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FabFree Fall Finale Photo Challenge is on!


Hey FabFree Folks!


I know y’all are waiting for the weekend to get those Fabulous Fall Fotos shot and submitted to the Challenge… right? Well, the weekend is here so get those cameras warmed up! We have a fantastic prize for you from More than Ever this round. A 1000L store credit AND an exclusive color new item! How can you refuse?

Just show off what you love most about the Fall season and you can win big!

 Make sure y’all include “FabFree Photo Challenge” somewhere in the pic’s title so I know to add you to the Flickr Pool!   Then, leave your link to your Flickr photo in the comments below!


Here’s how it works:
1. Create a photo inworld based on the theme that is posted here at FabFree.
2. Upload your photo to the FabFree Photo Challenge Flickr Pool by the challenge end date
3. PLEASE Be sure to include “FabFree Photo Challenge” somewhere in the title!
4. Leave a comment on the challenge post with a link to your flickr photo (and blog post if you wish).
5. On November 1st, the winners will be chosen and will be featured on the blog as “The FabFree Photo Challenge Champions”.

1. Your photo must contain at least one absolutely free item. Please put the free item’s name and Designer’s or Shop’s name in the comments section of your photo.

Like this -> “Free thingy” by A Talented Second Life Creator or A Cool Second Life Store.

2. Please keep your photos family friendly (eg. no naughty bits displayed, no graphic violence, nothing you wouldn’t see in a PG rated movie).
3. You may enter as many times as you like.
4. Most of all – have fun, and don’t be afraid to enter. Everyone from all photography levels is welcome to participate.

Good Luck!

Author: Julianna Seriman

Just a girl on the Grid... a sometimes a guy.

5 thoughts on “FabFree Fall Finale Photo Challenge is on!

  1. Hi Guys! Here is my submission.

    Hope I did it right, This is my first try 🙂

    FabFree Photo Challenge Fall Finale!


  2. Hi Jossypants, what a cute picture! What you need to do to enter it in the Challenge is go here to the Flickr page -> https://www.flickr.com/groups/2412130@N20/pool/ Then join the group by clicking the “Join Group” button just to the right of the title. Then you can add your photo to the pool. Just be sure to include “FabFree Photo Challenge” somewhere in the title and list your free item or items and the creator in the comments.


  3. Hi there ladies! Thank you for all the help finding such great freebies! Here is the link to my first entry. Question….do we add the link HERE for all entries, or is posting on your Flickr page enough? Thank so much!!

    I'm Thinking Pumpkin Pie -  FabFree Photo Challenge


  4. Hi ladies! Here is the link to my first entry to the Fall Challenge. Question…. do I post a link here on the blog every time..or is posting the photo on your Flickr page enough? Thank you my fellow freebie lovers!! :))


  5. Hi Jen, love that pic! You can leave the links to each pic in one post here OR just add the pics as you take them to the Flickr page. Really, the big important thing for the contest is “FabFree Photo Challenge” somewhere in the title and the free items plus the store/creator in the description.


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