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Fab Advice – Edition #6

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QUESTION #1:  Hello there! I first want to say how much I love the blog and how great and helpful it is in keeping up to date on affordable fashion and how it introduces new stores for me to shop at.

Ok, my question. I currently own a store in SL and it has steadily grown to the point where I need a little assistance. I was wondering if any of you had experience in how you seek a store manager? What avenues can a store owner take to hire someone that would help with the day to day running of the store as well as help with the business side of things while I, as the creator, can focus more on creation? Is there a certain way to go about things? Is there any advice on how to protect yourself from scammers? Are you expected to pay them a certain amount or a percentage of profits? This is all so new to me so I have no idea on how to approach this. Thank you so much for making the feature available on your blog.

Love Says:  Congratulations on the growth of your inworld store!  I am afraid I don’t have any experience running a shop here in SL, or any experience finding store managers, but I will say that I have seen several ads from store owners seeking management on Flickr, Facebook and Plurk.  Good luck finding the help you require, and make sure you hire someone you trust.

Serena Says:   Thank you for the kind words about the FF blog! We’re always thrilled to hear that readers like what we’re showing! 🙂

As for your question, I have never, nor do I currently, have a store in SL. I would imagine that you could put an ad out, perhaps on Flickr or your store blog, if you have one. Perhaps even in your group notices. People do read those, and one of your customers may be looking for a job. But as with most relationships in SL, you don’t quite know what, or who, you’re getting, so you need to be extra cautious. If you don’t have a RL family member or friend who plays SL, just be careful, and give responsibilities out as trust is earned. I’ve heard a few stories recently of designers/store owners getting burned by assistants who turned out to be less than trustworthy, so do be careful!


QUESTION #2:  My problem is mesh. I have two avis for quite different activities, with quite different shapes, but neither has ever been able to wear 99% of mesh outfits. I also like clingy dresses and skirts. I’m not overweight in RL; nor do I wish to appear overweight in SL, however fashionable that might be. All the fashion designers and bloggers emphasize mesh. Where can I go to find tasteful outfits that actually fit? Ones that don’t leave obvious “invisible woman” voids if someone happens to look sideways at my boobs or, God forbid, perve up my skirt? I know from talking with friends no one particularly likes mesh. Even LL admits there’s a serious problem with it that they’re working on. Any advice? (And no, I don’t intend to customize my shape for every outfit. I have better ways to spend my time.)

Love Says:  I love the addition of mesh to Second Life, but…  you are right – it does have it’s glitches.  I think mesh is like anything else, and will be perfected with time (or scrapped when something better comes along lol).  There are still plenty of designers making non-mesh creations – you just need to find one that fits your particular style.

Serena Says:  For the time being, if you want mesh to look good, you need to wear one of the “standard” mesh sizes. I wear a standard mesh shape for mesh, and when I’m not wearing mesh, I might wear a shape that’s more curvy, or whatever looks best in the clothing. However… fitted mesh is coming! This type of mesh is supposed to fit to whatever your shape or size may be. I say “supposed to” because they’re still working the bugs out of it. But I think it shows promise for the future of mesh design. You can find out more about fitted mesh here: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Featured-News/Fitted-Mesh-Is-Here/ba-p/2461687.


QUESTION #3:  Where did Renee Lowenheart go?  I haven’t seen her posts in well over a year (maybe two?) and while I am very happy with how Love Trill is running FabulouslyFree, I am just curious of her absence since there was no formal farewell.

Love Says:  Renee Lowenhart left us mid December 2012.  She planned a vacation, and did not return.  After months of her missing, and us worrying, I was finally in contact with her in April 2013 via email thanks to a mutual friend.  At that time, she claimed she was having computer problems, but she planned to return as soon as she could.  I have not heard from her since then, but I sure hope she is doing well, and I still hope that one day she will come back to us here at FabFree!


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  1. After watching the fitted mesh video (thank you btw, it was nice to get some updated info – last I had found was still calling it liquid mesh, so it’s been a while), it seems like the clothing fits more like a bodysuit. Am I taking that wrong? I thoroughly love mesh, despite losing some of my individual curves to some of standard sizing, and I like that it doesn’t fit like a glove. I wear it so much that I stopped changing shapes. LOL Anyway, most standard pant layer pants are pretty skin tight and then add a prim cuff, whereas mesh has a nice drape to it. Do you know if that will be different with the fitted mesh then and it’ll more resemble the system style, like the video and the previous liquid mesh videos have appeared? Or would it only be skin tight if you aren’t using a standard size? Most of the links/comments I found when searching were just about people complaining about mesh or standard sizing, or changing templates, so I thought I’d see if any of you have learned anything about this. Thank you, in advance, and the Fab Advice is a really fun read.