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Winter’s Dream


Blogging soon!

When I saw this gorgeous music box pose prop by *~*HopScotch*~*, I knew that I wanted to do something special with it (or at least try!). The music box let’s your avatar rotate and dance to Pachelbel’s Canon in D, or be still, if you’re taking photos. I have the snow option turned on, but you can turn it off if you prefer. It really is quite lovely, and you can try it out at the current round of Poser Pavilion.

Blogging soon!

To go with the music box, I finally ponied up for the *COCO* Doll Avatar, over which I’d been drooling for ages, but didn’t have an excuse to buy… until now. 🙂 While I was at the *COCO* Doll store, I found this sweet slip dress set out as a free gift, so of course, I snapped it up. Needing some jewelry to go with it, I found this pretty cherry set by Miam Miam on the Marketplace for 10L, an inexpensive pair of flats from ::Duh!::, and added one of my favorite hairs from D!va, which has been around for a while (and shown here lots of times), but is still free!

My daughter thinks the doll’s eyes are “creepy,” but I think she’s got a rather sweet face. Anyway, it was a fun change of pace, and I hope you liked it!

* * * * *

Serena is wearing…

Complete Avatar – *COCO* Doll

Hair – D!va More than 30,000 Member Group Gift (group gift / free to join)

Dress – *COCO* Doll Slip Dress Red (free gift / 0L)

Jewelry – Miam Miam Cherry Charm Set (10L)

Leg Lacings – *COCO* Doll Corset Piercings

Shoes – ::Duh!:: Spring Flats Picnic (25L)

Pose #2 by {Imeka~}

* * * * *

The Scene…

Music Box – *~*HopScotch*~* Winter’s Dream (featured @ Poser Pavilion)

Animals – +Half-Deer+ Carved Woodland Animals (40L gacha)

Trees – Studio Skye Enchanted Forest


Author: Serena Snowfield

Just a girl who loves photography, shopping, coffee, and dogs. Not always in that order.

11 thoughts on “Winter’s Dream

  1. Great post! Need to pick up that dress for my Doll. Does *COCO* still offer the doll body for free…and you pay for the head? ❤ ❤


  2. No, sadly the body is no longer free. There are several heads from which to choose, but none of those are free, either. I thought I was clicking on demos, and wound up buying 2 heads when I only meant to demo them – DUH! 😛


  3. Oops…lol. Glad I got the body while it was still free. FYI you can use different shapes to “fit” her into a greater variety of clothing. I fiddle with my Doll a lot to see how much I can do with her. Have fun and don’t forget to join the DollCoco Flickr Group…they will love to have you post your Doll pics there. ❤ ❤


  4. Thanks, Xiu! I’m wearing the shape that came with the doll body, but will take your advice and try other shapes. I don’t believe the dress will fit a regular avatar body because it comes with the upper body attached (guess I should have mentioned that!). I found the doll Flickr group and joined a while back when I was thinking of getting the doll… lots of cool pics in there! 🙂


  5. / I use my Doll with my usual avatar shape and, two days ago, put her in a mesh corset and long mesh skirt. I’ll try to log in and snap some pics to upload and post to the DC group.


  6. Cool! I’d love to see them! 🙂


  7. The COCO doll is amazing. I loved using her in pictures when I used to wear it around. I never got the chance to use it in a blog post though as I always forgot I had it and the other doll heads I have lol silly forgetful brain.

    Great pictures as always. Its always fun to try something new.


  8. Thank you, Tiana! So far, it’s been a lot of fun, but I haven’t tried wearing her around yet. Guess I’ll have to start picking up those head at The Arcade next time – they work with the COCO Doll body, right? So much to learn!


  9. Ok…so I stopped by the shop to pick up the dress and to see what else was new. Apparently Cocoro has retired the original *DOLLCOCO*…which is what I have. The new one, that you paid for, is different in a few ways. I’m going to experiment with some of the demos before deciding to purchase the new version. Overall…my first impression is that I am happy I picked up the original along with the Kyoko head. I have used different doll heads on it…so it is versatile with exchanging things. ❤ ❤


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