute and well detailed these cupcakes are (just look at the sprinkles on the yellow one!) but another thing to love is that these stickers are compatible across all avatar types as they are attachments and not appliers or classic layers. You’ll be able to edit the stickers to move them around on your face (not individually, however) and permissions are set to mod and copy so you can make as many backups as you like. This adorable gift from Pink Passion is free and of course getting your FabFree group tag comes at no cost as well. While you’re at the store and have an empty group slot, consider joining the free Pink Passion store group. There are group gifts, lucky letters and a midnight mania board to take advantage of for group members.

 Do you hear that echo?

It’s saying that the gorgeous Marina skin is available for free at the .Ecko. main store. She has such a mysterious look about her, though that dark eye makeup isn’t at all over the top thanks to beautifully neutral lip color. I really love freckles on skin in Second Life and Marina was a great addition to my fast growing collection. The Marina skin folder contains the following:

  • One system skin layer
  • Belleza mesh body applier
  • Loud Mouth applier

You’ll need the Teleport Hub group tag to snag Marina for yourself and luckily enough the group is currently having a free join exercise until the 15th of this month because it’s holding a giveaway for group members. Curious as to what this giveaway is? Join the group to find out but don’t forget to grab your free new skin on the way. While you’re at .Ecko. click on the sub-o to remain up to date on new releases and other goodies from the store. It won’t cost a group slot and there are gifts available to sub-o subscribers. Be sure to also grab .Ecko.’s FabFree group gift too okaaaayyy?

And that’s a wrap. I’m going to see if I can dig out my old sticker collection…catch you guys later!




On Sheidey…

Skin- .Ecko. Marina (0L/Teleport Hub Group Gift/No joining fee till the 15th)
Hair – Blues Riviera (Past FLF)
Eyes –  Mesange Athena (0L/No group tag required)
Accessories –  Pink Passion Cupcake Sticker Set (0L/Fabulously Free in SL group gift/No joining fee required)
Pose: Elephante

Sim: Private Location


Author: Sheidey Aislean

Hi! My name's Sheidey but please just call me Edi. Still changing. Still learning. Feel free to say hello!

5 thoughts on “Sticker fun

  1. I had a purple Trapper Keeper full of stickers. I also had two little sisters who were ALWAYS getting in them.

    My favorite were the smelly kind. I would scratch n sniff so much they stopped sniffing. 😀

    Gotta love the old days.


  2. Ooo you’re right XD The scented ones are great! Those days were so much simpler. Lol

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  3. My favourite scratch and sniff stickers were black licorice and pickle! Weird… I know lol.


  4. You had pickle scratch and sniffs? o.0 I just got stuck with boring old strawberry.