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Fab Advice – Edition #14




QUESTION #1:  I am a new resident in SecondLife or a “newb” as I have been called and I would like to know how I can get people to speak to me???  Most that I approach see my rez in date and run for the hills. 😦 Thank you for this blog.  I’m sexy this early on in the game  ~ thanks to you.

Love Says:  It’s hard being the new girl/guy in most types of places, and Second Life is no different.  Everything is foreign in this world and it will take time to learn the ropes, and meet your friends and family.  My advice is to just explore different sims, join groups you find interest in and be friendly  but respectful :).  If you IM someone and they don’t respond, just move on.  Not everyone is in SL to meet people.  Some come to escape for peace and quiet!   Thank you for your kind words regarding the FabFree Blog – we are glad to help!

Xiu Says:  First, welcome to SL!  I would suggest finding things that you enjoy…such as music, art, books, poetry, education, building etc.  Then look for groups to join that focus on those activities…for example Builder’s Brewery has been around forever and it is a fantastic place to meet people while exploring the amazing plethora of FREE classes they offer.  You can find a directory of their classes, like photography, jewelry making, clothing design etc., right at their landing point.  Join Facebook and start chatting people up there or start following blogs that feature posts about activities and places to see around the grid.  Daniel Voyager, Quan Lavender and Eddi Haskell all have fantastic blogs that feature an amazing array of activities and places to visit on their blogs; you can also friend them on Facebook to help get you started with making connections there. If you’re into photography, there is a HUGE presence and a ton of SL groups you can join on Flickr; where you can meet fellow SLers and establish connections there. I’m not covering dance clubs, though it is a great place to see people, I think there are better places to truly meet people and make friends.  You can also find lots of opportunities, through reading the Linden Labs updates on the SL dashboard, to volunteer for events…where you will be helping others AND making friends!  Good luck and have fun! ❤ ❤


QUESTION #2:  what are some fun and free activities to do in SL?

Love Says:  Almost everything in Second Life is free!  There are of course some things that cost money… like shopping and there are fees to enter a small amount of sims, but many, many fun activities are free!  Freebie shopping of course is one of my favourites, but you can also visit events, attend live shows, visit clubs, go to poetry readings, and open mic nights!  There are also amusement parks and RP sims if you are into that kind of thing!

Xiu Says:  My favorite activities are exploring and sailing…well shopping also, but that isn’t always free lol.  For sailing…look for Sailor’s Cove or Fisher’s Island Yacht Club…both are public places connected to the Bake Sea.  You will be able to find a lot of information on sailing, classes for sailing, racing, and various sailing groups you can join to become more involved with sailing.  You can also get a free starter boat at those locations.  As for exploring…there is the SL Destination Guide where you can find great places to explore; many also have great interactive things to do, at their location, as well.  You can also do a search for Quan Lavender and Eddi Haskell…both individuals have really great SL travel blogs; where you will find so many great places to explore and activities to enjoy!  If you like RP (Role Play), there are TONS of places you can explore and often you will be able to get started for free.  If you’d like to try flying in SL…do a search for airfields…they will often have temp rezzers where you can rez a plane or helicopter and fly around the Blake Sea.  There are also a ton of Art Galleries, Exhibits, Museums, Educational Centers and Live Music venues…use your search option and enter those key words/phrases into it…you’ll be surprised how many places there are to have FREE fun! ❤ ❤



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2 thoughts on “Fab Advice – Edition #14

  1. There are some people, like myself, that love to help newbies get started. It is a pleasure to start them off and see what happens to them in a couple of months.


  2. I guess I don’t pay too much attention to rez dates when talking to a new person. I help when I can and offer advice. I only run for the hills when they ask for nude pics or some ‘pose ball quality time’. I have actually met some really nice people who just need a helping hand and a little guidance. if i hadn’t gotten advice,I’d still be in my “girl next door” avatar on Orientation Island. We were all noobs once.