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Fab Advice – Edition #9




QUESTION #1: Where would you suggest I look for long, natural looking curly hair?

Love Says:  I think my favourite go-to for curly hairstyles in SL is probably Analog Dog, but Truth Hair, has a couple curly/wavy styles.  Wasabi Pills makes some adorable ringlet styles and Damselfly is one to check out as well.

Serena Says:  I’ve found some of my favorite curly hairs at Analog Dog, so definitely check there. Milk has also started doing a line of curly hair, so be sure to try them out, too.

Pru Says:  Curly hair is notoriously hard to find in SL! I personally like Analog dog for curly hair.


QUESTION #2:  I have been invited to a wedding inworld and I’ve no idea what to wear.  Normally I would wear a smart dress to a real life wedding but here in SL I have seen pictures of weddings and the guests are all dressed very formal.  What exactly is appropriate attire for a SL wedding? Do I bring a gift?

Love Says:  I have been to a handful of SL weddings over the years of my residency and I think that every wedding I have attended was unique in it’s own way, requiring attire suitable for that particular event.  I think most importantly it’s not what you are wearing, but how many prims or scripts are in it lol.  Most weddings have lag issues, and it helps make it a nicer experience for everyone if they can see what is going on in real time instead of slow motion.  My suggestion is to ask the bride what is appropriate attire to wear.  As for gift giving, it’s a hard question, and I am curious to hear what others think!  It’s not like you can buy your wedding couple a china place setting or a set of champagne flutes lol.  Good luck.

Serena Says:  Having only been to one SL wedding, I can’t offer a lot of perspective. However, I think, like RL weddings, it depends on where and when the wedding will be held. You would probably not wear the same thing to a church wedding as you would to an outdoor wedding on the beach. As for bringing a gift, I have absolutely no idea. You might consider asking one of the other wedding guests, or possibly someone from the wedding party?

Pru Says: I’ve attended several SL weddings, and I think you’re right, they are generally speaking a little more formal than usual. If the wedding is during the day, I would suggest lighter colors, and more subtle jewelry. Evening weddings can allow for more dramatic gowns, darker colors, and fancier jewelry. One bit of advice, try to stay away from “ball gown” type dresses with big skirts. They can be super laggy and tend to “float” longer than usual in situations like a wedding where there are a large number of people. As for gifts, unless otherwise noted, they generally aren’t a big deal in my experience. If you are very close to the bride and or groom or simply wish to get them something, I’d just pass them a gift after the ceremony.


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3 thoughts on “Fab Advice – Edition #9

  1. I think a gift card at a home type of store is always nice ~ something for both of them ~ 5 years in SL and most Weddings are a lag fest so forget dress to nines with jewelery and wear a simple mesh dress ~


  2. Q1: Agreed with the board, Analog Dog has the best curly hair that I’ve seen on SL. Q2: Keep the dress simple, if you want to wear formal, go with a cute cocktail and simple jewelry, check your script count before you go and take off your ao. Gift wise, a gift card or Ls is a good way to go if you don’t know what they like.


  3. I agree with Savanna on the wedding attire. First rule of thumb, First or Second Life, NEVER out dress the bride. You’d be surprised how many women don’t think about that…besides dressing to the “nines” often looks over dressed…less is most certainly more. ❤ ❤