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It’s An Epic Facebook Offer!


*Epic* Facebook-PROMO

I came across an EPIC ad that I thought you all might be interested in seeing 🙂  This info is copy/pasted straight from their FB page:

:Like Us + Join Us = Free Store Credit for everyone! That’s right, like us on Facebook, then join the We LIKE Epic group in-world (It’s FREE), and get 1L in store credit for EVERY LIKE! The next store credit present will be awarded sometime next month in February! (The group will be CLOSED when gifts & store credit presents are available.) A group joiner is also available in the main store lobby. HAPPY NEW YEAR! \o/

Epic’s Like Page: https://www.facebook.com/EpicInSL
We LIKE Epic: secondlife:///app/group/c0225e8a-884d-f99b-7f2d-73f2368feb1a/about
Epic: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Vanima%20Nore/…/149/24

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Author: Love Trill

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8 thoughts on “It’s An Epic Facebook Offer!

  1. Facebook has been removing the accounts of “fictitious” people, ie those which are avatars and not registered under real names and dates. I have heard of at least two which were removed because of this.


  2. Are you saying this is a fake account?


  3. I am just reporting the way it is. I don’t think the issue is the photo of the avatar in a real account. Many do that. It is just that Facebook is trying to make its statistics as accurate as it can. So if you were born, for example, on your rezz date, THAT is suspicious. Those types of accounts will probably not be around long. Facebook is a data mine for research and they don’t want it mixed in with fantasy.


  4. It’s a Like Page, not a personal page. Plus I already went through FB issues 2 years ago when my account was in question.


  5. ah yes. There have been several SL accounts who have been removed due to their TOS, but I have no idea how they are deciding what is a real account and what is not. This is a valid offer though – I just share the news!


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  7. I had an account on FB but removed it before they removed it because I knew it would not pass their tests. I don’t know how many others are in the same position. Just saying that FB may not be the best place for avatars.


  8. I am finding https://avatarsocialnetwork.com to be a nice Facebook alternative its very Avatar friendly ..made for us actually