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On The Runway With Baboom Couture

Snapshot_001Good evening Fabulouses!  I completed The Runway Perfect Hunt yesterday and am just digging through my folder of goodies this evening.  I will be showing you several of the hunt prizes over the next week or so because I am just so excited about the haul!  There are a ton of formal and haute couture type items to be found in this hunt, for both women and men.  The Runway Perfect Hunt continues until the end of April.  Each prize is 5L, and you can find an example of the hunt icon, hints and slurls [HERE].

Tonight I am displaying the mesh Witch Gown which is just one of the hunt prizes that can be found at Baboom Couture.  A male prize is also available.  I didn’t open the guy stuff up, but if it’s anything like this beautiful gown, it’s bound to be awesome too.

Love is wearing…

Skin – PXL Creations Sophia
Eyes – IKON Vanity Eyes Grey

Hair – D!va Manon
 Hands by Slink
Gown – Baboom Couture Witch Gown (5L / TRPH)
 Poses by Glitterati
Sim – Basilique



A Guest Blog By NannyBunny GossipGirl

A Guest Blog By NannyBunny GossipGirl of TopFashionista, originally blogged here.

So I was felling a little bit sexy the other day and I decided to go shopping for new lingerie, but I found out Ashmoot was giving away this beautiful lingerie set as a group gift. For all of you that are into implants, this lingerie set comes with Lolas Tango appliers.

On the other hand I always asked myself how people do a picture with their hair falling down, so I went to different stores and found this amazing hair from Argrace that comes also with poses to get the perfect picture with it. Probably you have it or seen it already but I wanted so bad to show you anyways.


Hair: Saki by Argrace – Rika Oyen
Lingerie Set: Dolly Lingerie by Ashmoot – Kristabel Ashmoot
Pose: From Saki by Argrace – Rika Oyen

Fab Advice – Edition #13



QUESTION #1:  What is your succession for best environment setting that its bright but doesnt alter my feet skin.  Atm i am using firestorm and the problem is with mesh shoes/feet. Even tho im using the hud for skin much the skin doesnt look same in all the places ( only shoes it doesnt effect my slink hands ).  I have to have environments setting – Default – midday to see the skin same everywhere but  this setting its 2 dark for me.

Love Says: The first thing I would address is… Are you using a face or body light?  Those can effect how your skin matches up with prim add-ons. If you have a face or body light, my suggestion is to take it off.  Also check to see if the environment you are standing in has any extra lighting that may interfere.  All the lighting you’ll ever need is in your windlight settings!  My personal favourite for day to day is Brees Appleblossom because it is really bright and takes away most of the shading.  Everything I need to see is crisp and clear, and everything matches on my screen, at least.  For photography, I am no help.  I use a wide range of settings for pictures, and will flip through them endlessly for an hour before I decide on the right one!

Serena Says:  For just wandering around SL, I use a custom windlight I call No Shadows, which removes all the ugly shadows and let’s me see everything better. It doesn’t always display skin colors well, so I never use it for photographs. For good skin color, I recommend Annan Adored Optimal Skin. I use this one a lot for skin photos.

Pru Says:  I would suggest just trying a few settings out. One thing about computer screens is that things look a little different from one screen to the next. I personally like to use Clawl a lot. I feel like it makes a big difference. A friend of  mine however prefers Annan Adored Optimal Skin. I hope that helps! 🙂

Skyler Says:  I use CALWL or nam’s optimal skin & prim as my WL setting when I need things to match. You can also try playing with the day slider at the bottom of the quick preferences box, it will move the sun around and help with the darkness, although on midday the sun is directly overhead, and the slider doesn’t do too much. Also, make sure you have your shaders enabled, as that effects the way the slink hands and feet look, and the way they match up.

