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Fab Advice – Edition #15

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QUESTION #1:  Hello : i would like 1st to thank you for your FABFREE store and blog its really a big help for me cause i just joined SL.  My question is, can you give me a list of all the Implants (  Boobs & Butts ) where i can find them and wihat is your personal favorite ? I see so many appliers in the clothes folders i get and i dont know what should i get, i dont wanna spend money which i dont have atm to something that is bad.
Thank you

Love Says: Hi!  Thank you for your kind words 🙂  We are so glad we could help you in your introduction to SL.   I wish I could help you out by answering your question, but I don’t wear the implants…  I do have a pair of Lola Tangos, which are getting dusty in my inventory lol because I prefer my basic boobs.  Perhaps the other bloggers will have more info for you!

Xiu Says:  Thank you for the kind words about the FabFree Headquarters and blog…so glad they are places for you to go and find great quality free and low cost items…and WELCOME to SL!
I must bow out of this question with an apology.  I have so many attachments on my body already…I don’t think my poor abie could handle breast or butt implants…I might fall over!  Seriously though…I have no clue what is out there good or bad…and I am sorry I cannot be more helpful.  ❤ ❤

Pru Says:  I only have Lolas Tango, and unfortunately they do not offer demos. (That I am aware of)  I like them pretty well for certain things, but I don’t wear mine all the time. Even sized smaller they make your chest quite large. Mostly I think they are great for pictures, and look good in things like bikinis and lingerie.

Skyler Says:  I can do one better even! http://www.bigboobiebabes.com/ The big boobies babes is another freebie group dedicated completely to the crowd who loves mesh boobs and butts. On their website the have a running list of the current mesh implants (for your top and bottom), a review, and a pro/con list for each! I personally prefer the lolas tangos breasts for functionality, but I prefer the shape of the violet studios vString X_X pack, which works with lolas tangos appliers, and has way more features than any other breasts i’ve seen so far. As far as butts go, I only have the luck inc Cute azz so far, but while I love the cute little bum on it, the thigh gap really bothers me, so I think I’m going to switch to the Ghetto Booty!


QUESTION #2Thank you for your blog.  I read it every day before I log into my pixel minion.  My question for you is – how do hunts work?  I read your posts, and I go to find the item and buy it but how do I do the whole hunt?  I don’t know where to go.

Love Says: 🙂  Thank you for reading FabFree!!  We are honoured to be a part of your daily SL routine.  I think almost all of your hunt questions can be answered on our SL Hunts Page, which you can always find in the tabs at the top of the blog… or at this link – https://fabfree.wordpress.com/sl-hunts-advents/.  Hunts are a whole lot of fun!  It’s a great way to find new stores, and try new things – sometimes absolutely free!  Happy hunting!

Xiu Says:  Lol, thank you for the compliment on the blog and I think I might have to “borrow” your “pixel minion” label for my avie!
Hmmmm this is a bit of a tricky question to answer.  There are so many hunts out on the grid and each one operates a bit differently.  My best advice is to follow Xia Nishi’s blog posts, here on the FabFree blog.  He always provides links to the various hunts.  When you follow those links you will find further information on how to specifically participate in each hunt.  You’ll also find things such as the dates for each hunt and further links to the individual hunt sites…where you will find hints, photos and SLURLS to each designer/creator participating in the hunt.  I hope this helps and happy hunting!

Pru Says:  All hunts are a little different. Usually there will be a landmark to the next location in the gift. So for example, you find gift number one at the “starting” location, there would be a landmark to the next location in the gift from the first/starting location. If it’s a larger hunt, there will usually be a website dedicated to the hunt as well. Generally speaking the websites will have a list usually with surls to the participating hunt locations. Some will even include hints and pictures of the the hunt gifts. There may also be an in world group that is dedicated to the hunt where you can get help and ask questions. When there is a specific hunt I want to do I often will do a “Google” search with the name of the hunt and “Second Life” to try and find a website about the hunt. Another great resource is the Hunt page on the FabFree site. https://fabfree.wordpress.com/sl-hunts-advents/ Fab Free also posts a regular “Hunts” post with a list of most if not all the major hunts going on in SL currently. You can get website information there as well.

Skyler Says:   Hunts are a super fun way to find freebies, and sometimes cheapies. The easiest way to figure out how a hunt works, because hunts can be run in a variety of ways, is to check out an informational website, find one you think sounds interesting, read up on how it works, and then go for it! Most of the time hunts in SL are as simple as finding a prize in a certain store, and then using the LM in the prize folder to get to the next location, and so on, but sometimes it’s more complicated, so make sure to check it out!


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  1. Question #1 specified Boobs and & Butt implants, but just in case the asker isn’t aware (or if someone else might not be), I wanted to point out that there are several other types of “implants” as well: mouth, ears, eyelids, feet, hands, genitals, head, body, full avie… no mesh noses yet though (that I know of xD hehe) But, they can be hard to find sometimes; without bigboobiebabes list, I would have never been able to even locate the Lola store (and I tried my darnest)! And, I still see people asking all the time about how to get there. It would be wonderful if someone could pull together a list like theirs for all mesh body parts, especially since more and more keep coming out relatively quickly.