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Sitting Pretty


sitting pretty_001

Hunting for Frosting.

I made a couple stops along the trail of the Frosting Hunt and found a couple of gems to share with you. My first stop was Prism, where I picked up my outfit. It includes this excellent pair of suede pants and the lovely off the shoulder pink sweater. Each piece is separate and comes in all the standard mesh sizes with a good alpha layer. For just 1L and a little hunting time to find the snowflake, this gem of an outfit can be yours.

Sitting pretty.

I also stopped by Kitty Creations because I was in need of a furniture pick-me-up. The Frosting Hunt prize there is this lovely braided rug as well as this nicely patterned black ottoman which includes quite a few very nice unisex sits. The rug is copiable, but the ottoman is no copy. However for only 1L, if you want more than one of this gorgeous ottoman, it won’t break the bank to hunt down the snowflake and buy more than one copy of this Frosting Hunt prize at Kitty Creations.


Astrid (Portia Swords) is wearing…

Body – Maitreya – Lara
Head – Catwa Head – Tumble
Head Applier – Glam Affair – Pia
Eyes – IKON Hope Eyes – Wight
Hair – Truth – Essena
Lipstick – Avenge – Mat Lipstick applier for Catwa – pinky
Outfit – Prism – Janessa by Journey (1L for the Frosting Hunt)
Shoes – E-Clipse – Oxford Brown Common Shoes

The Stuff…

Ottoman & Rug – Kitty Creations – Sadie Dubratt – Casual Ottoman & Multi-colored Braided Rug (1L for the Frosting Hunt)

Sim Location – Private

Astrids Signature

Author: Astrid de Manyet

I write and stuff!

15 thoughts on “Sitting Pretty

  1. /me steals your lavender plants! Very nice!


  2. /me is suddenly pantless! 😉


  3. I fixed my typo really fast lol I meant PLANTS!! (goes to the naughty corner for originally stealing Astrid’s pants)


  4. This is why I blog instead of emote stripping. I’d be all doing the wrong things .


  5. Is laughing so hard. Stealing my pants was funnier!


  6. How are you having a conversation about stealing pants and i haven’t gotten involved yet? I must be slipping….


  7. Just don’t slip out of your pants!


  8. I’m with Love about sticking to blogging and not emoting. Lord knows where my pants would end up. lol


  9. I think that’s a safe bet for us all 😀

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  10. To answer your question Carson… When I left the comment, I made a typo and said I was stealing her lavender pants… Then I went back when I re-read it later and saw I stole her pants instead of her plants and edited the comment hoping that nobody noticed. hmmpffh


  11. Everyone noticed… /me is glad he doesn’t own lavender pants


  12. (typing very carefully) /me hangs her head in shame.


  13. Why are you hanging your bed?


  14. Caused less trouble than stealing pants!


  15. This has become a typo fest… just chuckles and leaves it all here for everyone to enjoy.