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Attention: FabFree Inworld Group Members


After much discussion with some of the moderators and FabFree group members, the idea to allow mention of lucky chairs and midnight mania prizes has come up, with the following interests:

1.  Members of both groups would like to save a group, and just use one being that we are limited to 42.
2.  Lucky Chair prizes and MM Board prizes are indeed free, and the information is of interest to our FabFree members being a group dedicated to sharing news of free items.

While I did ask a few times in group chat at different times to the people that happened to be online at that time, opinions are mixed and I wanted to open up this discussion to all so that we could come to an open and fair decision before making any changes to our beloved group.

Currently we have two inworld groups…  We have Fabulously Free in SL which is a large and very chatty group of approximately 20,000 people dedicated to sharing free items, and Fabulously Lucky Chairs which is a smaller fairly quiet group of approximately 600 members (most of which are already in the FabFree group) dedicated specifically to lucky letter and midnight mania board prizes.

You can find a complete list of the FabFree Inworld Group rules here ->  https://fabfree.wordpress.com/fabfree-group-rules/.  These rules are sent to the inworld group via notice from time to time, and are easy to find with a link from the group profile to the blog – as well as are always available here on the FabFree Blog at the tabs in the top via FAQs & Tutorials -> FabFree Guidelines.

The current rules state:  Lucky Chairs, Midnight Manias, and Riot Vends (etc) are not allowed in the main group. You can join the FabLucky Group for those. (It is, however, acceptable for designers to mention lucky chairs and midnight manias in their notices!)

If we were to allow the change, the new rules would state:  Lucky Chair, Midnight Mania & Riot Vends (etc) information may be posted once per day, per member. Designers and store staff are not to spam the group with advertising of midnight mania boards and lucky board prizes – Designers are to include mention of their lucky chairs and MM board prizes in their notices.  Lucky Letter call outs are not allowed – and would be grounds for removal. (Spam eg.  “Blablabla Store – Letters KEH OWG)

Things I want to make clear before you vote:

1.  Sending letter call outs to the FabFree group (eg.  “Blablabla Store – Letters KEH OWG) would not be allowed and would be grounds for group removal.  You would receive one warning, and would be ejected after the second offence.  The Fabulously Lucky inworld group would remain open for members that wish to call or receive the letter call outs.

2.  Designers and store staff would utilize their one daily notice for advertising, not send spam via chat as per the rules already.

3.  You are able to turn off the chat if you find it too disruptive.

Thank you for your input!  These results will be public, and the decision will be made next weekend based on these pole results.  You are also welcome to leave a comment on this post with your concerns or questions.

Author: Love Trill

Hey, :) I'm Love and have been a resident in SecondLife since March of 2010. I love to shop and explore in SL - and share my adventures with you! I am currently blogging at Fabulously Free in SL and on my personal blog - Slovesadventures

5 thoughts on “Attention: FabFree Inworld Group Members

  1. I don’t think the chair people should be able to vote for what the Main Group has to endure.


  2. If you put in the new rule, who has the time to monitor group chat all day and keep track of who is posting Lucky Chair, etc. info more than once per day? And who is going to figure out which posters are or are not store personnel? If someone gets ejected for breaking the new rules can’t they just rejoin and keep spamming because the group is open join? Since you can’t enforce the new “rule” you are simply opening up the Main group to all kinds of obnoxious behavior that will drive people to leave the group or to permanently turn off group chat.


  3. Ariel hit the nail on the head.


  4. Hartoled: Thank you for your comment, I can appreciate your concern. All of the comments I received from people requesting the change are FabFree group members.

    Ariel & Kat: Thank you two as well for your comments. While I can’t confirm that we will not have any bumps along the way, I have confidence in our group members and moderators that we would be able to keep it under control. We currently have about 20 group moderators that are all active at different times of the day and they contain the group amazingly well. Most of their work is telling people to not send information of lucky chair/midnight mania boards (and also not to send external links, but that’s a different story lol), so these new changes could potentially make their jobs easier.

    We are always on the lookout for designers and store staff advertising their stores in chat whether it’s about a sale/free item/LB/MM – this would be nothing new. Most of the time it is done, it’s simply that they were unaware it’s not allowed and then they apply for a designer tag so they may use the group as it was intended. We rarely have repeat offenders, and when we do they are ejected for breaking the terms of the group.

    The possibility of obnoxious, spammy behavior is among our group every day, despite the current no LB or MM posting rule. People will be who they will be despite our rules or allowances, and we can’t control what they do – only how we handle it.


  5. Well said, Love. Hopefully LL will increase the group allowance soon, anyway.


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