Xiu Says:  I use Firestorm also, but without knowing how you actually have your preference set up…it is difficult to advise you as to what windlight is best for skin.  There are several wonderful windlights in the Firestorm Viewer that show skin and clothing beautifully…but it starts with how you set up your graphics preferences.  From what you have mentioned, it sounds like you may need to enable a few things in your graphics preferences before you choose which windlight you want to use.  On the menu at the top of your screen choose “avatar”, then in the drop box choose “preferences”.  Once you have the preferences box open go to “graphics”, in the graphics box, under the “general” tab, I keep my Performance slider set halfway between mid and high on the slider.  Make sure under the “shaders” you have all boxes ticked except for “advanced lighting model” (I only use that when I am taking high rez photos…it uses a lot of your system resources and can create a lot of lag for you).  You especially want to make sure you have the “Atmospheric” and “Basic” shaders boxes ticked…this is usually where people encounter issues with their skin not matching with their “add on” feet, hands and shoes.  If you don’t have the shaders enabled…it can make the add-on items not look as blended as they should.  Once you have checked to make sure you have all those boxes ticked…make sure you hit the “apply” button at the bottom of the graphics box and then hit the ok button.  If you forget to do this…your graphics will revert to the previous settings you had before you made the changes.  Now, as to my favorite windlights…for skin…I like StrawberrySingh.com Closeups ( I usually have this on most of the time)…I also like Anan Adored Optimal Skin no shadows and Nam’s Optimal skin and Prim.  To keep the windlights from changing every time you teleport, you can go back to you preferences and under the “Firestorm” tab…go to “Windlight” and un-tick the box that says “Automatically change environment to use region/parcel settings”.  Once you do this, make sure you hit the apply button at the bottom of the preferences panel and then hit ok.  Now your chosen windlight setting should stay the same no matter where you teleport to.  You can also quickly change your windlight settings under the “quick preferences” button on the bottom menu bar…located all the way over in the corner to YOUR right…it has the Firestorm symbol on it.  Click it and you sill see that you can change your windlights from that box…just make sure you un-tick the “Use Region Windlight” box first. Hope this helps ❤



QUESTION #2: I’m curious how much you photo shop your pictures to make them look so pretty.  Sometimes I pick up gifts I see on your blog and then they don’t look as good to me as they do in the picture. Thank you.

Love Says:  I don’t even own photoshop!  I use a free online program called Picmonkey to crop, add my name, and very small lighting adjustments if they are required.  On occasion I might touch up a harsh line or add a little focus blur to feature a particular item, but the free version of Picmonkey doesn’t allow for much lol.  I think it might be  a fun hobby to d/l photoshop and play around with some photos adding those cute little sun spots and bits of stray hair etc, and I may in the future for fun but on FabFree, I think it’s more important to show the items as they are presented inworld.  If an item looks way different on me than it does on you, there could be a zillion factors, but I am guessing that the difference is probably lighting.  When you get dressed, not only do you need to find a hot outfit, but you also need to pick out a windlight that allows you to see it in it’s best “light” 😉  Hope that helps.

Serena Says:  I’ll admit that I do a bit of Photoshopping, but how much I do depends on a) what I’m showing, and b) how much time I have. I really hate the jagged body lines that SL photos always seem to have, especially on non-mesh body parts, so I always smooth those out, no matter what. If I’m showing a skin, I don’t alter its appearance except maybe to fix an ugly shadow or a tile line that wound up in the middle of my face. I don’t ‘shop the clothes I’m showing. I think a lot of times windlight has something to do with how an avatar looks, so you might try playing with your windlight settings to see what looks best.

Pru Says:  I really only use photoshop for cropping, and combining multiple photos into one when it comes to my FabFree photos. I do not alter the appearance of the items at all. Once in a while I like to get creative with lighting and backgrounds, but then I also try to include a “plain” photo as well in those instances. One thing I will say is that windlight settings can make a huge difference in how things look. I always adjust my windlight sky settings before taking pictures.

Skyler Says: The only photoshop I do to my photos is resizing and adding my little sig at the bottom. Once in a great while, I’ll have to fix a bit of hair or something silly like that, but it’s not often, and it never effects the look of the featured products. All of my photos are taken inworld with either Niran’s viewer, or the most updated firestorm, both with the graphics set as high as they will go. Your graphics setting can have a huge effect on how things look!

Xiu Says:  Great question…one I ask myself every time I buy clothing in First Life that I see modeled in a magazine.  In all seriousness…I mention the magazine comparison because it is valid.  Keep in mind that what you are seeing on our posts is hours of styling, setting up windlight and lighting, choosing a complimentary location, and poses that show off the clothing. Then there are also other factors such as skin, shape, hair and the angles at which we shoot our photos.  98% of what you see in my posts comes from everything I do BEFORE I even snap one photo.  I have CS6 but do not even have it loaded t my desk top or even set up. I actually know very little about CS6; it intimidates me lol.  I’m a lazy post process person…I’d rather put all my energy into setting up a shot and then all I do is crop, resize and adjust the contrast to make sure the lighting in the photo is balanced.  Always DEMO everything you can before buying it…it is the only way to tell if it is going to look good on YOU…our photos are only there to show a “sample” of what the item is.


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FabFree Designer of The Day – 4/4/14 – RnB Designs

FabFree Designer of The Day – 4/4/14 – RnB Designs

RnB Designs Mesh Beach Balls – Flowers (free gift / 0L)
– http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Little%20Rascals/205/33/22

**Each day, here on the FabFree Blog, we will be featuring one of our Fabulously Free in SL in-world designers. Photos are the work of the designers.