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Fab Advice – Edition #16




QUESTION #1:  Fitted mesh is finally here and it’s awesome! The issue is I’m seeing only a few designers offering quality clothes for it, and even less for free/cheap. Does FabFree have a list of current goodies?!

Love Says:  Fitted Mesh is something that I admit I haven’t explored yet.  I am still on an older version of Firestorm that doesn’t allow me to even view it, so all I see are giant boxes lol.  I will brave the upgrade soon, so I can try it out…  I am just afraid to upgrade because I have to re-do all of my photography settings again lmao.  I will make note of your question and see if I can’t find some fitted mesh gifts to show soon.

Pru Says:  I wish I did! Hopefully some of the other FabFree Staff/Readers maybe have some information on where to find some great deals on the new fitted mesh. One thing I will say is that it took a little while for me to start seeing real quality regular mesh items back when mesh was still new. So with that in mind, it may be a little bit before we start to really see awesome examples of fitted mesh gifts/freebies.

Xiu Says:  Hi and great question!  I don’t think we have a list yet…it is still pretty new to us as well…but it is and excellent idea to start keeping a list of places that do offer it.  I’ve only tried a few Fitted Mesh items on and was not crazy about the pointed hips, however I did just pick up the Fitted Mesh avatar and it shows tremendous promise.  I haven’t yet tried any Fitted Mesh items on it yet…but I am interested to see how it all works (or not) together.  If you are interested in the Fitted Mesh avatar, it is called the Wowmeh – Mesh Body and you can find it on the Marketplace.  It is really well done!  Thanks for asking and if you find any places to start our list off, or just to share with the other FF readers, please send us the information! ❤ ❤


QUESTION #2:  After reading the FF blog lately, it has come to my attention that I should have some mesh Slink feet.  I am about to purchase one pair of slink feet.  I can’t afford more than that right now.  Which ones do you get the most wear out of, and where are your fave places to get add-on shoes?

Love Says:  I have all three of the mesh feet (flat, mid and high) and I would say that I have probably worn my flat feet the most, but recently with all of the new slink-add on heels I have been wearing my mid shoes more.  I only have a couple pairs of shoes that work with the high feet.  If you are a more casual sandal type person, go with the flat feet and check out Pure Poison for a great selection of summer sandals.  If you prefer a heels, go for the mid – and check out Essenz.  I am a bit of a slink add-on shoe addict these days.  I can’t control myself!  I am just so excited that there is no more colour matching and fat ankles (cankles!!).  Keep your eyes on the blog to find more great shops in SL offering slink-add ons 😉

Pru Says:  I only have the “mid” level, cause like a lot of people, I can’t really afford to have more. I will say I often wish I had a pair of the “high” Slink feet as well, simply because I see cute high heels and platform style shoes that are for the “high” feet. Still, I feel like I have good use out of my “mid” feet as well. I honestly like them bare, I run around sl in my bare feet a lot! lol I don’t own many pairs of slink shoes, but the ones I have from a store called Scrub are my favorite so far. Here’s the LM – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SCRUB/143/61/30

Xiu Says:  Congratulations on deciding to go with the Slink mesh feet!  It took me a while to get them and I would have to say it is a toss up which I use more.  I use the flat feet more and more because a lot of stores are creating adorable sandals for the upcoming Summer Season…but I can’t resist a sexy heel that requires the high Slink feet.  Right now my favorite place to get the flat feet sandals is Pure Poison and for the high feet heels, ieQED makes drop dead sexy, ultra feminine heels.  Both designers are very generous…Pure Poison with her group members (still free to join) and ieQED with their subscrib-o members…so they are both worth checking out!  Good luck and enjoy your new feet! ❤ ❤


QUESTION #3:  I am curious if you keep all the colors of hair in your fatpacks or if you delete to reduce inventory counts.  I have hard time deleting, but I will never wear most of these colors.  Maybe it best to delete them?

Love Says:  I hope you weren’t counting on me to say it’s ok to delete the colours you don’t usually wear lol, because I just can’t bring myself to delete good hair!  I love that most of the newer styles come with a HUD that only takes up a few items in your inventory instead of 25.  The only reason I delete any hair in my inventory is if I find that it has outdated and I know I won’t wear it again.  I never delete hair on account of colour because who knows when I will change my mind and decide to go red or black or pink even, and then I will be kicking myself for deleting it all.  If you are looking to reduce your inventory, look first for old landmarks, notecards and delivery scripts.  I find that I always have way too many of those in my inventory.  SAVE THE HAIR!

Pru Says:  I have boxed up the hairs I don’t wear but can’t bring myself to delete. I feel like I am constantly “organizing” or cleaning out my inventory. I hate to have it cluttered. I do have a rule however, that if it’s been 6 months to a year since I wore it last, it is probably safe to delete.

Xiu Says:  Fabulous question!  I don’t buy a lot of fatpacked hair…because I usually stick with black, white blond or pink.  However, even in those packs, there are colors in that spectrum I won’t likely wear.  I never delete them though…fo no other reason except I just don’t do it.  Someday I might…goodness knows…my inventory would thank me for it!
❤ ❤


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Author: Love Trill

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2 thoughts on “Fab Advice – Edition #16

  1. #1 Fitmesh is relatively new, so it is not so widespread yet, but available items are increasing. I bought some, and I’m liking Fithmesh very much! It is a pity that LL didn’t release it earlier or another deformer, because now my inventory is already filled with those standard sized clothes and my shaping freedom is already constrained, but hopefully I will replace them with time, so that I will have my freedom back. Of course you can use multiple shapes too, but to me personally is annoying when I make a change to have to change two shapes. Even so, physics works with Fithmesh, so it may worth it anyway, for who likes that.

    #2 SMC (lucky boards blogged in FF) offers a smart alternative: socks! Flat, mid, high. Of course it isn’t nice with every kind of shoes, but some might. Moreover, although SLink did an excellent job, I wish there were different feet and toes shapes and that my shoes aren’t locked in to a single feet maker. At the Skin fair (a couple of months ago) I found hands and feet for free from the Mesh Project (they are flat, mid, high as well), plus some sample shoes: they look promising and they are made by a consortium of developers as far as I understood (I might be wrong), but they don’t seem compatible with SLink shoes, when I experiment with it. Moreover searching for Mesh Project in the MP isn’t very keyword friendly (I get anything about mesh stuff and projects, while SLink is SLink), so I’m not too optimistic to see many shoes for it, but it would be nice.

    # I do as Pru does, because I can always change my mind, and so my hair color. Or I can use a different color for a costume (e.g. Alice is supposed to be blond), you may never know… so I just box all the colors (or I keep the original box) and they become just one item. I delete an item when I get a better equivalent or when it is obsolete (invis prim shoes, sculpt jackets and gowns, old hair and sfuff with hundred of scripts inside and so on) or that I think they are ugly now.


  2. Regarding the mesh feet the one I love the most is my flat feet, since I love to be barefoot on SL, just like in RL. They are my must have mesh attachment. 🙂 Just thought I’d throw my two cents in. As to inventory, I delete old clothing I no longer care for now that there is mesh before I’ll touch my hair. You never know when a phase will hit. I used to only wear certain shades and now I’m obsessed with being a redhead, which I would never have expected. lol So I second the statement “save the hair”. *laugh*