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Fab Advice – Edition #4

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Question #1:  How long is too long to wait for your SL partner to return?  My SL partner vanished into the night 7 months ago, and I am just not sure if she will return.  Do I de-partner and move on now, or do I wait?

Love Says:  Unfortunately I have heard of this happening all too often :(.   It’s so easy to just “disappear” from your relationships and commitments here in SL.  Some pick up and move back to RL, or alt up and start a new slife when the goings get tough.  I don’t think there is a set time limit for “giving up” on someone, whether it is in RL or SL.  If it has been 7 months in SL that your partner has been completely absent, I would suggest that you put your needs and feelings first, because your partner surely isn’t.  If you are ready to move on, I say go for it – and good luck to you 😉

ps.  I’m not sure I could trust a partner again after they ditched me for 7 months, even if they did return with some awesome sauce excuse.

Serena Says: 7 months is a long time to wait, both in RL and SL. While it’s possible that something happened to her in RL (injured, sick, etc.), it is also possible that she turned herself into an alt and is shacking up with someone else. Either way, after such a long time, I think it’s safe to assume that she’s not coming back. You gave her the benefit of the doubt and waited a fair amount of time, but if I were you, I wouldn’t wait any longer.

Care Says:  I think it depends what type of partnership this was…. for someone to disappear for 7 months without you knowing what is going on and expect you to “wait” would be asking a bit much.  But like with any relationship it really depends on how YOU feel about the relationship and if this is something you want to do.

Pru Says:  I think if you’ve made efforts to contact said partner, and still haven’t heard anything, it’s probably safe to un-partner that person. In my opinion it has been a reasonable amount of time, especially considering how “fast” time seems to move in Second Life. This is YOUR Second Life, and if you’re no longer content to wait, don’t.

Satu Says:  My only “Real” partner in all this time is my real life husband Julian, who I actually met here in Second Life three years ago.

People move on in, or from Second Life for many different reasons, but a gap of that long with no word, would not make me confident that that person had intentions of continuing the relationship. I feel that moving on would not only be reasonable, but purely understandable. If this person does happen to return at some time in the future, then explain what you were feeling and why you felt the need to move on, and renew your friendship from there if you still wish to.


Question #2:  From time to time on your blog I see 7Seas Fishing Prizes posted.  How does one fish in SecondLife and is there a listing of all of the places to fish?  Is there a cost?

Love Says: 7Seas has a website with all of the information you request!  The link can be found here -> http://www.7seasfishing.com/.  I have the casual rod which I believe was 100L, and have used it over and over for the Sn@tch Fishing prizes which are switched out once every couple of weeks.  You can even purchase a demo rod for 1L if you aren’t sure it’s for you!

Care Says:  Well, usually whenever there is a 7Seas post you will find a 7Seas Vendor at the location mentioned. You can always try out the whole “fishing” thing with the pole they have for sale there that is free.  I think it gives you like 5 “attempts” at learning fishing with it.  You’d have to read the notecard it comes with to get the full details.  I picked up the my fishing pole and bait on the Marketplace

7Seas Fishing Game: Pro Fishing Rod Pack https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/7Seas-Fishing-Game-Pro-Fishing-Rod-Pack/209237

7Seas Fishing Game: Bulk Bait Bucket https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/7Seas-Fishing-Game-Bulk-Bait-Bucket/4058485

Satu Says:  7Seas fishing poles can be bought in many different places, and usually a vendor will be available for use wherever fishing is being offered. The only cost would be buying your pole, and keeping yourself stocked on bait, which isn’t horribly expensive.  Usually fishing events are advertised through groups and blogs, but beyond that I am not quite sure, as they are not something I often participate in.


Question #3:  First of all: Thank you for the blog!  I read it daily.  The issue I’d like to address is Manicures/Pedicures.  Recently, it seems most gifts are for Slink hands/feet with no option for those of us who don’t wish to purchase these items.  Designers make clothing with “appliers” for huge breasts and big backsides.  Would it not be possible for nail designers to offer the same option?  Thank you for reading.

Love Says:  Thank you for your compliments and also for reading!  Hmmm  yes, this is a good question.  I remember before the mesh hands and Slink appliers that there were a couple of options for nails…  Prim or tattoo.  I imagine some of those are still around in shops or marketplace.  I bet if you contacted Mocksoup Graves from MOCK Cosmetics, she may be able to help you.

Serena Says:  If I understand your question correctly, you’re saying that you don’t wish to purchase the Slink hands/feet, but would still like to use some of the mani/pedi gifts. What you can do is purchase the Slink nails for regular avatar hands and wear those instead. They’re kind of like the “old” prim nails, except you can use nail appliers on them. As for pedicures, unless you are wearing shoes with feet in them, I don’t know of any way to change nail color except to wear the Slink feet.

Care Says:  I think I would just do a search on the Marketplace for “Nails” and then narrow the search price wise..  (Done here )
I know Shock Factory does alot of nail gifts that aren’t “appliers.

Pru Says:  First, just a quick thanks for the compliments to the blog! Generally speaking I do think that a lot of times gifts cater to what is popular at the moment, and as you mentioned SLink hands and feet are very popular in SL right now. As a former content creator myself, I know sometimes designers get focused on the various projects and events they are working on. I would suggest maybe sending a note-card to a favorite Second Life “manicurist” to see if they would consider making some of their products for regular hands and feet rather than only as SLink appliers. I hope that answered your question.

Satu Says: I can understand your frustration with “prim parts” as I do not wear any of them myself. Even if many clothing makers make their outfits wearable without the breasts, it has been very frustrating to see many of the shoe makers begin to make shoes for only the mesh feet.. It would be great if they would give us the option of purchasing a similar product for regular feet as well. What one designer may not offer another will. Customers always have the power to vote with their “feet” so to speak.

I personally prefer not to wear a lot of attachments so they are not my area of expertise. Many of them contain a lot of scripts, and I try to be mindful to wear as few scripted items as possible when I am able, to be considerate of those who  may not be playing from high performance computers.


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** Note – Names have been XXXed out, and small edits were made to protect privacy.

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