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Fab Advice – Edition #7




QUESTION #1:  I am blogger too and I like to know how you find sim locations to take your pictures.  I can never find such pretty areas as you do.

Love Says:  Thank you for your question.  I love taking inworld shots and visiting new locations, and I find that the best place for me to find good photo locations is to look on The Second Life Destination Guide.  I also make a note of sims that are pretty that I stumble upon throughout my shopping journeys.

Pru Says: Honestly, I am really bad about finding places! lol Sometimes I set up scenery myself. Once in a while I stumble across cool places and take a picture. I’m actually really interested in what the others have to say!

QUESTION #2:  I was wondering if there happen to be any followers that are Toddledoos or have kids that are toddledoos, and can offer some of your favorite places for someone kinda new to the kid scene.
thank you 🙂

Love Says:  I apoligize that we didn’t have any bloggers step up with an answer for this question, however I am going to post your question up here, so that our readers are able to weigh in with their answers via comment.  I hope someone can help!

QUESTION #3: I have heard many residents call SL a game.  Do you consider it a game, and if so – what are the goals?  I am curious because I enjoy SL but I think it is more an outlet for chat than a game.

Love Says:  Second Life classifies it as a “3D Virtual Community” on their website, although I suppose Second Life is different for everyone.  All residents come for their own personal reasons and it is up to them whether they choose to make it a game or not.  I personally feel it is more of an “alternate world” than a game.  In “my” world, the goal is an escape, relaxation, creation, and socialization.  If this is a game,  I am miserably failing because the only numbers I see for XP are lindens and mine only ever disappear lmao.

Pru Says:  My personal experience is that I also considered it a game, a strange social game. I am really not sure what I thought the goals were. Maybe just character development, or learning and exploring. I was still learning and figuring things out. However, that was before I got really involved in it. Now I see it like you said as more of a social and  creative outlet.


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Author: Love Trill

Hey, :) I'm Love and have been a resident in SecondLife since March of 2010. I love to shop and explore in SL - and share my adventures with you! I am currently blogging at Fabulously Free in SL and on my personal blog - Slovesadventures

3 thoughts on “Fab Advice – Edition #7

  1. #3: Second Life is a virtual reality. You can simulate anything (guess why they are called sim/simulators?), build antything, and do anything… even games. It can be a 3D chat or you can roleplay inside a starship, or you can rebuild an ancient monument or a sunk battleship or a nuclear powerplant to visit it in a 3D simulated environment, for educational purposes. There are art places too, particle shows, spirituals meetings… You could compare SL to a 3D Internet, where each sim is a different website. Also don’t forget that behind each avatar (besides the bots) there are real people. Even if many take SL as a game, there aslo people who, when they aren’t in a game or roleplaying, they express their own real feelings, so they can be friend or fall in love for real (and have real hearbreaks): these things are not a game at all.


  2. Q1 .. Like Love I find the Destination Guide a good place to find new picture locations. Also wandering around shopping areas, you can find little nooks to take pictures in. Reading through the fashion feeds I always try to make note of any particularly pretty places I see other bloggers use and then go and landmark them for future use. Like Prue, I have also made my own backgrounds up by dressing up skyboxes or homes I have got from past events or found on Marketplace. Recently I havent been taking pictures with interesting backgrounds but I will start doing that again eventually.

    Q3 .. I remember being a little confused when I first came to Second Life about what it was and what the goals were. After being used to playing goal orientated games before SL it seemed so strange to have something so open and free. Over time I’ve done a lot of things here.. I’ve RP’d in alot of different themed SIMS and I’ve gone the creative route of attempting to build and make things and then moved into photography and fashion blogging… These days I see it more as a creative outlet with the added social benefits being part of a large diverse community. I don’t see it as having the usual goals as would be expected in a “game” .. more rather that there are personal goals relevant to each person.. some people have the goal of owning a successful business, others have the goal of being DJ’s or building up an inventory full of amazing avatars.. some have the goals of finding love and friendship to enrich their lives.. some have slightly more nefarious goals, but then everywhere has a spoil sport to ruin peoples fun. My own personal goals are mostly of finding things to write about and taking pictures 😀 though finding friendships are also one of my personal goals too! I guess everyones goals are different!


  3. About Toddlerdoos I haven’t heard much but having an SL kid myself who just has the smallest shape possible and very kid-like at that, she is often looking for shops to do with kid things and came across Cartoon Kids they just recently went Mesh Toddler so you might check that place out…best of luck!!