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Fab Advice – Edition #11




QUESTION #1: Do you have any tips or tricks on keeping your inventory sorted?  It is starting to look like a tornado in a trailer park over here.

Love Says:  My inventory is currently sitting at about 40,000, and that I guess is not as bad as some that I have heard of lol, but still seems like far too many items to me!  I wouldn’t say that my inventory is the pillar of organization but I do sort my items by folders and sub folders.  I try to delete the unpacker scripts, old LMs and notecards that I no longer need when I have a slow day.  I suppose it is time for a “Spring Cleaning”.  Thank you for the reminder! 😉

Serena Says:  Unfortunately, my inventory also looks like a tornado in a trailer park, so I’m afraid I’m not the one to ask. Hopefully one of the other ladies will have some helpful advice because I could use it, as well!

Pru Says:  Mine is quite a mess right now, to be honest. There was a point in time however when it was semi organized. The best way for me was to utilize the ability to open more than one inventory window. Then I went in one and created new folders, one for furniture, one for shoes, whatever you want, then I went through a little bit each day. I brought up the “organized shoes” folder in one inventory window and would shift shoes over from  the other inventory window and so on. It took a while. Then each  time I bought something new, I’d try to remember to shift it into the proper folder. Also, I find I have a lot of skins and hair that I rarely ever wear, but couldn’t bring myself to get rid of, those items I boxed up so they don’t take up so much space.

Xiu Says:  I wish I could say my inventory is amazingly organized…sadly, it isn’t.  I did invest in one of those closet organizers…where you take photos of your items and store them in an off-site location…when you want to look for an outfit, you open the closet and can view your inventory photos from the comfort of your own SL home.  Unfortunately, I have just never put the effort it takes into actually “organizing” and taking “photos” of all my inventory items.  I also tried putting things in boxes…but then I can’t find things and don’t remember putting them in the boxes.  The most successful thing I ever did for getting my inventory under control was deleting massive amounts of old clothing and other itmes by systematically going through my inventory using key words…such as colors (red, blue, yellow etc.), eliminating a ton of note cards and land marks.  I was able to get my inventory from 27K down to 9K…that didn’t last long either…I’m back up to over 40K…lol.  Guess I’m not much help. ❤


QUESTION #2My SL bestie and I have been friends since the first day we both rezzed in at the Welcome Hub about maybe six months ago.  I have made great strides to improve my avatar and build up my avatar and my friend is still on ‘day 1’ if you know what I mean. She is still walking like a duck without an AO in her starter avatar with helmet hair.  She is frustrated because men don’t find her attractive enough to approach.  I don’t want to hurt her feelings and tell her that the reason she can’t find a date is because her avatar is horrid.  How would you bring up a sensitive subject like that? Or would you?

Love Says:  That is a very SLensitive issue.  The duck walk would probably drive me crazy lol, but it could be that your friend is trying to attract a guy that can look past physical appearances and become attracted to her personality instead.  I think it really depends on your friend and how you think she would react.  I might start with sending her a couple gifts that of course she will feel obligated to wear, and see where it goes from there.  Good luck!

Serena Says:  Well… that’s a tough one. I have several SL friends who still look like “day one,” but I never say anything unless I’m asked for help. I think you need to consider what a person’s purpose is in playing SL. Some people like to explore. Some like to build. Others like fashion. However, since you mention that your friend is looking for a date and is disappointed because the SL men don’t find her attractive, then perhaps you might want to gently suggest a makeover (point her towards FabFree, if she’s short on Lindens!). If she doesn’t respond well to your suggestion, then I would drop it and never bring it up again, if you want to keep her as a friend. If she wants your advice in the future, chances are she’ll ask for it. If not… let it go.

Pru Says:  Make-over! Make it fun, like a girl day you spend together, use the blog to find free or almost free items if you can’t or don’t wish to spend lindens. Then it’s more like a fun shopping day with your bestie rather than an intervention. I would just tell your friend you  want to spend time with her, that you know she’s been down cause she isn’t meeting the people she wants to meet, and so maybe it’s time for a new dress and a new do’. Something to that affect.

Xiu Says:  I guess it depends on the friend.  My male friends don’t mind me being a bit bossy and dragging them around the grid to update their look.  My female friends are all pretty fashionable or at least up-to-date.  If I did have a female friend who was a bit behind…I’d suggest we go shopping together as a way to hang out (no need to let her know it is to encourage her to update her look) or I might just keep telling her about this store or that blog…that is showing something she might like, that is within her own personal style; but updated.  There are tons of fairs, gatchas, and great places to score free or relatively low cost skins, clothing, shoes and accessories…so if price is a concern, you can focus her attention on those places and events.  Most of all, try to make it something that is part of a fun time together and not just focusing on what she needs to do.  If she doesn’t want to schlep around the grid to go shopping…don’t forget, you can always give her the link to the FabFree blog; so she can make a list of things she wants to get or shop from the comfort of her SL chair.  In the end, be prepared…she may not want to change her look…despite the fact she is frustrated that men don’t find her attractive.  She may be very comfortable in the “look” she has and it can sometimes be impossible to break someone out of their comfort zone.  Good luck! ❤

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Author: Love Trill

Hey, :) I'm Love and have been a resident in SecondLife since March of 2010. I love to shop and explore in SL - and share my adventures with you! I am currently blogging at Fabulously Free in SL and on my personal blog - Slovesadventures

3 thoughts on “Fab Advice – Edition #11

  1. My 2 cents
    #1 Organizing the inventory is very important and should be done possibly from the very beginning. If you didn’t, you can fix it a little per time, with some patience. Renaming the folder and using sub-folders is the key. Example:
    – Clothing
    —- Shoes
    —— Boots (Flat)
    —— Boots (High Heel)
    ——– Long + (Over-knee)
    ——– Long (Near the Knee)
    ——– Medium (Half way)
    ——– Short (Ankle)
    ———- Red (rigged mesh) [name of the shop] short description
    In this way, you have all your boots shorted by color and then by mesh, rigged, sculpts… you could use a code tag to make the name shorter, eg: (RM) for rigged mesh.
    I rarely use the search function and I can find my stuff quickly .


  2. to question #2 maybe it would help if you find lucky chairs or mm, and you ask her for help (try to find good ones, there are some for skins and shapes, good clothes..) once she receive it in her inventory maybe she’s going to try it.

    for question #1 I try to use folders and subfolders, like Pru does. If there’s something that I don’t use too much and there’s also a picture inside the box, I keep the picture out and rest packaged. In folders I try to describe whatever there’s inside.


  3. My two cents on organizing: If you make your folders and get overwhelmed, then every day before you log off file everything from “recent” into the appropriate folders, and then work at the established inventory as you can. That has really helped me to get control of the disaster and to not feel so overwhelmed. I still suck at utilizing my “closet”, but someday…lol