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March Comes In Like A Rabbit!

whc ashburylavarock 1

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Here we are in March with a whole new set of hunts and group gifts to pick up! When you do what I do, the beginning of a new month is always the most exciting period. Don’t forget what they say: March comes in like a rabbit, scurrying around picking up free gifts, and goes out like a rabbit, too! A much heavier one, weighed down with a glut of new inventory items, but still a rabbit!

Ashbury Designs is a very nice place to get male clothes. They are on my list of must visits at the beginning of a new month, and for good reason. Ashbury Designsfree group gifts have a way of making a home for themselves in my inventory and certainly their current one is a fine example. The Ace Military Shirt is a one piece mesh combo. Comprised of an open blue denim shirt with a very subtle camouflage pattern and a black T-Shirt, it is a simple look which looks very real-world plausible. Comfortable looking, it comes in 3 Mesh sizes, 2 Fitmesh and one Fitmesh for TMP bodies. The shade of blue of the shirt is beautiful and the detail and texture is extremely attractive! This is one free group gift you definitely should not pass up.

Lavarock has a new store and I am truly happy to welcome them back! For those of you who read my autobiography, you will recall I became a blogger partially because of a great free group gift Lavarock produced. I simply did not have enough friends on SL to tell about it, so I began blogging! I was thrilled when my editor, Andi, told me there was a new group gift in their store and I assure you it is excellent! The Urban Male Sneakers are a pair of Hi-top shoes for regular avy feet, so everyone can wear them if they like. In fact, since there is a woman’s version out in the women’s area at Lavarock as well, nearly everyone can wear them! They are Mesh and extremely cool. The most spectacular thing about them is the texture change hud! These sneakers come with a MONSTER HUD which gives you access to 15 sneaker textures, 5 laces, 5 tongues, 5 straps, 6 sock variations including hide and 2 sole colors. EPIC work on the hud, Lavarock. Thank you very much! For a free group gift, a hud like this is rare and these shoes are going to be keepers. Go get ‘em, people!

That’s all for me tonight. Rest assured I will be hopping around the grid picking up more freebies and cheapies tomorrow. Until then, I hope you take advantage of all the fun Second Life has to offer. See you on the grid!—–WHC Riler

WHC is wearing…


Denim Shirt – Ashbury Designs Ace Military Shirt w/ Tee (Free Group Gift / 0L / Free Group )
Sneakers – Lavarock Urban Male Sneakers w/HUD(Free Group Gift / 0L / Free Group )

Skin – Belleza Mathieu
Hair – Dura *Dura-Boy*59(Black)
Eyes – Poetic Colors Summer Sky Eyes – Beach Night (Free Gift / 0L )
Pose – Pics n Poses Contemplating
Jeans – LC Designs Men’s Skinny Jeans (from Inventory)



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Hi There Fab Free! It’s been a while since I showed off some pretty under things. Blacklace recently put out this delicate, lovely black and tan lingerie set as a FREE group gift. The set includes each piece on a system layer, as well as an Omega applier hud for various combinations so that the lingerie can still be worn with or without each part. I love the vintage feel to this set, and the semi sheer tan fabric is incredibly pretty. The Blacklace group has a one time join fee of 99 lindens. After joining the group you can get this gorgeous gift by either checking past notices, or heading over to the Blacklace main location.

Here are the details, Enjoy!

Hair little bones. Queen – Past Group Gift *Originally Shown Here

Skin –  [theSkinnery] Sienna (Catwa Skin Applier) champagne

Head – CATWA HEAD Gwen *Additional Expression HUD Sold Separately 

Lingerie – ~Blacklace~ Hanky Panky – Beige Vintage Set w/ Omega Hud – FREE Group Gift/Group is 99L to Join

Body & Hands – Maitreya – Lara

FireplaceRoawenwood – {RW} Tarkhan Fireplace

Wall SconceRoawenwood – {RW} Tarkhan Wall Sconce – Short Candle

*Pose by An Lar


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Goddess on the mountain top…..

Hello again, my FabFree Folks! I have returned from a quick holiday all rested and refreshed and ready to get back on the grid!

Goddess on the mountain top

I got back just in time to jump into the latest round of March hunts starting off with my favorite -> The Twisted Hunt. The Spring theme is “Odyssey” and the colors are black and gold. I started my quest with Roped Passion’s and the mini side hunt that starts there.  Roped Passion’s main hunt gift are the winged sandals I’m wearing. The prize contains both a male and a female version for SLink flat feet and for Maitreya feet. They are just the appetizer for the feast of prizes to come in the side hunt.

Once you find the sandals in their spinning cube, go to the treasure chest and receive your HUD for the “Wind orbs” side hunt. The HUD will take you to the crypt with it’s nine doors, each containing a well hidden orb with a prize. Once you’ve found all nine, click the big table in the center of the crypt and it will teleport you to one last room with three more un hidden prizes.

Goddess on the mountain top

Anachon has joined Roped Passion’s in placing gifts in the crypt for the mini hunt and that is where you’ll find the rest of my “Hermes” outfit. Anachon has supplied the gorgeous “Homeward Star Chiton” while Roped Passion’s designed the staff and the head dress.  Anachron is also the designer for my “Compass necklace.” Which, by the way is the shape of the HUD for the side hunt. The Dark Fae has also placed prizes (not shown here) in the orbs for hunters.

