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Today’s Top 10 Hunts


HUNT SL Marketplace HuntGood morning fabulous friends! Here’s a listing of what’s hot in the hunt world today: Tuesday, March 29.

The rather unique Marketplace Hunt has been very popular of late. In this hunt you don’t have to run around in-world. All the prizes are on the marketplace. All you need do is go from one marketplace store to the next and look for the specially marked items. It’s pretty cool.

If you’re still in bunny/egg mode, there are a few Easter hunts still on the grid, but don’t delay because these will be ending very soon.

Just a reminder, that these are the 10 most popular viewed hunts over the past 48 hours or so. We don’t know how many people actually start (or finish) any given hunt and this ranking can (and probably will) change in a few hours.

See you out on the hunt!

Xia Name Card

Author: David Peterson


2 thoughts on “Today’s Top 10 Hunts

  1. marketplace hunt mostly free? lie is free


  2. So, I checked out your claim that the phrase “mostly free” is a lie, because everyone here at Fab Free takes extra care to make sure we post information correctly. First, I want to point out that the one place that said “mostly free” isn’t even a Fab Free site, it’s the Marketplace Hunt’s website. Second, I checked the first 2 Marketplace stores listed on the Marketplace Hunt site, and the first store on the list has a 5 linden item, which is not free. The second shop’s item was 0 linden, or definitely free. So the Marketplace Hunt could certainly be considered “mostly free”. No lies here.