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Thank You Morgie Hilra, <3 Fab Free!


Welcome to SL by Morgie Hilra

** Photo by Morgana Hilra

Words cannot say how excited I am to share with you, our Fabulous Fab Free Family, this exciting news! When I logged in to Second Life this afternoon, Love Trill told me she’d received some amazing news. Another great blogger, Morgana Hilra took the time and effort to make a fantastic little video on her blog So Hawt SL. Her blog post featured Fabulously Free in SL along with several other great locations where new and established Second Life residents can find free and inexpensive high quality items in Second Life. In her very well done video Morgie (Morgana Hilra) does an amazing job of showcasing the following locations: COCO, Zenith, Free*Style, The Free Dove, and of course Fab Free Headquarters!

Below is a link to her original blog post with the video. I really hope you’ll take the time to view it.

Welcome Guide for New Second Life Residents (Ft. Fab Free in SL) – So Hawt SL  by Morgie Hilra 

A big thank you to Morgie, and her great review of Fab Free!


9 thoughts on “Thank You Morgie Hilra, <3 Fab Free!

  1. Thank you so much for this post! I am so happy that you enjoyed the vblog. I have always loved this blog as well as, Fabfree Headquarters. What you guys do, is amazing. Keep up the awesome work! xo


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  3. On behalf of everyone at Fab Free, including myself, thank you! It has taken a lot of work and effort from all our past and current bloggers, to the most recent Organizer Love Trill, now myself, and the fantastic designers. Fab Free requires a small army of awesome people, and it’s fans and fellow Second Life residents like you that make it all worth while.


  4. So amazing! I watched the video and this is just wonderful to see! So thrilling! ❤


  5. Thanks Morgie! That is fab and so nice you included us at fabfree!


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  7. You’re very welcome! 😀


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