The Twisted Hunt: Odyssey runs until March 31st so get your hunt on… twisted style!


~ * ~ * ~* ~

Skin Lumae – Tinselberry
Hands + Feet + Nails Slink mesh Casual Hands + SLink Flat Feet + Basic Nail HUD
Eyes IKON – Hope Eyes in Field and Passion
Hair – Sentinus hair – Charlane
Pose – Kirin

Dress – Anachron – Homeward Star Chiton – (FREE/0L/ prize for the Twisted Hunt in the Roped Passion’s Side Hunt)

Shoes – Roped Passion’s – Hermes Sandals – (FREE/0L/prize for the Twisted Hunt)

Head Piece – Roped Passion’s – Winged Head Piece — (FREE/0L/ prize for the Twisted Hunt in the Roped Passion’s Side Hunt)

Staff – Roped Passion’s – Hermes Staff — (FREE/0L/ prize for the Twisted Hunt in the Roped Passion’s Side Hunt)

Jewelry – Anachron – Compass Necklace — (FREE/0L/ prize for the Twisted Hunt in the Roped Passion’s Side Hunt)



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Spoil Yourself Wicked

I’m going to tell you how to spoil yourself wicked today! By the end of this post, you’ll have an inventory full of new outfits, and a new hair too!

Mina is generously offering a new VIP group gift right now, that is a must have. I’m sporting it in all of the pictures below. It is FREE to group members. The group is 200L to join, but your fee gets you a monthly group gift for both men and women. This gift comes in a full fatpack of colors, regular female fit, busty fit, and a flat chested male version as well! It’s spot on for style and for a full fatpack, your 200L is worth it for this one hair alone!

Spoiled Wicked 1

The Women’s Stuff Hunt has started! \0/ It will run from March 1 – March 31, so you’ll have time to hit all the stops (it’s a massive hunt!) if you start now! I started at Wicked and am sporting their 1L gift in the picture above. It is this sassy full outfit called Liz and includes the top which is a shirt and jacket one piece combo, the shorts and the bracelet. The outfit comes in all the standard mesh sizes as well as Maitreya, Belleza, and Slink fits! To get this pirate booty, just look for the little red T-shirt. You know the drill!

Spoiled Wicked 2

While you are hunting for that little red T-shirt at Wicked… make sure you also look for a little glow stick. If you find it, you’ve found the 1L gift that Wicked is giving for the Sour Pickles Hunt! Like the Women’s Stuff Hunt, you’ll have until March 31st. In the picture above, you can see another hunt gift that is the full kit and caboodle. You’ll get the skirt, top, and bracelets in your gift box for that 1L little sum. It too is all the standard mesh sizes as well as Maitreya, Belleza, and Slink fits!

Spoiled Wicked 3

Since you are already at Wicked, why not pick up the FREE group gifts? The group is FREE to join, and currently there are three very generously gorgeous group gifts set out for group members. Above, I’m wearing the FREE Hannah jumpsuit in black. It includes a color change hud for the belt which offers many color change options for the belt itself and a separate menu to change the color of the buckle to add versatility to this black jumper. This one piece outfit comes in all the standard mesh sizes.

Spoiled Wicked 4

If you are in the mood for romance, you’ll want to pick up this group gift called Arya Flower Dress in white. It is a softly feminine floral print dress that is also a FREE group gift at the moment. A while back, Juli showed it to us HERE in army green. So if you missed it then, or already have it, now is your chance to own it in this pretty flowery print!

Spoiled Wicked 5

There’s one more giftie to show you! Make sure you pick up the Olivia sweater in blush with its color change hud. The hud offers a myriad of color change options for the shirt under the sweater, changing the color of the cuffs and collar of the shirt underneath. You can also hide the shirt part entirely if you prefer. Like the other group gifts, this gift is FREE to group members.

If you take a peek around the corner at the main-store at Wicked, you will also find a mini midnight mania board that is FREE to slap, as well as two FREE lucky letter boards. There are just so many ways to spoil yourself at Wicked!


Astrid (Portia Swords) is wearing…

All Outfits:
Body – Maitreya – Lara
Hands – Slink
Head – LeLutka – Simone w/ base Glam Affair skin color Assia applier (included) used
Eyes – IKON Hope Eyes – Wight
Hair – Mina – Guusje Ombres VIP Group Gift (0L/FREE to VIP Group Members/Group is 200L to Join)

Outfit 1:
Outfit – Wicked – Liz (1L for the Women’s Stuff Hunt)

Outfit 2:
Outfit – Wicked – Rave Gurl Outfit – Reign (1L for the Sour Pickles Hunt)

Outfit 3:
Outfit – Wicked – Hannah Jumpsuit in Black (0L/FREE to Group Members/Group is FREE to Join)

Outfit 4:
Outfit – Wicked – Arya Flower Dress in White (0L/FREE to Group Members/Group is FREE to Join) first modeled HERE in army green by Juli

Outfit 5:
Sweater – Wicked – Olivia Sweater in Blush (0L/FREE to Group Members/Group is FREE to Join)
Pants – Coco – Wide Leg Jeans

Poses by Belle Epoque

Sim Location – The Ghost Town by MadPea

Astrids Signature